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Journal of Medical Postgraduates ; (12): 258-263, 2020.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-818415


ObjectiveMicroRNAs (miRNA) play an important role in the development and regression of osteoporosis. This study aims to screen for miRNAs and genes closely related to osteoporosis, and to complete the construction of a miRNA-mRNA regulatory network of osteoporosis.MethodsThe gene chip expression profile of osteoporosis was obtained through the GEO database, and the differentially expressed genes (DEGs) and miRNAs were analyzed and screened via GEO2R. We used volcanic maps to display differential genes and miRNAs, and completed the GO and KEGG pathway analysis through the David online database. The String online database is used to complete PPI protein network analysis. The TargetScan, miRTarBase and miRDB were used to predict the targeted genes. Finally, the PPI and miRNA-mRNA regulatory networks were visualized by Cytoscape software.ResultsWe obtained 15 differential miRNAs and 174 differentially expressed genes through screening. The GO enrichment analysis mainly focused on drug response, angiogenesis, ion transport, regulation of small GTPase mediated signal ransduction, adaptive immune response, etc. NF-κB signaling pathway and HIF-1 signal were obtained through KEGG enrichment analysis. We obtained 10 hub genes through the cytohubba plug-in. We also obtained 3065 targeted genes by processing of seven miRNAs, and then intersected them with 174 DEGs to obtain 44 intersection genes. Finally, we successfully constructed a regulation map of miRNA-mRNA network. The miR-194-5p is significantly up-regulated in osteoporosis.ConclusionThe miR-194-5p might play an important role in osteoporosis by regulating its target gene CDH2, which provides candidate targets for the diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis.