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Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-424978


ObjectiveTo explore the change of the event related potential brain topographic map on depression' mental rotation,and to perfect the brain function relation map for depression in space ability.Methods 32 depression and 29 normal healthy people were tested to make mental rotation tasks in the brain ERP system.The distribution of the changing brain topographic map were observed.Results ( 1 ) Compared with the control group ( error rate ( 29±9 ) %,response time ( 604.74 ± 54.39 ) ms,the error rate was significantly higher and response time was significantly longer in depression (error rate( 33 ± 15 )%,response time(755.22 ± 70.18 )ms,P<0.05).(2) Compared with the control group (N100:PZ( -3.78 ± 1.05)μV,CZ( -5.67 ±2.21)μV,P3( -2.34 ±0.59) μV,P4( -2.92 ±0.80) μV ;P500:PZ(7.35 ±2.61 ) μV,CZ(7.65 ± 2.42) μV,P3 (6.53 ±2.11 ) μV,P4 ( 7.29 ± 2.57 ) μV ),the total volatility was significantly lower in depression ( N 100:PZ ( - 0.31 ±0.09)μV,CZ( -2.27 ±0.57)μV,P3( -0.30 ±0.07) μV,P4( -0.33 ±0.08) μV;P500:PZ(6.04 ±2.16)μV,CZ ( 5.92 ± 2.01 ) μV,P3 ( 6.02 ± 2.11 ) μV,P4 (6.01 ± 2.34 ) μV,P < 0.05 ) and the excitability difference of the left and right parietal-occipital lobe was disappeared (P>0.05) ; Compared with the control group,in N100 the normal and mirror excitability was significantly lower,and in P500 the normal excitability was significantly lower,but mirror was significantly higher in depression (P < 0.05 ).Compared with the left and right brain,the normal excitability in the right parietal-occipital lobe was significant higher (P < 0.05 ),but the mirror excitement difference was disappeared in depression (P> 0.05 ),and the normal and mirror excitement in the right parietal-occipital lobe was both significantly higher in normal healthy people (P < 0.05 ).ConclusionDepressed patients; mental rotation ability is impaired.And the negative potential for looking forward to reaction is lower and exist the right advantage hemisphere brain in normal,but mirror advantage hemisphere disappears in depressed patients.This study suggests the brain topographic map of mental rotation ability damaged can be used as the clinical auxiliary diagnosis index.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-418454


Objective To explore the brain electrophysiological mechanism of object rotation in first-episode schizophrenia.Methods 30 patients with schizophrenia and 28 normal healthy people,who were from the Center for Mental Disease Control and Prevention,Third Hospital of PLA,took part in the mental rotation tasks,then the incubation period and amplitude of P500,and the wrong number and reaction time were measured.Results Compared with control group ( normal:(494.16 ± 34.68 ) ms,( 9.56 ± 2.54) μV; mirror:(496.51 ± 33.10 ) ms,(6.38 ± 2.41 ) μV),schizophrenia' incubation periods were significantly delayed ( normal:( 571.30 ± 51.21 ) ms;mirror:(573.41 ±39.27) ms) and volatility were significantly lower ( normal:(4.26 ± 1.01 ) μV; mirror:(3.61± 1.21 )μV) in normal and mirror rotation (P<0.05 ).The mirror-normal differences were not significant on the incubation periods of two groups (P > 0.05 ) ; the mirror-normal image differences were not significant on the patient group' volatility (P > 0.05 ) ; the normal volatility was significantly higher than mirror in the control group (P < 0.05).Conclusion Schizophrenia'mental rotation ability is impaired,and mirror-normal differences on mental rotation are disappeared.It can be used as an early-stage clinical auxiliary diagnosis index.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-546868


Objective:To examine the effects of psychological and physiological stress on hippocampal extracellular monoamine content under simulated high-altitude hypobaric hypoxia.Methods:The male SD rats were randomly divided into ten groups:control(Con group), hypoxia(Hy group), psychological stress(twice/day)(Ps1group), psychological stress(twice/day?2day)(Ps2 group), psychological stress(twice/day) + hypoxia(Ps1+Hy group), psychological stress(twice/day? 2day) +hypoxia(Ps2+Hy group), physiological stress(twice/day)(Ph1group), physiological stress(twice/day?2day)(Ph2 group), physiological stress(twice/day) + hypoxia(Ph1+Hy group), physiological stress(twice/day?2day) + hypoxia(Ph2+Hy group).The contents of norepinephrine(NE), dopamine(DA) and 5-hydroxytryptamine(5-HT) in extracellular fluid of hippocampus collected by push-pull perfusion were determined by high performance liquid chromatography with electrichemical detection(HPLC-ECD).Results:①Compared with the Con group, the content of NE was significantly lower in Hy, Ps1+Hy and Ph2+Hy groups(P

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-409894


BACKGROUND:During the outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome(SARS),certain people had been isolated by various reasons and appeared a series of psychological, physical and behavioral reactions. OBJECTIVE:To understand the different defensive features in people with different level of mental health in the isolated population, and explore the relationship between defensive style and mental health. DESIGN:An in investigative study taking the isolated population during outbreak of SARS as the subjects. SETTING:A psychiatric department of a military hospital. PARTICIPANTS:Totally 187 people of different sex,age and education, who were isolated during April and May 2003 due to SARS outbreak in a city of northwest China,were selected as the subjects. INTERVENTIONS:The 187 subjects,who were isolated due to SARS outbreak,were evaluated by using the symptom checklist(SCL 90) and defense style questionnaire(DSQ). RESULTS:About 36.4% people of this population had distinct mental or physical health problems that were characterized by anxiety,horror,depression,hostility and compulsion.There was difference in defensive styles between the high symptom group and low symptom group,among which the score of DSQ factors in the immature type of high and low symptom groups were 5.72± 1.56 and 4.35± 0.96 respectively while the scores in the intermediate type defense were 4.98± 1.44 and 3.72± 0.89 respectively(P< 0.01).Mental health problem was positively correlated with the application of immature defensive style,but had negative correlation with application of mature defensive means. CONCLUSION:There is difference in the defensive styles among the isolated people with different mental health status,and their defensive strategies are closely related to the mental health.