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Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-879092


Chemical constituents were isolated and purified from fruiting bodies of Ganoderma calidophilum by various column chromatographic techniques, and their chemical structures were identified through combined analysis of physicochemical properties and spectral data. As a result, 11 compounds were isolated and identified as(24E)-lanosta-8,24-dien-3,11-dione-26-al(1), ganoderone A(2), 3-oxo-15α-acetoxy-lanosta-7,9(11), 24-trien-26-oleic acid(3),(23E)-27-nor-lanosta-8,23-diene-3,7,25-trione(4), ganodecanone B(5), ganoderic aldehyde A(6), 11β-hydroxy-lucidadiol(7), 3,4-dihydroxyacetophenone(8), methyl gentiate(9), ganoleucin C(10), ganotheaecolumol H(11). Among them, compound 1 is a new triterpenoid. The cytotoxic activities of all of the compounds against tumor cell lines were evaluated. The results showed that compounds 1, 3, 4 and 6 showed cytotoxic activity against BEL-7402, with IC_(50) values of 26.55, 11.35, 23.23, 18.66 μmol·L~(-1); compounds 1 and 3-6 showed cytotoxic activity against K562, with IC_(50) values of 5.79, 22.16, 12.16, 35.32, and 5.59 μmol·L~(-1), and compound 4 showed cytotoxic activity against A549, with IC_(50) value of 42.50 μmol·L~(-1).

Cell Line, Tumor , Fruiting Bodies, Fungal , Ganoderma , Molecular Structure , Triterpenes/pharmacology
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-777474


Chemical constituents were isolated from the fruiting bodies of Ganoderma australe by various column chromatographic techniques and HPLC method, and their chemical structures were identified through the combined analysis of physicochemical properties and spectral data. Meanwhile, their α-glucosidase inhibitory activity and anti-oxidative ability were evaluated. Seven compounds were isolated from G. australe and were identified as 6-methoxyl-cyclo-(Phe-Ile)(1), applanoxidic acid A methyl ester(2), ergosta-7,22 E-dien-3β-ol(3), cinnamic acid(4), 5α,8α-epidioxy-(20S,22E,24R)-ergosta-6,22-diene-3β-ol(5), 1-(3, 4-dihydroxyphenyl) ethanone(6), salicylic acid(7) and benzoic acid(8). Among the compounds, compound 1 was a new cyclic dipeptide. Compound 2 was a new lanosta natural product, and compounds 4, 6, 7 and 8 were obtained from G. australe for the first time. Moreover, compounds 4 and 8 exhibited α-glucosidase inhibitory activity with inhibition rates of 36.8% and 34.7%, and compounds 4, 7 and 8 had a certain activity in DPPH free radical scavenging activity with IC_(50) values of 0.168, 0.458 and 0.170 g·L~(-1), respectively. The DPPH radical scavenging rate of compound 1 was 41.1%.

Free Radical Scavengers , Fruiting Bodies, Fungal , Chemistry , Ganoderma , Chemistry , Glycoside Hydrolase Inhibitors , Molecular Structure
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-666878


Objective To understand the schistosomiasis control knowledge,attitude,and practice(KAP),and influenc-ing factors of behaviors among residents in Jiangsu Province,so as to provide the evidence for making effective health education and health promotion models. Methods The probability proportionate to size sampling(PPS)and multi-stage sampling meth-ods were adopted to sample the research objects. A questionnaire survey of schistosomiasis control KAP was conducted in the res-idents of 16 to 69 years old in schistosomiasis endemic areas of Jiangsu Province,and the results were statistically analyzed. Re-sults The total awareness rate of the participants was 95.98%for schistosomiasis control knowledge. The correct rates of atti-tude and practice were 89.06%and 77.43%,respectively. The awareness/correct rates of knowledge,attitude and practice re-duced in turns significantly(χ2=1282.96,P<0.01). The knowledge awareness rate of fishermen and boatmen was 90.98%, but their attitude correct rate was only 53.81%(χ2=120.52,P<0.01). The unconditional logistic regression analysis showed that with the education level increasing,their practice correct rate rose,and the participants with the college degree or above had a higher correct rate compared to illeterate ones(OR=6.411,95%CI:4.896-8.395). The practice correct rate of the fisher-men and boatmen was only 5.1%of the rate of the farmers(OR=0.051,95%CI:0.029-0.091). Conclusions The total aware-ness rate of basic knowledge of schistosomiasis prevention and control in the residents of Jiangsu Province has reached the re-quirements in the"National Schistosomiasis Control Long-term Planning Outline(2004-2015)",but the correct rate of behav-iors is low. The education level,occupation and residential areas affect the health behaviors of schistosomiasis prevention and control. Therefore,it is necessary to carry out targeted health promotion activities to promote the formation of healthy lifestyle and behaviors.