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Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-851766


Objective To study the optimum molding process condition of dry granulating of Shenqi Fukang Granules (SFG). Methods Using primary formation rate and hygroscopicity rate as evaluation indicators; The optimal excipient ratio was optimized by L9(34) orthogonal test method. Results The ratio of dry extract-micro silica gel-soluble starch-maltodextrin 77.5:2.5:5:15 was the optimal ratio of excipients; Dry granulating conditions parameters: workshop temperature of 20 oC, relative humidity of 50%, extrusion pressure of 12 kg/cm3, side seal pressure of 14 kg/cm3, extrusion frequency of 22 Hz, granulation frequency of 52 Hz, and feeding frequency of 19 Hz. Conclusion The optimized SFG dry granulating molding process is stable and feasible. The finished product showed a fine liquidity, good dissolubility and little hygroscopicity, which provides a reliable experimental basis for large-scale production.

China Pharmacy ; (12): 1332-1334, 2018.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-704794


OBJECTIVE:To optimize extraction technology of Shenqi fukang granules. METHODS:Single factor method was used to investigate water multiple at first time using water absorption as index,soaking time using yield of dry extract as index. Based on single factor test,by weighted comprehensive scoring method,using the yield of dry extract and the content of 75% ethanol extraction as indexes,extraction time,water multiple and extraction times as factors,L9(34) orthogonal test was used to optimize water extraction technology of Shenqi fukang granules. Validation test was conducted. RESULTS:The optimal water extraction technology included 8-fold water (L/kg), extracting for 3 times, 1 h each time. CONCLUSIONS:The optimized extraction technology is stable and controllable in quality,and can provide reference for industrial production of Shenqi fukang granules.

China Pharmacy ; (12)1991.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-531893


OBJECTIVE:To study the anti-inflammatory effect of Fukang granules (FK,prepared from traditional Chinese herbs,such as Radix Astragali,Radix Codonopsis,Angelica sinensis,etc.). METHODS:The anti-inflammatory action of FK was studied by carrying out rat paw edema test,mouse auricular swelling test,rat chronic pelvic inflammation test and rabbit salpingitis test.RESULTS:FK could lessen rat paw edema,mouse auricular swelling and rat pelvic inflammation and rabbit salpingitis,reduce blood viscosity and blood reduction viscosity and the coefficients of cell aggregation and thrombosis. CONCLUSION:FK has anti-inflammatory effect and the action of activating blood circulation to dissipate blood stasis.