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Article in English | WPRIM | ID: wpr-877058


@#Introduction: Aedes sp can transmit various diseases including dengue fever, chikungunya whose symptoms are almost similar to dengue fever. In the recent times a new case is the virus outbreak of Zika. Many efforts have been made to suppress the density of the vector populations with the control of Aedes sp mosquitoes. One of them is by using vegetable larvicides namely garlic solution (Allium sativum). Methods: This research is a pseudo experiment with posttest design with a control group. The aim of this research study is to know the effectiveness of garlic solution in killing the larva Aedes sp. This research sample is 484 tails that are bred by the researchers themselves. The concentrations used in this study were 0%, 60%, 70%, 80% and 90% with 5 repetitions. The free variable in this study is the concentration of garlic solution and the bound variable is the larva Aedes sp. Results: The results of the study using one-way ANOVA test (p = 0.001) indicate that there are differences in the larvae deaths between each concentration. Observation by using the Abbot formula at a concentration of 60% it is found to be susceptible in killing of Aedes sp larvae due to the death of larvae at 100%. Conclusion: This means there is a direct relation between the increasing concentration of garlic solution and the number of dead larvae of Aedes sp. So, garlic can be one of the alternatives in vector control that is safe for the environment.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-473916


Objective To explore the antibacterial activity of garlic solution against Campylobacter jejuni,and to provide theoriti-cal basis for further utilization of garlic.Methods Mashed garlic and extracted garlic solution.Antimicrobial susceptibility was de-termined by usig K-B disk diffusion test and broth dilution method.Results The minimal inhibitory concentration(MIC)of garlic solution against campylobacter jejuni was 40%.It showed positive correlation between bacteriostatic effect and concentration of gar-lic solution.Conclusion Garlic solution has strong bacteriostasis function to campylobacter jejuni.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-586916


0.05) after storing at room temperature less than 4 hours.Its germicidal rate decreased obviously after storing at room temperature more than 8 hours.The(germicidal) efficacy was enhanced with the up of temperature and down of pH,and sharply down with the existence of organic substances.(CONCLUSIONS) Garlic solution can kill the V.parahaemolyticus.Its storing time as well as the temperature,pH,and organic substances can influence the germicidal efficacy.