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Chinese Journal of Ultrasonography ; (12): 414-418, 2019.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-754820


Objective To summarize the characteristics of two‐dimensional ( 2D ) ultrasound , spatiotemporal imaging correlation ( ST IC ) and vascular casting of fetal inferior vena cava ( IVC ) malformations ,analyze the clinical characteristics and the prognosis of fetal IVC malformations ,and explore the early diagnostic value of fetal echocardiography for fetal IVC malformations . Methods Sixty‐one cases of fetal IVC malformation diagnosed by fetal echocardiography in Beijing Anzhen Hospital M aternal Fetal M edical Consultation Center were retrospectively analyzed . T he clinical data ,echocardiographic features , genetic testing information and prognosis were summarized . Results ① In the 61 cases of IVC malformation ,there were 51 cases of absence of IVC ,46 cases of absence of liver segment ,5 cases of absence of left IVC hepatic segment ,9 cases of left IVC ( including 5 cases of left IVC and absence of IVC hepatic segment) ,5 cases of double IVC ,and 1 case of right hepatic vein reflux . ② Ten fetuses of the 61 fetuses were simple IVC deformity without any other malformations . O ther venous malformations included 7 cases of absence of right superior vena cava and persistent left superior venacava , 2 cases of absence of venous catheters ,and 3 cases of persistent right umbilical vein ,2 cases were merged alone ; 49 cases were merged with intracardiac structural malformations and arrhythmia . ③ T hirty‐eight pregnant women underwent Down′s screening or non‐invasive DNA ,all of which were at low risk .Four cases underwent amniocentesis , and no obviously abnormality was found . Sixteen cases underwent autopsy and genome sequencing after induced labor , one was single gene abnormalities ( ZFPM 2 classical mutation ) . ④ STIC images were collected in 20 cases ,and 19 cases were clearly visualized . ⑤Vascular cast was made to show the shape of blood vessel more clearly and stereoscopically in 4 cases of absent hepatic segment of IVC . ⑥Eleven fetuses were born and confirmed from the results of postnatal ultrasound ,w ho were healthy in follow‐up ; 16 fetuses were induced labor ; 33 fetuses were losed during follow‐up ; 1 fetus died after birth ( arrhythmia ) . Conclusions Fetal echocardiography combined with STIC technology can clearly diagnose the anomalies of IVC . Vascular casting can provide stereoscopic and visual manifestations of the anomalies of IVC . The prognosis of simple anomalies of IVC is good .

Chinese Journal of Ultrasonography ; (12): 771-775, 2017.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-665121


Objective To evaluate the clinical value of prenatal ultrasound in the diagnosis of inferior vena cava malformation.Methods The ultrasonographic features of 95 cases of fetal inferior vena cava malformation were retrospectively analyzed,and compared with autopsy or postpartum follow-up.Results Among the 95 cases of fetal inferior vena cava malformation,39 cases were confirmed by autopsy,56 cases were diagnosed by neonatal ultrasonography,5 cases were confirmed by angiography or operation.Among them,37 cases were interrupted inferior vena cava,37 cases were double inferior vena cava,21 cases were left inferior vena cava.Forty of the 95 cases were terminate pregnancy(due to intracardiac or extracardiac malformations)or neonatal deaths(42.1%),and 55 cases had good prognoses(57.9%).Conclusions Prenatal ultrasound has important clinical value in diagnosing of inferior vena cava malformation,clearing whether it is associated with other malformations and assessing fetal prognosis.