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Rev. bras. med. esporte ; 27(spe): 108-110, Mar. 2021. tab
Article in English | LILACS | ID: biblio-1156123


ABSTRACT With the improvement of the quality of life, the residents' requirements for the construction of urban public sports services have gradually improved. In order to improve the current urban public sports service system, this study analyzes the existing public sports service through the construction of public sports service model. The results show that the current construction of public sports service has some defects, such as single construction subject, unbalanced regional development of sports service, lack of perfect performance evaluation mechanism of sports public service, and so on. Therefore, in the process of public sports service construction, we need to pay attention to the diversification of construction subjects, the cultivation of residents' awareness of physical exercise, the improvement of performance evaluation mechanisms of sports public services, and the broadening of investment channels. These measures can improve the urban public sports service system from the perspective of public health, and create better quality public sports services. This study analyzes the problems existing in the construction of public sports service by building a model, and puts forward some suggestions for improvement, hoping to provide ideas for scholars who study related experiments.

RESUMO Com a melhoria da qualidade de vida, os requisitos da população para a construção de serviços desportivos públicos urbanos melhoraram gradualmente. A fim de melhorar o atual sistema de serviço público de esportes urbanos, este estudo analisa o serviço público de esportes existente através da construção do modelo de serviço público de esportes. Os resultados mostram que a atual construção do serviço público de esportes tem alguns defeitos, como a questão da construção única, o desenvolvimento regional desequilibrado dos serviços de esportes, a falta de um mecanismo perfeito de avaliação do desempenho do serviço público de esportes e assim por diante. Por conseguinte, no processo de construção desses serviços, temos de prestar atenção à diversificação das disciplinas de construção, à cultura da conscientização da população para o exercício físico, à melhoria do mecanismo de avaliação do desempenho do serviço público de esportes e à expansão dos canais de investimento. Essas medidas podem melhorar o sistema de serviços públicos urbanos de esportes do ponto de vista da saúde pública e criar serviços desportivos públicos de maior qualidade. Este estudo analisa os problemas existentes na construção desses serviços através da construção de um modelo, e apresenta algumas sugestões para melhorias, esperando fornecer ideias para pesquisadores que estudam experimentos relacionados.

RESUMEN Con la mejora de la calidad de vida, se han ido mejorando paulatinamente las exigencias de la población para la construcción de servicios deportivos públicos urbanos. Con el fin de mejorar el actual sistema de servicios públicos deportivos urbanos, este estudio analiza el servicio público deportivo existente mediante la construcción de un modelo de servicio público deportivo. Los resultados muestran que la construcción actual del servicio público deportivo tiene algunos defectos, como el tema de construcción única, el desarrollo regional desequilibrado del servicio deportivo, la falta de un perfecto mecanismo de evaluación del desempeño del servicio público deportivo, etc. Por ello, en el proceso de construcción de los servicios públicos deportivos, es necesario prestar atención a la diversificación de los temas de construcción, el cultivo de la conciencia de la población sobre el ejercicio físico, la mejora de los mecanismos de evaluación del desempeño de los servicios públicos deportivos y la ampliación de los canales de inversión. Estas medidas pueden mejorar el sistema de servicios deportivos públicos urbanos desde la perspectiva de la salud pública y crear servicios deportivos públicos de mayor calidad. Este estudio analiza la problemática existente en la construcción del servicio público deportivo mediante la construcción de un modelo, y presenta algunas sugerencias de mejora, esperando brindar ideas para los académicos que estudian experimentos relacionados.

Humans , Sports , Urban Health Services , Public Health Services , China
Chinese Journal of Biotechnology ; (12): 860-873, 2021.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-878601


Genome-scale metabolic network model (GSMM) is an extremely important guiding tool in the targeted modification of industrial microbial strains, which helps researchers to quickly obtain industrial microbes with specific traits and has attracted increasing attention. Here we reviewe the development history of GSMM and summarized the construction method of GSMM. Furthermore, the development and application of GSMM in industrial microorganisms are elaborated by using four typical industrial microorganisms (Bacillus subtilis, Escherichia coli, Corynebacterium glutamicum, and Saccharomyces cerevisiae) as examples. In addition, prospects in the development trend of GSMM are proposed.

Corynebacterium glutamicum/genetics , Escherichia coli/genetics , Metabolic Engineering , Metabolic Networks and Pathways/genetics
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-843980


Objective: To construct the rat Pdcd4 knockdown model of programmed cell death 4 (Pdcd 4) in vivo for further study of the gene's functions. Methods: E3 rats were intranasally instilled with saline or plasmids during antigen induced pulmonary inflammation model induction. The rats were anaesthetized and killed on day 21. The lungs in each group were lavaged by instillation and withdrawal of 2 mL ice-cold PBS for three times through the tracheal route, and the bronchoalveolar lavage fluid (BALF) was collected. After centrifugation, the BALF cell pellet was used to isolate the total RNA. And the mRNA level of Pdcd4 was assessed by real-time quantitative PCR. Results: Pdcd4 expression decreased significantly in BALF cells at the mRNA level after Pdcd4 RNAi in vivo. Conclusion: Rat Pdcd4 knockdown model in vivo was constructed successfully, which can lay foundation for further studies on the functions and mechanism of Pdcd4 gene.

China Pharmacy ; (12): 711-716, 2019.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-817081


OBJECTIVE: To construct a collaborative relationship model between clinical pharmacists and physicians which is suitable for medical situations in China, and to provide guidance and reference for the relevant research. METHODS: Guided by theories relating to collaborative relationship, combined with the existing collaborative theories and practices of collaboration between pharmacists and physicians, the model was constructed through model synthesis, and was revised and improved on the basis of expert interview. Finally, the theory of the model was constructed. RESULTS: The collaborative relationship model of clinical pharmacists and physicians in China (CPPCR) was built, which was composed of five collaborative levels and three types of collaborative factors. Five collaborative levels included collaborative demand germination period, collaborative value identification period, collaborative relationship bonding period, collaborative mode strengthening period and collaborative relationship establishment period, while three types of collaborative factors included individual characteristics, work environment characteristics and interactive characteristics of clinical pharmacists and physicians. CONCLUSIONS: CPPCR is helpful to provide reference and basis for promoting their collaborative relationship and the development of related research.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-611665


Objective To explore a scientific and reasonable fiscal input mechanism for public hospitals, in order to fully leverage the policy guidance and efficiency of such funding.Methods With literature review, expert consultation and demonstration, a basic subsidy model for public hospitals was established.According to the past operation data of 4 public hospitals in Baoshan district of Shanghai, the study figured out specific subsidy standards.Results The basic subsidy for public hospitals should be determined according to the number of approved beds, the number of outpatients and emergency visits, hospital bed days, surgeries, key services, and the quality and efficiency of work.In Baoshan district, the standard reference value of subsidy for each approved bed, each outpatient and emergency visit, each bed-day, each surgical operation is 42 096 yuan, 27.9 yuan, 104.9 yuan and 244 yuan respectively.The standard value of subsidy is 100 yuan per bed for critically ill inpatients.For patients under clinical pathway management, the subsidy is 300 yuan per case, and for hospital maternal care, it is 150 yuan per person.Conclusions The basic subsidy model for public hospitals has overcome the shortcomings of fiscal input based on hospital scale or hospital workload, and established an incentive mechanism to promote the implementation of key services.These measures can improve the operation mechanism of public hospitals and encourage them to play their role of public welfare as designed.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-696067


This paper systematically summarized the core problems in the field of medical and health services and did the root analysis.It is concluded that the current domestic and international related medical service modes deviated from the essence of health services and led to difficulties in the idea and method,bringing people to new problems and new crises.KY3H health care service model,set innovative ideas,innovative technical methods,innovative products,innovative processes,standards and standards into one,by providing a full range and the whole cycle of people-oriented,self-help,"diagnosis and treatment of security" integration of health careservice,improve people's health status,fundamentally change the traditional passive "seeking medical treatment" service mode,to active "seeking one's own" health service mode,so as to achieve "health status continues to rise,the medical costs continue to decline,"which is the social development aims.The paper systematically analyzes the idea,operational logic,goal,mode structure,characteristics of the model,and its significance to individuals,industries,society,countries and even the international community in order to make a positive contribution to the healthy development strategy in China and provide a Chinese case for global Health.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-484236


Objective To construct the permanent colostomy patients with rectal cancer in archives information module content. Methods Using expert meeting,semi- structured interview, literature review, Delphi expert consultation method, establish the system of permanent rectal cancer patients file information specific module. Results In two- round consultation authority coefficient was 0.847. Kendall coordination coefficient (Kendall′s W) was 0.195-0.331, the difference had statistical significance (P<0.01); through the expert consultation method to construct the file information module for permanent colostomy patients with rectal cancer, which contained 4 first-level indicators (colostomy patient information module, stoma nursing modules, stoma patients transitional care modules, colostomy patients with network platform module), 11 secondary indicators, 36 third grade indicators. Conclusions This study established file information module content for permanent stoma patients with rectal cancer. It has good scientificity and reliability, and can provide a theoretical basis for the clinical development of a file information system network for transitional care of permanent stoma patients with rectal cancer.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-387900


Objective To investigate the personality characteristics of the drivers in the Armed Police Force ( CAPF), as well as construct a personality traits model for drivers and evaluation criteria. Methods Adopting Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire(16PF) to collect data from 1187 CAPF drivers in Beijing,Sichuan,Inner Mongolia and Yunnan. Results The paper concludes that career personality traits of CAPF drivers are made up of 4 factors: stability and self-control, self-motivation and cooperation, fantasy and openness, intelligence and candor, which explain 50.13% of the total variance. Conclusion The four factors basically construct the personality trait model of CAPF drivers. They could also be of great significance in recruiting, training and evaluating drivers.

Article in Korean | WPRIM | ID: wpr-26864


It was assumed that the maternal identity in primigravida is one of the most attribute of the motherhood, that is not biological but cognitive phenomena, appears active process as intelligent human being. The purposes of this study were that the identification the cognitive structure and the influencing factors of the maternal identity in primigravida. Theoretical framework in this study, maternal identity in primigravida was constructed as a cognitive output, has the cognitive structure of cognitive output, has cognitive structure of cognitive-perceptual factor, cognitive-behavioral factor, and cognitive-emotional factor. Influencing factors of maternal identity was constructed as a cognitive input, which were pregnancy related perceptions(pregnancy intention, minor discomfort, value of motherhood), interpersonal relationship(relationship with mother, relationship with husband, relationship with social network), preparation to motherhood(maternal knowledge, antenatal, self care), and biological factor(gestation period). This study was to descriptive correlational research design, was done from the 3rd January to the 15th March 1996, and the research subjects were selected conveniently 226 the primigravida during the gestation period, data collection method was self reported questionnaire cross-sectionally. Descriptive data analysis was done SAS PC+, testing the hypothetical model was done by covariance structural analysis using LISREL 8.03 program. The result of the hypothesis testing, the value of motherhood(gamma=.650, T=4.26) the maternal knowledge(gamma=.137, T=2.030), the gestation period(gamma=.113, T-2.621), showed significant causal effect on the maternal identity in primigravida. In conclusion, the maternal identity in primigravida had interrelated cognitive structure consist of perceptual, behavior, and emotional factors. Significant causal factors influencing the maternal identity were value identified. It seems to contribute toward the understanding the characteristics of the maternal identity as a cognitive domains that has been regarded highly abstract concept, so has not been validated empirically.

Surveys and Questionnaires , Humans , Intention , Mothers , Pregnancy , Research Design , Research Subjects , Self Report , Spouses , Statistics as Topic