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Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-873029


Objective:There were 92 kinds of compound preparations containing Ophiopogonis Radix in the 2015 edition of Chinese Pharmacopoeia, but there was no effective method to identify these compound preparations. Because Ophiopogonis Radix and Liriopes Radix are similar in appearance, it is easy to be confused in application. The aim of this study was to set up a thin layer chromatography (TLC) to identify compound preparations containing Ophiopogonis Radix and distinguish Ophiopogonis Radix and Liriopes Radix in the forms of decoction pieces and standard decoction. Method:In this study, decoction pieces of Ophiopogonis Radix and Liriopes Radix were collected and separately prepared as standard decoction. TLC was used to qualitatively identify decoction pieces and standard decoction of Ophiopogonis Radix and Liriopes Radix, and compound preparations containing Ophiopogonis Radix. In the TLC, the lower solution of chloroform-methanol-water (65∶35∶10) was selected as the developing agent and 10% sulfuric acid ethanol solution as the chromogenic agent. Result:The resolution of this TLC was good. Decoction pieces, standard decoction and preparations of Ophiopogonis Radix had the same characteristic strips, which were two bright white fluorescent strips under ultraviolet lamp (365 nm). But these two characteristic strips were not existed in the TLC of decoction pieces and standard decoction of Liriopes Radix. The corresponding components of both of these two strips were identified as mixture containing saponins by LC-MSn, including ophiopogonin Ra, Tb, ophiopogonin D', borneol glycoside, ophiopogonin C and Liriope muscari baily saponins C. Conclusion:The established TLC method, which has significant advantages such as high specificity and sensitivity, can be applied to the characteristic identification of decoction pieces and standard decoction of Ophiopogonis Radix, the identification of compound preparations containing Ophiopogonis Radix, and the distinction of Ophiopogonis Radix and Liriopes Radix, thus serving as an effective method to qualitatively identify Ophiopogonis Radix and its compound preparations.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-802313


Objective:The homogeneity regularity of "imprinting templates" of compound preparation of traditional Chinese medicine(TCM) was revealed, which provided the basis for effectively controlling the quality of compound preparation of TCM, by clarifying the dynamic changeability in number and content of volatile ingredients in different batches of Houttuyniae Herba. Method:The volatile oil of Houttuyniae Herba was extracted by steam distillation.The volatile components in 11 batches of Houttuyniae Herba were determined by GC-MS(electron ionization, ion source temperature of 230℃, detection range of m/z 40-500) combined with literature and ChemicalBook database.The relative content of each component was calculated by peak area normalization method and analyzed by the total quantum statistical moments of fingerprint. Result:There were only 15 common ingredients in the volatile oil from 11 batches of Houttuyniae Herba, accounting for 3.35%of total number and 73.94%of total content, while the number of non-common ingredients was 433, accounting for 96.65%of total number.However, the RSD of total quantum first moment of GC-MS fingerprint was 6.8%, the RSD of total quantum second moment was 14.8%(RSD of standard deviation was 7.4%), and the RSD of similarity of total quantum statistical moment was 3.8%.The type and content of volatile ingredients in Houttuyniae Herba were heterogeneous, but their chromatographic behavior of GC-MS fingerprint was uniform, the whole "imprinting templates" was similar. Conclusion:The total quantum statistical moment(similarity) of TCM fingerprint is applicable to quality control of dynamic Chinese medicines, which will play a breakthrough role in the study of homogeneity and stability of material reference and compound preparation for ancient classical formulas.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-852405


In recent years, researches on the antibacterial experiments of single herb, extracts, monomer ingredients and the compound preparations have confirmed that a variety of Chinese meteria medica have good antibacterial effects, and they are not easily produced drug resistance. Ampelopsis grossedentata, which can be used as medicine and food, contains various biological ingredients. Among them, flavonoids have desired antibacterial effect and synergistic effect when combined with antibiotics. In this review, antibacterial effects of A. grossedentata were summarized from domestic and foreign study literatures in the recent decade, including the main antibacterial components, the antimicrobial effects, and mechanism of this medicinal plant, aming to provide reference for the studies on the physiological and pharmacological functions, clinical application, and product development of A. grossedentata.

China Pharmacy ; (12): 4053-4057, 2016.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-502996


OBJECTIVE:To explore the situation of anti-cold compound preparations for children,and provide reference for clinical rational drug use. METHODS:The drug instructions of anti-cold compound preparations for children were collected from our hospital and analyzed statistically in recpects of drug components,specifications,formulations and dosages of those prepara-tions;typical irrational prescriptions from Jan. to May 2015 were also analyzed. RESULTS & CONCLUSIONS:40 kinds of an-ti-cold compound preparations for children were currently used in our hospital,including 14 chemical drugs and 26 Chinese medi-cine,in which,15 were not specified in the drug instructions for pediatric dosage (accounting for 37.5%). Anti-cold compound preparations had many kinds,varied largely in specifications and dosages. The children with same constitution and age take differ-ent drugs according to the drug instructions,the dosages of the same component are greatly different,the child dosages in the drug instructions need to be further improved. There are problems of irrational drug use in our hospital, such as repeated medication, medicine incompatibility,in appropriate dose.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-684334


To summarize the progress of researches of activated components in Chinese herbal medicine and compound preparations that resist human immunodeficiency virus in recent years.Very vast foreground of Chinese herbal medicine in the treatment of AIDS hal been elucidated.