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Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-888055


In recent years, only a small number of new Chinese medicines have been approved for marketing, which has embodied the bottleneck in the development of the Chinese medicine industry. To tackle this problem, the National Medical Products Administration has issued a series of regulations and technical requirements. In the context of new regulations, this study deeply explored the research and development strategies of new Chinese medicines under the guidance of the new classification of drug registration, and discussed the key technical issues in the research and development.

China , Drugs, Chinese Herbal , Medicine, Chinese Traditional , Pharmaceutical Preparations , Research
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-862685


With continuous introduction of relevant national policies on famous classical formulas, the research of famous classical formulas is popular all over the country. Different from other new drugs, in the research and development process of famous classical formulas, substance benchmark is earlier than the product, suggesting that the research and development of substance benchmark is of great significance. Based on previous work of the authors, content of substance benchmark of famous classical formulas was analyzed, which was included in the document <italic>The Management Regulation of Simplified Registration and Approval over Chinese Herbal Medicine Compound Preparations of Ancient Famous Classical Formulas</italic> released by the National Medical Products Administration in May 2018. In this paper, the significance of substance benchmark development was described, a five-stage of research strategy was proposed, covering the prescription textual research and historical evolution, the collection and quality evaluation of medicinal materials, the processing method and quality evaluation of decoction pieces, the preparation and quality research of substance benchmark, the drafting and formulating of quality standard over substance benchmark. At the same time, some suggestions were put forward to the feasibility of compound preparations development over famous classical formulas, the implementation difficulty of resource evaluation over Chinese medicinal materials, and the irrationality on the quality correlation of Chinese medicinal materials. All of these are expected to provide reference and enlightenment for the development and policy officially landed over ancient famous classical formulas.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-801747


Although the country has promulgated a list of 100 classical famous formula,there are still many confusions and choices in the development of compound preparations from classical prescriptions. In this paper,the development strategy of classical formula compound preparation was elaborated from three aspects:the evaluation of draggability,the consideration of industrialization and the clinical orientation. The draggability evaluation includes pharmacy and preclinical safety. It should focus on the factors such as substance benchmark,dosage,toxic herbal medicines,clinical use and so on. Industrialization considerations need to focus on how to use modern industrialization methods to prepare modern compound preparations with the same quality as material benchmarks. The use of extracts may be an effective way to solve the problems of low utilization rate of decoction pieces and inadequate industrial advantages. Clinical orientation should be clear about the main effect,take into account the secondary effect, pay attention to the negative effect, and consider the level of clinical value. A series of corresponding development strategies and ideas are proposed in order to provide references for enterprises and researchers who select and layout classical famous formula, to promote the development of classical prescription compound preparation.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-256090


As an outstanding representative of traditional Chinese medicine prescription, classical herbal formulae are the essence of traditional Chinese medicine great treasure. To support the development of classical herbal formulae, the state and relevant administrative departments have successively promulgated the relevant encouraged policies.But some key issues of classic herbal formulae in the development process have not reached a unified consensus and standard, and these problems were discussed in depth here.The authors discussed the registration requirements of classical herbal formulae, proposed the screening specific indicators of classical herbal formulae, determination basis of prescription and dosage,screening method of production process, and the basic principle of clinical localization, in order to bring out valuable opinions and provide a reference for classical herbal formulae development and policy formulation.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-256089


As an outstanding representative of traditional Chinese medicine(TCM) prescriptions accumulated from famous TCM doctors' clinical experiences in past dynasties, classical TCM excellent prescriptions (cTCMeP) are the most valuable part of TCM system. To support the research and development of cTCMeP, a series of regulations and measures were issued to encourage its simplified registration. There is still a long-way to go because many key problems and puzzles about technology, registration and administration in cTCMeP R&D process are not resolved. Based on the analysis of registration and management regulations of botanical drug products in FDA of USA and Japan, and EMA of Europe, the possible key problems and countermeasures in chemistry, manufacture and control (CMC) of simplified registration of cTCMeP were analyzed on the consideration of its actual situation. The method of "reference decoction extract by traditional prescription" (RDETP) was firstly proposed as standard to evaluate the quality and preparation uniformity between the new developing product under simplified registration and traditional original usages of cTCMeP, instead of Standard Decoction method in Japan. "Totality of the evidence" approach, mass balance and bioassay/biological assay of cTCMeP were emphatically suggested to introduce to the quality uniformity evaluation system in the raw drug material, drug substance and final product between the modern product and traditional decoction.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-854936


As a kind of regional folk medicinal herbs, "Qi medicinal herbs" have their own distinguishing medicinal features, and are the important basis for the development of regional medical work. So according to the existent documents and main results of the research and typical data, "Taibai Qi medicinal herbs" are taken as the principal regional folk medicinal herbs to integrate and summarize the present situation of "Qi medicinal herbs", and to analyze and conclude the characteristics of natural resources of "Qi medicinal herbs". Research and development strategies of "Qi medicinal herbs" are proposed in this paper, which provide a reference for their naming method and research.