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Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-908979


Objective:To evaluate the effect of goal-oriented online and offline mixed teaching method on the trainees of burn operating room.Methods:From June 2019 to June 2020, 42 trainees of burn operating room in our hospital were selected for the randomized parallel trial, and they were randomly divided into two groups, routine group and research group. The routine group adopted the conventional online and offline mixed teaching method, while the research group adopted the goal-oriented online and offline mixed teaching method. The internship time of both group lasted for 1 month. Results and excellent rates, self-confidence and burn surgery skills evaluation before and after the internship, and satisfaction with the internship mode were compared between the two groups. SPSS 19.0 was used for t test and chi-square test. Results:The results and excellent and good rates of theoretical examination and practical examination in the research group were higher than those of the routine group. The scores of self-confidence, choice of operation mode, innovation and optimization of operation, control of operation complications and treatment of intraoperative emergencies in the two groups after internship were higher than those before internship, and the above scores of research group were higher than those of the routine group after internship. The satisfaction scores of the students on enhancing self-confidence, and improving operational ability, learning initiative and learning efficiency in the research group were significantly higher than those in the routine group ( P < 0.05). Conclusion:Goal-oriented online and offline mixed teaching method on trainees in burn operating room can not only improve the examination results, enhance their confidence and burn surgery skills, but also achieve their satisfaction.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-908978


Objective:To explore the application of micro-lecture system based on ASSURE model in clinical practice teaching of dermatology.Methods:Sixty clinical medicine undergraduate intern doctors in Batch 2014 of Anhui Medical University were randomized into 2 groups, with thirty interns in both experimental group and control group. Micro-lecture system based on ASSURE model teaching method was adopted in experimental group, while traditional teaching method was adopted in control group. At the end of practice, theory test scores and medical record writing was used to evaluate the clinical ability of interns in two groups, and questionnaire survey was conducted to evaluate the satisfaction of interns with the teaching method of micro-lecture system based on ASSURE model. SPSS 16.0 was used for t test. Results:①Theory test scores were higher in experimental group than in control group, with statistically significant differences between the two groups ( P<0.05); ②The scores of history of illness, physical examination, treatment plan and the medical record writing were higher in experimental group than in control group ( P<0.05); ③At the end of internship, the questionnaire showed that the interns in the experimental group were more recognized for this new way of teaching. Conclusion:Micro-lecture system based on ASSURE model teaching method has achieved better results in the teaching of dermatology, which is worthy of future research and promotion.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-908963


Objective:To explore the influences of WeChat platform combined with problem-based learning (PBL) teaching method on the theoretical examination results, practical skills scores and satisfaction of nursing students in operating room.Methods:A total of 124 undergraduate nursing students from June 2018 to December 2019 from the operating room of The Affiliated Women's and Children's Hospital, School of Medicine, UESTC were selected as the control group, among which, 62 nursing students from June 2018 to March 2019 were selected as the control group, and 62 nursing students from April to December 2019 were selected as the research group. The control group adopted the traditional teaching method, and the research adopted WeChat platform combined with PBL teaching method. The results of theoretical examination, skill practice, preparation for autonomous learning, critical thinking ability and teaching satisfaction were compared between the two groups. SPSS 23.0 was used for t test. Results:The scores of theory examination and skill practice in the study group were higher than those in the control group ( P<0.05); after practice, the scores of self-management, love of learning and self-control in the study group were higher than those in the control group ( P<0.05); after practice, the scores of the three dimensions of curiosity, truth seeking, systematization ability and total score in the study group were all higher than those in the control group ( P<0.05); the satisfactions of the research group on teaching content, teaching problem design and teaching effect were higher than those of the control group ( P<0.05). Conclusion:The combination of WeChat platform and PBL teaching method can improve the knowledge mastery level of nursing students in operating room, cultivate their self-learning ability and critical thinking ability, and nursing students are more satisfied with the teaching mode.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-908949


Objective:To explore the application prospect of "education cloud platform + dual track" teaching in continuing medical education of thoracic surgery.Methods:A total of 100 trainees who participated in continuing medical education in thoracic surgery department in Air Force Medical University were randomly divided into experimental group and control group, with 50 students in each group. The experimental group adopted "education cloud platform + dual-track" teaching, and the control group adopted dual-track teaching. At the end of the study, an examination of theoretical knowledge and practical operation would be conducted; at the same time, an anonymous questionnaire survey would be used to evaluate the satisfaction of the two teaching modes. SPSS 20.0 was used for t test and chi-square test. Results:There was no statistically significant difference between the two groups in basic theoretical performance. The professional theoretical performance [(28.6±3.7) points] and operational theory performance [(34.9±4.7) points] of the experimental group were higher than those of the control group, with significant differences ( P<0.05). The experimental group performed better than the control group in five practical operation assessments: basic operation of thoracoscopy, basic operation of opening and closing the chest, operation of vascular isolation and suture, operation of esophageal anastomosis and operation of tracheal anastomosis, with statistical differences ( P<0.05). The satisfaction with teaching of experimental group was significantly higher than that of the control group ( P<0.05). Conclusion:"Education cloud platform + dual track" teaching can effectively ensure the teaching progress of problem-based learning (PBL) and team-based learning (TBL), improve students' learning effect, and has high promotion and application value.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-908947


Objective:To illustrate the effectiveness of Micro-Teachermate platform combined with problem-based learning (PBL) in gynecology and obstetrics teaching.Methods:Students from different classes were randomly divided into experimental group and control group, and the general data of the two groups were compared. The two groups respectively adopted Micro-Teachermate platform combined with PBL and traditional lecture teaching methods. The class attendance rate and the scores of relevant chapters in the final examination were analyzed through statistical methods for assessing the enthusiasm of students and teaching quality in class in terms of the same content and the same class hours. A questionnaire survey was conducted to know students' evaluation of this teaching mode, evaluating its teaching effect and satisfaction comprehensively. SPSS 17.0 was used for t test and chi-square test. Results:There was no difference in general information between the two groups. The class attendance rate of the experimental group (274/279) was significantly higher than that of the control group (61/90), while the scores of the relevant chapters in the final exam were also significantly higher ( P<0.01). Questionnaire survey results among 93 students in the experimental group were taken back 93 valid questionnaires (the effective rate, 100%), showing that most of the students were very satisfied with this teaching mode (90/93) and hoped to apply it to more subjects teaching (89/93). Conclusion:The application of Micro-Teachermate platform combined with PBL in gynecology and obstetrics class teaching contributes to improve students' participating enthusiasm and can effectively improve the quality and efficiency of teaching. Most students highly recognize the teaching method, which is worth applying and popularizing.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-908908


The teaching method PBL (problem-based learning), originates in Europe and the United States and has been widely used in medical education in China. PBL in David Geffen Medical School of University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) is a typical medical education model in the United States. This article analyzes the mature PBL teaching philosophy and operating model of UCLA from the PBL curriculum itself and the top-level design of the supporting system. It's considered that the PBL teaching method and training system in UCLA meet the training needs of medical talents with occupational competency.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-908885


Objective:To evaluate the application effect of online CBL teaching method under the background of emerging infectious diseases.Methods:With the help of network platforms, using CBL teaching method, through the students viewing online cases, making analysis and summary, and then sending online, in the form of interaction between teachers and students, the teaching work during the epidemic was successfully completed. Finally, the teaching effects of the two semesters before and after the epidemic were compared by means of total semester scores and questionnaires. And chi-square test and t test was adopted for statistical analysis. Results:The practice proved that online CBL teaching method could help students to achieve the same teaching effect as the traditional teaching method in the teaching of infectious diseases.Conclusion:Therefore, online CBL teaching method is worth popularizing in the background of emerging infectious diseases.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-908879


This paper explores the teaching methods of medical English terminology from three aspects: vertical and horizontal learning thinking style, DAR(division, analysis and reading) three-step terminology reading process, and diverse comparative vocabulary learning methods. In the teaching, students are guided to establish a framework of terminology learning in a macroscopic level, to interpret medical step by step and to use some of the comparative learning methods in ordinary English vocabulary learning to consolidate the learning and memory of medical terms. Through these three aspects of teaching guidance, students are helped to weave their medical terminology learning framework, to build a terminology learning library, and to turn terminology learning and application into a lasting and effective learning process.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-908838


Objective:To study the application of scenario interaction combined with phased goal teaching method in nursing teaching of cardiovascular medicine.Methods:A total of 55 nursing students who interned in our department before the implementation of scenario interaction combined phased goal teaching method (from September 2017 to February 2019) were randomly selected into control group, and 55 nursing students who had internship in our department after the implementation of the nursing teaching model (from March 2019 to September 2020) were randomly selected as study group. One week before the students leaving the department, the comprehensive ability (theoretical assessment and practical assessment), thinking ability (Critical thinking disposition inventory-Chinese version, CTDI-CV), work satisfaction (Minnesota satisfaction questionnaire, MSQ) and psychological states (Maslach burnout inventory, MBI) were compared between the two groups of intern nursing students. SPSS 19.0 was used for chi-square test and t test. Results:One week before the students leaving the department, the scores of theoretical assessment, practical assessment, CTDI-CV scale, MSQ scale and personal achievement of MBI scale of intern nursing students in study group were higher than those in control group ( P<0.05). The scores of emotional exhaustion and depersonalization tendency of MBI scale in study group were lower than those in control group ( P<0.05). Conclusion:Scenario interaction combined with phased goal teaching method is beneficial to improve the comprehensive ability and job satisfaction, and strengthen the thinking ability and psychological states of intern nursing students.

China Pharmacy ; (12): 1904-1907, 2021.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-886287


OBJECTIVE:To explore th e applicatio n of team situatio nal simulation education and teaching mode in clinical pharmacy teaching. METHODS :A total of 60 clinical pharmacy interns were selected as the research objects ,and course disease was type 2 diabetes mellitus. Thirty interns were randomly selected as control group ,using traditional teaching mode ;other 30 interns were selected as trial group ,which carried out team situational simulation education and teaching mode. The teaching effects were evaluated by using the satisfaction of interns to the two modes ,the comprehensive score of graduation examination and the self-evaluation of learning effect. RESULTS :Compared with traditional teaching mode ,team situational simulation education and teaching mode was conducive to stimulate the learning interest of interns ,improve their interpersonal communication ability , cultivate teamwork spirit ,improve the awareness of humanistic care ,and cultivate the professional attitude of clinical pharmacists (P<0.05). Compared with control group ,the comprehensive score of trial group was dominantly increased (P<0.001),and the scores of professional quality ,humanistic care and communication skills in the trial group were significantly higher than control group(P<0.01). In terms of self-evaluation of learning effect ,except for the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes and the commonly used treatment regimens ,the self-evaluation scores of the other items in trial group were significantly higher than control group (P<0.05 or P<0.01). CONCLUSIONS :Team situational simulation education and teaching mode is superior to traditional teaching mode for clinical pharmacy teaching.

Rev. lasallista investig ; 17(1): 161-176, ene.-jun. 2020. tab, graf
Article in Spanish | LILACS-Express | LILACS | ID: biblio-1156724


Resumen Introducción: las nuevas metodologías emergentes y su aplicación educativa se han convertido en una realidad dentro de los espacios de aprendizaje, siendo el b-learning una de las metodologías más recurrentes durante la última década. Objetivo: el objetivo del presente trabajo radica en conocer el grado de empleo de la metodología b-learning en los docentes de las cooperativas de enseñanza. Materiales y métodos: la investigación se ha llevado a cabo a través de un estudio descriptivo y correlacional, utilizándose un cuestionario de corte ad hoc de cinco dimensiones. Resultados: los resultados muestran un incremento progresivo de la incorporación de la innovación dentro de las aulas y un ímpetu formativo por parte de los docentes en materia tecnológica. Conclusiones: los docentes perciben el blended learning cada vez de manera más positiva, a pesar de disponer de escasos recursos digitales y de encontrar dificultades en propiciar un rol activo del discente. Asimismo, se ha constatado la existencia de niveles intermedios de confianza hacia la tecnología, especialmente entre el profesorado de mayor edad.

Abstract Introduction: new emerging methodologies and their educational application have become a reality within learning spaces, with b-learning being one of the most recurrent methodologies during the last decade. Objective: the objective of this work is to know the degree of use of the b-learning methodology in the teachers of the teaching cooperatives. Materials and methods: the research was carried out through a descriptive and correlational study, using a five-dimensional ad hoc cut-off questionnaire. Results: the results show a progressive increase in the incorporation of innovation within the classrooms and a formative impetus on the part of the teachers in technological matters. Conclusions: teachers perceive blended learning more and more positively, in spite of having scarce digital resources and finding difficulties in propitiating an active role of the student. Likewise, it has been verified the existence of intermediate levels of confidence in technology, especially among older teachers.

Resumo Introdução: novas metodologias emergentes e sua aplicação educacional tornaram-se uma realidade dentro dos espaços de aprendizagem, sendo o b-learning uma das metodologias mais recorrentes na última década. Objetivo: o objetivo deste trabalho é conhecer o grau de utilização da metodologia b-learning nos professores das cooperativas de ensino. Materiais e métodos: a pesquisa foi realizada por meio de um estudo descritivo e correlacional, utilizando um questionário de corte ad hoc em cinco dimensões. Resultados. os resultados mostram um aumento progressivo na incorporação de inovação dentro das salas de aula e um impulso formativo por parte dos professores em questões tecnológicas. Conclusões: os professores percebem o blended learning de maneira cada vez mais positiva, apesar de ter recursos digitais escassos e encontrar dificuldades em propiciar um papel ativo do aluno. Da mesma forma, verificou-se a existência de níveis intermediários de confiança em tecnologia, especialmente entre os professores mais velhos.

Motrivivência (Florianópolis) ; 32(62): [1-22], Abr. 2020.
Article in Portuguese | LILACS-Express | LILACS | ID: biblio-1117776


O Teaching Games for Understanding, modelo de ensino de esporte para compreensão, apresenta Princípios Pedagógicos específicos para desenvolver, didaticamente, o entendimento da lógica do jogo. No que tange a lógica interna, a Praxiologia Motriz demonstra-se como uma consolidada teoria científica que apresenta conhecimentos para análise dos jogos e dos esportes. Assim, o objetivo desse ensaio é articular os Princípios Pedagógicos do Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU) com conceitos da Praxiologia Motriz. Por meio de uma pesquisa teórica, articularam-se as características dos Princípios Pedagógicos do modelo TGfU com os conhecimentos da Praxiologia Motriz. A partir desse debate, propôsse um novo Princípio Pedagógico, a Caracterização da Lógica Interna, bem como evidenciou-se a necessidade de o professor dominar os conhecimentos praxiológicos para manipular com sapiência os jogos condicionados que propõe em aula, possibilitando a compreensão da lógica interna.

The Teaching Games for Understanding, a sports teaching model for understanding, presents specific Pedagogical Principles to develop, didactically, the understanding of game logic. Regarding the internal logic, the Motor Praxiology demonstrates as a consolidated scientific theory that presents knowledge for analysis of games and sports. Thus, the purpose of this essay is to articulate the Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU) Pedagogical Principles with Motor Praxiology concepts. Through a theoretical research, the TGfU Pedagogical Principles characteristics were articulated with the Motor Praxiology knowledge. From this debate, a new Pedagogical Principle, the Characterization of Internal Logic, was proposed, as well as the necessity of the teacher to master the praxiological knowledge to wisely manipulate the conditioned games that he proposes in class, allowing the internal logic understanding.

El Teaching Games for Understanding, un modelo de enseñanza deportiva para la comprensión, presenta principios pedagógicos específicos para desarrollar, didácticamente, la comprensión de la lógica del juego. En cuanto a la lógica interna, la Praxiologia Motriz se demuestra como una teoría científica consolidada que presenta conocimientos para el análisis de juegos y deportes. Por lo tanto, el propósito de este ensayo es articular los Principios Pedagógicos del Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU) con los conceptos de la Praxiologia Motriz. A través de una investigación teórica, se articularon las características de los Principios pedagógicos de TGfU con el conocimiento de la Praxiologia Motriz. A partir de este debate, se propuso un nuevo Principio pedagógico, la Caracterización de la lógica interna, así como la necesidad del maestro de dominar el conocimiento praxiológico para manipular sabiamente los juegos condicionados que propone en clase, permitiendo la comprensión de la lógica interna.

Rev. bras. educ. espec ; 26(1): 143-158, jan.-mar. 2020. tab
Article in Portuguese | LILACS-Express | LILACS | ID: biblio-1092483


RESUMO: Este artigo discute a proposta de formação de professores e os embasamentos do método adotado para ensinar crianças surdas, no período de 1951 a 1961, quando Ana Rímoli de Faria Dória esteve na direção do Instituto Nacional de Educação de Surdos (INES). Com base na concepção de história de Marc Bloch, elegeu-se como metodologia a pesquisa histórica. Foram analisados discursos registrados nos Anais da 1ª Conferência Nacional de Professores de Surdos, realizado no INES, em 1959, e textos auxiliares. Os resultados apontam que a concepção de educação, fundamentada na correção da deficiência, dialogou com concepções teóricas que circulavam naquela época, influenciando a formação de professores, pois estes deveriam ensinar as crianças surdas a oralização e a leitura labial, conforme princípios do Método Oral Puro, adotado em todo o território nacional.

ABSTRACT: This paper discusses the proposal of teacher training and the foundations of the method adopted to teach deaf children, from 1951 to 1961, in which Ana Rímoli de Faria Dória was the director of the National Institute for Education of the Deaf (INES). Based on Marc Bloch's conception of history, the historical research was chosen as methodology. Speeches recorded in the Annals of the 1st National Conference of Teachers of Deaf Learners, held at INES, in 1959, and supporting texts were analyzed. The results point out that the conception of education, based on the correction of the disability, had a dialog with theoretical conceptions spread at that time, influencing teacher training, since they should teach oralization and lip reading to deaf children, according to the principles of the Pure Oral Method adopted throughout the national territory.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-781761


In this paper, the micro-video teaching mode was explored in the course construction of . The micro-video teaching contents include the academic thought, experience in diagnosis and treatment, characteristic technology and clinical manipulation of famous acupuncture experts in the Henan University of CM. Each micro-video film is designed within 15-18 min, including three sections of knowledge, i.e. basic theory, technological application and clinical manipulation. Each section is designed within 5-6 min. The construction of the teaching course of is the innovation of practice mode of TCM and the new approach to the inheritance of the experience of experts. The construction of micro-video teaching course propels the reform of teaching mode, improves the learning initiative of students and clinical manipulative ability so as to improve the teaching effect and quality.

Acupuncture Therapy , Humans , Learning , Moxibustion , Students , Teaching
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-781760


The new teaching mode of based on the practice platform was explored so as to promote the mutual benefits for both teaching and learning. As the basic course of acupuncture-moxibustion and specialty, is the core theoretical and practical course. Through the establishment of on-campus practice platforms, e.g. the Technique Association of Acupuncture-Moxibustion and , physical therapy room of acupuncture-moxibustion and and the practical platform for promoting outside-campus medical service, in accordance with the teaching mode of "theory → practice → re-theory → re-practice", the class teaching of theory and the skill training were optimized, the three-dimensional practice platforms for teaching was constructed, meaning "class teaching → on-campus practice → social service". This teaching mode motivates the enthusiasm of teaching and learning, improves the teaching quality of , enhances the professional theoretical level as well as the clinical practice ability. Such teaching mode plays a positive role in the cultivation of talents of acupuncture-moxibustion and .

Acupuncture Points , Meridians , Moxibustion , Teaching
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-826656


Through the review and summary of the 5th national clinical skill competition of acupuncture-moxibustion and , it is recognized that the strict security of training, the concentrated training items, active competition of training and the diversity of training patterns are the keys of achievement. Besides, the suggestions are proposed in terms of manipulations and the recitation content of classic in competition. It hopes that the competition greatly play its role in promoting learning, teaching and education construction.

Acupuncture , Education , Acupuncture Therapy , Clinical Competence , Humans , Learning , Moxibustion
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-826638


Started from the needs of clinical teaching and practice of acupuncture and moxibustion, based on the acupuncture education and assessment model, the virtual acupuncture teaching system was developed with the help of virtual reality (VR) technology, and applied to the course teaching of meridian and acupoint and needling and moxibustion method of . Compared with conventional teaching, this system can effectively improve practical operation test scores of students, meanwhile, it has higher interest, interactivity and helpfulness for knowledge learning, and improve independent learning ability, learning effect and memory depth, so student's satisfaction is higher.

Int. j. morphol ; 37(4): 1469-1474, Dec. 2019. tab, graf
Article in English | LILACS | ID: biblio-1040155


Histology belongs to the discipline of medical morphology. The knowledge is scattered and abstract in this discipline. It is difficult to the medical students beginner. Leading to poor effect on histology teaching. This study aimed to introduce medical students to the histology using barrier-based learning (BBL) method or traditional teaching method. We recruited 4 clinical medical classes, including two 5-years classes and two 7-years clinical medical classes, each of these classes randomly assigned to 1 of 2 groups. The control group received an introductory traditional teaching mode in histology. The experiment group received BBL method. Using final exam average scores, pass rate, excellent rates and phase tests to evaluate the teaching effect of these two teaching method. BBL teaching method is more effective than traditional teaching method, The application of BBL in histology is more easier to learning for the beginners of medical students.

La histología es una disciplina de la morfología médica. El conocimiento es disperso y abstracto en esta disciplina. Es una asignatura que resulta difícil para los estudiantes principiantes de medicina. Este estudio tuvo como objetivo presentar a los estudiantes de medicina la histología mediante el método de aprendizaje basado en barreras (BBL), comparándolo al método de enseñanza tradicional. Reclutamos estudiantes de 4 clases de medicina clínica, incluidas dos clases de quinto año y dos clases de medicina clínica de séptimo año, cada una de estas clases asignadas al azar a los grupos. El grupo de control recibió un método de enseñanza tradicional de introducción en histología. El grupo experimental recibió el método BBL. Usando los puntajes promedio del examen final, la tasa de aprobación, las tasas de excelencia y las pruebas de fase para evaluar el efecto de enseñanza de estos dos métodos de enseñanza, se determinó que el método de enseñanza de BBL es más efectivo que el método de enseñanza tradicional. La aplicación de BBL en histología permite un aprendizaje más sencillo para los estudiantes principiantes de medicina.

Problem-Based Learning/methods , Education, Medical/methods , Histology/education , China
Article | IMSEAR | ID: sea-198567


Introduction: MBBS is a dream to cherish for all students. It is a course which is respected globally. Medicalcourse is perceived as stressful by many of the undergraduates all over the world. They join the course at an earlyage without awareness of the details of curriculum, the approaches to be followed for theoretical understandingand acquiring practical skills and developing right attitude to be a good humane doctor.Aims and objectives: To know the awareness of MBBS students about their knowledge of it as a profession andtheir attitude to know the surrounding atmosphere and approach of students while pursuing the course.Material and methods: This is a retrospective, observational study started after taking the approval of InstitutionalEthical Committee of Government Medical College, KADAPA. The material for the study consisted of volunteersfromfirst year MBBS students of Government Medical College, WHO gave an informed consent to express their ideasfor the Questionnaire.Results: Students gave their answers to the questionnaire voluntarily and the answers are noted in a table. Mostof the people had no awareness of the MBBS degree till they entered the course and feel MBBS is tough andexpressed thatthey want good surroundings and circumstances to study the course.Discussion: Most of the students did not complete their teenage when they have taken the decision to join MBBScourse. They had decided even during their schooling,inspired by school teachers and medical college faculty.They are interested in games and felt the subjects are tough and still want to study.Their concentration in classesis 75-100% and they want to read daily but are getting disturbed by various problems. They even have a dream todo super specialty and a small group want to participate in research.Conclusion: The present study facilitates faculty in understanding the interests of students, circumstances forunder performance in examination and their problems. This provides for designing a teaching method to explainthe subject in an understandable way and for developing newer teaching and learning techniques.

Rev. bras. ciênc. esporte ; 41(1): 96-101, jan.-mar. 2019.
Article in Portuguese | LILACS-Express | LILACS | ID: biblio-990591


Resumo O artigo centrou-se na investigação das ideias pedagógicas que se fizeram circulantes no âmbito da Escola Superior de Educação Física (ESEF), quando de sua criação, em 1940, reconstruindo os principais esforços de legitimação de um método de ensino unificado para a educação física sul-rio-grandense. Perante uma perspectiva sócio-histórica de análise, a interpretação das fontes consultadas identificou a pretensa uniformidade didática que a instituição deflagrava para o ensino da educação física no estado do Rio Grande do Sul e, em outro sentido, revelou a pluralidade de ideias e métodos circulantes na prática de suas rotinas de ensino.

Abstract The paper focused on the research of pedagogical ideas that made current within the ESEF, when its creation in 1940, (re) rebuilding the main legitimization efforts of a unified teaching method for physical education in Rio Grande do Sul. In front of a socio-historical perspective of analysis and interpretation of analyzed sources it was identified the Institution alleged didactic uniformity in the teaching of Physical Education in the Brazilian State of Rio Grande do Sul and in another sense, it was revealed the plurality of ideas and methods in its practice and teaching routines.

Resumen El artículo se centra en la investigación sobre las ideas pedagógicas que se hicieron operativas en la ESEF en el momento de su creación en 1940, (re)construyendo los principales esfuerzos de legitimación de un método didáctico unificado para la educación física en Rio Grande do Sul. Ante una perspectiva sociohistórica de análisis, la interpretación de las fuentes consultadas ha identificado la supuesta uniformidad didáctica que la institución puso en marcha para la enseñanza de la educación física en Río Grande do Sul y, en otro sentido, se ha puesto de manifiesto la pluralidad de ideas y métodos en la práctica actual de sus rutinas de enseñanza.