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Chinese Journal of Information on Traditional Chinese Medicine ; (12): 18-21, 2015.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-460672


Objective To measure the chromatic differences of the tongue tip and tongue side and provide quantitative evidence for tongue color diagnosis. Methods Totally 683 healthy people were recruited, and their tongue photos were taken. Then ICC specific documents were used for the correction of all tongue photos, and chromatic values (L*, a*, b*, C*and h°) of tongue tip and tongue side were obtained for further statistical analysis. CIEDE2000 was used for calculating the color differences. Results The average color difference of tongue tip and tongue side in normal pink tongue was 5.4. When pink tongue has abnormal red tongue tip, the average color difference of tongue tip and tongue side was 10.85. Compared with normal tongue tip, the average color difference of tongue tip and tongue side in abnormal color tongue with abnormal red tongue tip increased from 5.4-7.0 to 11.23. Conclusion Red tongue tip is a sensitive sign indicating abnormal heat in the body. Tongue tip quantitative diagnosis is valuable in the determination of heat sign in TCM preventive treatment of disease, and reveal the diagnosis meaning and scientific connotation of red tongue tip.

International Journal of Biomedical Engineering ; (6): 336-339,356,后插9, 2015.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-686535


Objective To quantify the changes of tongue color with the development of the disease according to the characteristics of human vision.Methods Psychological scales of tongue color perception were obtained from thc psychophysical experiments.Polynomial regression and support vector regression (SVR) were used to establish the mathematical model between the physical values and the psychological scales of tongue color.Results The psychological scales exported from the model could correspond to the visual perception of tongue color change, and SVR has higher accuracy.Conclusions The psychological scale, can not only quantitatively evaluate the tongue color in the development of the disease, but also quantify the degree of disease, to assist the doctors for disease diagnosis and treatment.

Journal of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University ; (6): 1363-1366,1367, 2013.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-554193


[Objective] To understand Chinese scholars in different periods on the different understanding of tongue, for further development of research and provide a theoretical basis. [Method] Access to a large number of ancient books and literature, selection and tongue of related articles, extract and summa-rize the main points. [Result] The ancient understanding of TCM tongue is very knowledgeable, and by the subjective leading generation, does not have the scientific rigour;modern research of Chinese medicine tongue is mainly from the tongue and tongue color, tongue shape and other aspects, the objec-tive diagnosis and analysis system, the research methods of modern TCM tongue with scientific rigor modern Chinese Medicine; from the point of view, different degrees of col aterals and the width of the color purple tongue, sublingual y reflect the progress of the blood stasis degree and disease conditions, different diseases have different characteristics of the tongue. [Conclusion] Research on the development of modern tongue made certain contribution to TCM development.

Journal of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine ; (6)2000.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-574032


[ Objective]Quantitative characteristics of tongue color is investigated by colorimetrical method to supply evidence for the objectivity of tongue inspection. [Methods] Two hundred and seven tongue pictures with different tongue color were scanned. The values of R (red) , G (green) and B (blue) of different sampling spots in the pictures, as well as their ratios with the total value of R + G + B were observed. Purple-bluish tongue was clustered with the above indexes and then was compared with other common-colored tongue color. [Results] In light white tongue, G ratio was high, R ratio and B ratio low; in red tongue, R ratio was high, G ratio and B ratio low; in purple-bluish tongue, B ratio was higher, G ratio high and R ratio low. The total value of R + G + B was higher in light white tongue, high in purple-bluish tongue and low in red tongue. [Conclusion] There are colorimetrical characteristics in tongue pictures from different monographs of traditional Chinese medicine, but the colorimetric parameters of the tongue pictures should be applied according to clinical cases.