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Article in Korean | WPRIM (Western Pacific) | ID: wprim-811229


PURPOSE: This study aimed to understand the experiences of married North Korean women's child-rearing, working lives, and their home and work environment in depth.METHODS: This study adopted van Manen's hermeneutic phenomenological method to qualitatively analyze data. The participants were 8 married North Korean women defectors. Data were collected through in-depth interviews and observations from July 4 to August 20, 2018.RESULTS: Nine essential themes emerged: more personal challenges after overcoming a life-threatening crisis; hopes of firmly settling in this land; the wound from the north, which chased them here; a body that becomes stronger through hardship; being stuck in a past full of anxiety and pain; the present is full of hope; hope for the future; sense of alienation from coworkers that cannot be overcome; and sense of power to endure an exhausting work life.CONCLUSION: This study provided a broader understanding of the life and experiences of married women from North Korea. It highlights the need for nurses to recognize their importance in nursing care. The study also suggests that academic and practical approaches for nursing, and basic data for a nursing intervention for married women from North Korea be provided. The study findings can be used as a basis for preparing a national policy that will help North Korean defectors to find employment and gain stability.

Anxiety , Child , Democratic People's Republic of Korea , Emigrants and Immigrants , Employment , Female , Hermeneutics , Hope , Humans , Methods , Nursing , Nursing Care , Qualitative Research , Wounds and Injuries
Article in English | WPRIM (Western Pacific) | ID: wprim-782276


BACKGROUND: The number of workers in non-standard employment (NSE) is increasing due to industrial change and technological development. Dependent self-employment (DSE), a type of NSE, was created decades ago. Despite the problems associated with this new type of employment, few studies have been conducted on the effects by DSE on health, especially sleep quality. This study aims to determine the relationship between DSE and sleep quality.METHODS: This study analyzed data of 50,250 wage workers from the fifth Korean Working Conditions Survey. Workers that did not respond or refused to answer any questions related to variables were excluded, and finally 36,709 participants were included in this study. A total of 2,287 workers (6.2%) were compared with non-DSE (34,422; 93.8%) workers, and multiple logistic regression analyses were applied.RESULTS: DSE status had a significant association with difficulty falling asleep (odds ratio [OR]: 1.331, 95% confidence interval [CI]: 1.178–1.504), difficulty maintaining sleep (OR: 1.279; 95% CI: 1.125–1.455), and extreme fatigue after waking up (OR: 1.331; 95% CI: 1.184–1.496). A multiple logistic regression of the variables for sleep quality in DSE showed a significant association with exposure to physical factors for all types of poor sleep quality as well as shift work for difficulty maintaining sleep with extreme fatigue after waking up. Long working hours and emotional labor were also associated with extreme fatigue after waking up.CONCLUSIONS: This study shows a significant association between DSE and poor sleep quality, especially when workers were exposed to physical risk factors (noise, vibration, abnormal temperature, etc.) and shift work.

Accidental Falls , Employment , Fatigue , Logistic Models , Risk Factors , Salaries and Fringe Benefits , Vibration
Rev. latinoam. enferm. (Online) ; 28: e3267, 2020. tab
Article in English | LILACS (Americas), BDENF | ID: biblio-1101719


Abstract Objective: to analyze the intensity of nursing work in public hospitals. Method: cross-sectional, quantitative study, carried out in 22 public hospitals. The sample was composed of 265 nurses and 810 nursing technicians and assistants. Data were collected through a questionnaire and analyzed with Exploratory Factor Analysis. The calculation of the distribution of the work intensity by category was done using a score ranging from -1 to +1 standard deviation of the data. Fisher's exact test (0.05 <p≤0.10) was used to observe the significance between groups according to the employment bond. Results: work intensity contributed to the explanation of precarization of work, with a value of 13% for nurses and 51.2% for technicians and assistants. For the technicians and assistants, the variables with the highest factor loadings were 'work requires more than she can do' (0.6696) and 'takes on multiple tasks due to staff shortages' (0.6156). Among nurses, the highest factor loadings were observed in the variables 'time pressure at work (0.6779) and 'Work pace' (0.6651). Conclusion: the variables analyzed indicate that work intensity occurs differently among nursing workers, and is revealed by the versatility, understaffing and flexibility of work.

Resumo Objetivo: analisar a intensidade do trabalho em enfermagem nos hospitais públicos. Método: estudo transversal, quantitativo, realizado em 22 hospitais públicos. A amostra totalizou 265 enfermeiras e 810 técnicas e auxiliares em enfermagem. Os dados foram coletados por meio de questionário e analisados com a Análise Fatorial Exploratória. O cálculo da distribuição da intensidade do trabalho por categoria foi feito por escore que abarca de -1 a +1 desvio padrão dos dados e utilizou-se o teste Exato de Fisher (0,05 <p≤0,10) para observar a significância entre os grupos de acordo com o vínculo de trabalho. Resultados: a intensidade do trabalho contribuiu com 13% da precarização do trabalho para as enfermeiras e 51,2% para as técnicas e auxiliares. Para as técnicas e auxiliares as variáveis com maior carga fatorial foram trabalho exige mais do que pode fazer (0.6696) e assume múltiplas atribuições devido à escassez de pessoal (0.6156). Entre as enfermeiras as maiores cargas fatoriais foram observadas nas variáveis pressão do tempo no trabalho (0.6779) e ritmo de trabalho (0.6651). Conclusão: as variáveis analisadas indicam que a intensidade do trabalho ocorre de forma distinta entre as trabalhadoras em enfermagem, o que se revela pela polivalência, subdimensionamento e flexibilização do trabalho.

Resumo Objetivo: analizar la intensidad del trabajo en enfermería en los hospitales públicos. Método: estudio transversal, cuantitativo, realizado en 22 hospitales públicos. La muestra totalizó 265 enfermeras y 810 técnicas y asistentes de enfermería. Los datos fueron recolectados a través de un cuestionario y analizados con el Análisis Factorial Exploratorio. El cálculo de la distribución de la Intensidad del trabajo, por categoría, se realizó utilizando una puntuación que varía de -1 a +1 desviación estándar de los datos, y se utilizó la prueba Exacta de Fisher (0,05 <p≤0,10) para observar la significancia entre grupos según la relación laboral. Resultados: la Intensidad del trabajo contribuyó con el 13% de la explicación trabajo precario para las enfermeras y el 51,2% para técnicas y asistentes. Para las técnicas y auxiliares, las variables con la carga de factor más alta fueron trabajo requiere más de lo que puede hacer (0,6696) y asume múltiples asignaciones debido a la escasez de personal (0,6156). Entre las enfermeras, las cargas de factor más altas se observaron en las variables presión de tiempo en el trabajo (0,6779) y ritmo de trabajo (0,6651). Conclusión: las variables analizadas indican que la intensidad del trabajo ocurre de manera diferente entre los trabajadores de enfermería, lo que se revela por la versatilidad, por condiciones laborales reducidas y la flexibilización del trabajo.

Humans , Male , Female , Adult , Middle Aged , Cross-Sectional Studies , Workload , Employment/psychology , Employment/statistics & numerical data , Work Performance , Hospitals, Public , Nurses , Nursing Care , Nursing Staff, Hospital
Article in English | WPRIM (Western Pacific) | ID: wprim-786146


A standardized assessment of functioning in patients with axial spondyloarthritis (axSpA) is necessary in order to assess clinical manifestations, disease activity, and physical and overall functioning as objectively as possible. The standardized assessment is based on domains such as disease activity, quality of life, functioning and employment but also on individual aspects such as pain, arthritis and enthesitis. Domains and individual aspects are mainly collected and better known as patient reported outcomes.

Arthritis , Employment , Humans , Quality of Life
Movimento (Porto Alegre) ; 25(1): e25014, jan.- dez. 2019. Quadros, Figura
Article in Portuguese | LILACS (Americas) | ID: biblio-1047792


Esta pesquisa teve como objetivo geral investigar as manifestações do fenômeno lazer entre trabalhadores docentes que integram o quadro funcional da Secretaria da Educação do Estado de São Paulo. Ao mesmo tempo, como objetivo específico, buscou identificar de que forma as oscilações relativas às distintas relações de trabalho, sobretudo a evidente condição de precariedade, influenciam o lazer da categoria em questão. É um estudo de caso, realizado com 29 trabalhadores docentes que atuam em escolas dessa rede de ensino. Utilizou-se da análise documental de legislações que versam sobre o trabalho docente, da aplicação do questionário sobre os usos do tempo e da realização de entrevistas semiestruturadas. Foi constatado que parte do tempo e espaço de lazer dos professores é permeada pelo trabalho. Ademais, foi possível identificar que condições mais precárias de trabalho tendem a refletir também em um lazer precário

The general goal of this study was to investigate leisure activities among teachers employed by the São Paulo State's Department of Education. At the same time, its specific goal was to find out how oscillations related to various employment relations, especially the clearly precarious working condition, influence their leisure. It is a case study conducted with 29 teachers from São Paulo public's schools. It conducted documentary analysis of laws on teaching work; it applied a questionnaire on use of time; and it conducted semi-structured interviews. It found that part of teachers' leisure time and space is pervaded by work. In addition, it was possible to see that more precarious working conditions tend to result in precarious leisure

Esta investigación tuvo como objetivo general investigar las manifestaciones del fenómeno ocio entre trabajadores docentes que integran el cuadro funcional de la Secretaría de Educación del Estado de São Paulo. Al mismo tiempo, como objetivo específico, buscó identificar de qué forma las oscilaciones relativas a las distintas relaciones de trabajo, principalmente la evidente condición de precariedad, influencian el ocio de la categoría investigada. Se trata de un estudio de caso, realizado con 29 trabajadores docentes que actúan en escuelas públicas del Estado de São Paulo. Se utilizó el análisis documental de legislaciones que versan sobre el trabajo docente, la aplicación del cuestionario sobre los usos del tiempo y la realización de entrevistas semiestructuradas. Se constató que parte del tiempo y espacio de ocio de los profesores está permeado por el trabajo. Además, fue posible identificar que condiciones más precarias de trabajo tienden a reflejar también un ocio precario

Humans , Male , Female , Working Conditions , School Teachers , Leisure Activities , Employment
Rev. Hosp. Ital. B. Aires (2004) ; 39(4): 135-145, dic. 2019. tab
Article in Spanish | LILACS (Americas) | ID: biblio-1099771


La Licenciatura en Instrumentación Quirúrgica se ha propuesto desarrollar las competencias propias del profesional que actúa en un ámbito de gestión, sin descuidar las que sostiene el instrumentador en su práctica asistencial. El objetivo de esta investigación es articular los contenidos que se brindan en instituciones educativas de formación de grado para instrumentadores quirúrgicos, con las competencias que se requieren para desempeñarse en diferentes puestos jerárquicos. Se realizó un estudio cualitativo, descriptivo, de corte transversal, en el cual se procedió a entrevistar a siete profesionales de la salud que ocupan un cargo jerárquico, utilizando una guía de preguntas abiertas cuyos resultados se trabajaron mediante el análisis de contenido. También se compararon los listados de las asignaturas que se brindan en la Licenciatura para Instrumentadores Quirúrgicos en distintas universidades, cotejando los resultados con los de las entrevistas. Estas evidenciaron que los licenciados ocupan cargos jerárquicos de importancia en las instituciones para las que se desempeñan, donde necesitan poner en juego competencias como la comunicación, la gestión y el liderazgo, entre otras. En las licenciaturas ofrecidas a instrumentadores quirúrgicos se dictan asignaturas que brindan a los profesionales conocimientos generales acerca de gestión, administración, investigación y educación, concluyendo que la formación de grado sirve como base a la hora de adentrarse en el mundo laboral; no obstante, el contenido de las asignaturas varía según cada institución; por lo tanto, el nivel de formación de los licenciados resulta dispar y muchos deben realizar otros cursos o capacitaciones para complementarla. (AU)

The incorporation of a bachelor's degree for surgical-instrumentation practitioners, the academic field aims to develop the competencies required by professionals in management positions while improving the ones of surgical-instrumentation practitioners in an operating room. The following research articulated the academic training provided by different higher education institutions with the competences required to perform in several hierarchical positions. We conducted a qualitative, descriptive and cross-sectional study: we carried out interviews with seven health-professionals who work in different hierarchical roles, using open-ended questions, whose answers were studied through content analysis; and we analyzed the study-plans for Surgical Instrumentation degrees offered by a select group of universities. We also compared the lists of the subjects of the different universities that are offered in the degree for surgical instrumenters, collating the results with the interviews. The interviews revealed that graduates often get middle-level management roles that require not only the competences directly related to their surgical-assistance practice, but also a set of skills regarding human-management, such as administration, communication and leadership among others. Generally, in the analyzed bachelor's degrees curricula, the contents are properly organized and provide students with abilities in management, administration, investigation and education, concluding undergraduate academic education is an added value in graduates' resume for labor insertion. However, it exits a variation in the subject's content between higher education institutions, which creates a disparity in the academic level between graduates from different universities and force some of them to take further courses and trainings to complement their academic background. (AU)

Humans , Operating Room Technicians/education , Professional Competence , Operating Room Technicians/history , Operating Room Technicians/ethics , Personnel Management , Argentina , Research/education , Schools , Students, Health Occupations , Universities , Health Systems/trends , Surveys and Questionnaires , Communication , Health Management , Curriculum , Education/methods , Educational Measurement , Employment/psychology , Research Promotion , Higher Education Institutions , Training Courses , Professional Training , Leadership , Learning
Psico USF ; 24(3): 583-595, jul.-set. 2019. tab, il
Article in Portuguese | LILACS (Americas) | ID: biblio-1040771


O objetivo desse estudo foi analisar o poder preditivo da adaptabilidade de carreira na empregabilidade percebida, considerando o efeito mediador das respostas adaptativas nessa relação. Participaram da pesquisa 387 estudantes universitários. Para a coleta de dados foram utilizadas a Escala de Adaptabilidade de Carreira, a Escala de Desenvolvimento de Carreira de Estudantes Universitários e a Escala de Empregabilidade. Os resultados ressaltaram o poder preditivo da adaptabilidade de carreira na empregabilidade percebida e um efeito mediador parcial das respostas adaptativas nessa relação. A preocupação e identidade de carreira foram as dimensões da adaptabilidade e das respostas adaptativas mais significativas para predizer a empregabilidade. Por fim, são discutidas as implicações dos resultados na literatura vocacional, enfatizando a transição universidade-trabalho. Palavras-chave: adaptabilidade de carreira; empregabilidade; transição de carreira. (AU)

The objective of this study was to analyze the relationships established between career adaptability and perceived employability, considering the mediating effect of the adaptive responses in these relationships, in a sample of 387 university students. For data collection, we used the Career Adaptability Scale, the University Student Career Development Scale, and the Employability Scale. The results suggest positive and moderate associations between the constructs studied, besides a possible partial mediating effect of the adaptive responses in relation to the perceived employability. Additionally, the results indicate the prediction of career adaptability and adaptive responses in relation to perceived employability, especially in the career dimension and career identity. Finally, we discuss the implications of the results in the vocational literature, emphasizing the university-work transition. (AU)

El objetivo de este estudio fue analizar el poder predictivo de la adaptabilidad profesional en la empleabilidad percibida, considerando el efecto mediador de las respuestas adaptativas en esa relación, participando de esta investigación 387 estudiantes universitarios. Para la recolección de datos fueron utilizadas: Escala de Adaptabilidad Profesional, Escala de Desarrollo Profesional de Estudiantes Universitarios y Escala de Empleabilidad. Los resultados señalaron el poder predictivo de la adaptabilidad profesional en la empleabilidad percibida, además de un efecto mediador parcial de las respuestas adaptativas en esa relación, cumpliéndose de esta forma el objetivo propuesto. La preocupación e identidad profesional, fueron las dimensiones de adaptabilidad y de las respuestas adaptativas más significativas para predecir la empleabilidad. Por último, se discuten las implicaciones de los resultados en la literatura vocacional, enfatizando la transición universidad-trabajo. (AU)

Humans , Male , Female , Adult , Middle Aged , Students/psychology , Career Mobility , Education, Higher , Employment/psychology , Job Application , Reproducibility of Results
Psico USF ; 24(3): 463-474, jul.-set. 2019. tab, il
Article in English | LILACS (Americas) | ID: biblio-1040773


This study evaluated indicators of needs and processes in a social skills program for unemployed people with physical disabilities. The needs assessment - measured via self-reporting instruments - indicated the importance of preparing participants for job interviews and improving some social skills related to work, which would serve as a basis for the definition of the program's objectives. The skills developed in the program were as follows: civility, feedback, communication, empathy, offering help, citizenship, assertiveness, dealing with criticism, problem solving, job interview performance, and expressing positive feelings. For the process evaluation, the program's sessions were filmed and analyzed using indicators such as task performance. This study showed the importance of planning a program that considers the characteristics of the participants and of continuously monitoring its application to ensure the suitability of the intervention and the achievement of its objectives. (AU)

Este estudo avaliou indicadores de necessidades e de processo em um programa de habilidades sociais para pessoas com deficiência física, desempregadas. A avaliação de necessidades, mensurada por meio de instrumentos de autorrelato, indicou a importância de preparar os participantes para entrevistas de emprego e de aprimorar algumas habilidades sociais relacionadas ao trabalho, servindo como base para a definição dos objetivos do programa. As habilidades desenvolvidas no programa foram: civilidade, feedback, comunicação, empatia, oferecer ajuda, cidadania, assertividade, lidar com críticas, resolução de problemas, desempenho em entrevista de emprego e expressão de sentimento positivo. Para a avaliação de processo, as sessões do programa foram filmadas e analisadas por meio de um registro que continha indicadores como desempenhos nas tarefas. Este estudo mostrou a importância de planejar um programa considerando as características dos participantes e monitorar continuamente sua aplicação para garantir a adequação da intervenção e o alcance de seus objetivos. (AU)

El presente estudio evaluó indicadores de necesidades y proceso en un programa de habilidades sociales para personas con discapacidad física y desempleadas. La evaluación de necesidades, medida por instrumentos de autoinforme, señaló la importancia de preparar los participantes para entrevistas de empleo y mejorar algunas habilidades sociales relacionadas con el trabajo, sirviendo como base para la definición de los objetivos del programa. Las habilidades desarrolladas en el programa fueron: civilidad, feedback, comunicación, empatía, ofrecer ayuda, ciudadanía, asertividad, lidiar con críticas, solución de problemas, desempeño en entrevistas de empleo y expresión de sentimiento positivo. Para evaluación de proceso, las sesiones del programa fueron filmadas y analizadas mediante un registro que contenía indicadores como el desempeño en las tareas. Este estudio mostró la importancia de planear un programa considerando las características de los participantes y controlando su aplicación para garantizar la adecuación de la intervención y el alcance de sus objetivos. (AU)

Humans , Female , Adult , Disabled Persons/psychology , Employment/psychology , Social Skills , Self Report
Acta colomb. psicol ; 22(1): 230-238, ene.-jun. 2019. tab
Article in Spanish | LILACS (Americas) | ID: biblio-989082


Resumen La calidad de vida laboral (CVL) y la personalidad constituyen dos de los tópicos de mayor interés en la investigación del comportamiento humano en la organización. La presente investigación tuvo como objetivo identificar si es posible predecir la CVL a partir de algunas dimensiones de personalidad. Para su desarrollo, se utilizó un diseño descriptivo correlacional con una muestra conformada por 145 trabajadores de cinco empresas del sector privado de la ciudad de Bogotá. La personalidad se evaluó por medio de la prueba PPG-IPG, de Gordon (1993), y para la calidad de vida se utilizó el PCVL, de Gómez-Rada (2010). Se analizaron los resultados por medio estadísticos descriptivos y de carácter correlacional entre las variables con los coeficientes producto momento de Pearson y los rangos de Spearman. Los resultados muestran que la valoración de la CVL se encuentra relacionada positivamente con el hecho de que el trabajador muestre una personalidad más positiva, en términos de mayor autoestima, cautela, originalidad, comprensión y vitalidad.

Resumo A qualidade de vida profissional (QVP) e a personalidade constituem dois dos tópicos de maior interesse na pesquisa do comportamento humano na organização. Esta pesquisa teve como objetivo identificar se é possível predizer a QVP a partir de algumas dimensões de personalidade. Para seu desenvolvimento, foi utilizado um desenho descritivo correlacional com uma amostra conformada por 145 trabalhadores de cinco empresas do setor privado da cidade de Bogotá, Colômbia. A personalidade foi avaliada por meio do teste PPG-IPG, de Gordon (1993), e para a qualidade de vida foi utilizado o PCVL, de Gómez-Rada e Ponce de León (2010). Foram analisados os resultados por meios estatísticos descritivos e de caráter correlacional entre as variáveis com os coeficientes produto momento de Pearson e as categorias de Spearman. Os resultados mostram que a avaliação da QVP se encontra relacionada positivamente com o fato de o trabalhador mostrar uma personalidade mais positiva, em termos de mais autoestima, cautela, originalidade, compreensão e vitalidade.

Abstract Labor life quality (CVL, for its Spanish acronym) and personality conform two of the most interesting topics in human behavior research within the organization. The aim of this research was to identify whether it was possible to predict CVL as of some personality dimensions. To do so a correlational descriptive design was used. The sampling was made up of 145 workers at 5 private sector companies in the city of Bogotá. Personality was evaluated through the Gordon PPG-IPG test, and for life quality, Gómez PCVL (2010) was used. The results were analyzed by means of descriptive statistics and the relation between variables was analyzed through Pearson moment-product coefficients and Spearman ranges. Results show that CVL valuation is positively related to the fact that the worker shows a more positive personality in terms of greater self-steem, caution, originality, understanding, and vitality.

Humans , Male , Female , Personality , Psychological Tests , Quality of Life , Employment
Pensam. psicol ; 17(1): 33-43, ene.-jun. 2019. tab
Article in Spanish | LILACS (Americas) | ID: biblio-1020100


Resumen Objetivo. Analizar la formación académica y el campo laboral del psicólogo clínico en una muestra de profesionales de la zona de planificación III del Ecuador (ZP3). Método. La muestra del estudio estuvo conformada por 101 psicólogos clínicos, con una edad media de 30.6 (DE = 7.1) y una media de ejercicio profesional de 6.5 años (DE = 5.75), que ejercen su labor profesional en la ZP3 del Ecuador. Resultados. Los participantes, en su mayoría, se titularon en la Universidad Técnica de Ambato (pública) y en la Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador Sede Ambato (cofinanciada). Más del 64% de los profesionales laboran en el sector público. El 40% de los participantes accedieron a sus puestos actuales por concurso de méritos. El 56.6% trabajan en el sector salud e intervención social. El salario general en promedio es de USD 1380. Conclusión. La formación del psicólogo clínico se restringe de manera significativa a la titulación de grado, dejando de lado, por diversas razones, la formación de posgrado como elemento complementario.

Abstract Objective. To analyze the academic and occupational training of clinical psychologists in a sample of professionals from Planning Zone III in Ecuador (PZ3). Method. The study sample consisted of 101 clinical psychologists with an average age of 30.6 (SD = 7.1) and an average professional practice of 6.5 years (SD = 5.75) who carry out their work activities in PZ3 in Ecuador. Results. The participants were mostly graduates of the Technical University of Ambato (public) and the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador - Ambato (co-financed). More than 64% of these professionals work in the public sector. 40% accessed their current positions through merit based competitions. 56.6% work in the health and social intervention sector. The general salary averages 1380.00 USD. Conclusion. The training of the clinical psychologist is significantly limited to the primary academic degree, leaving aside post-graduate education as a complementary element for a variety of reasons.

Resumo Escopo. Analisar a formação académica e o campo laboral do psicólogo clínico em uma amostra de profissionais da zona de planificação III do Equador (ZP3). Metodologia. A amostra do estudo esteve conformada por 101 psicólogos clínicos, com uma idade media de 30.6 (DE=7.1) e uma media de exercício profissional de 6.5 anos (DE=5.75) que realizam suas atividades laborais na ZP3 do Equador. Resultados. Os participantes, na sua maioria, são titulados da Universidade Técnica de Ambato (pública) e na Pontificia Universidade Católica do Equador Sede Ambato (cofinanciada). Mais do 64% dos profissionais laboram no sector público. Um 40% dos participantes acederam a seus trabalhos atuais por concursos de méritos. Um 56.6% trabalham no setor saúde e intervenção social. O salário geral em média é de 1380 USD. Conclusão. A formação de psicólogo clínico está restringida de maneira significativa à titulação de grado, deixando de lado, por diversos motivos, a formação de pós-graduação como elemento complementário.

Humans , Adult , Mentoring , Psychology , Work , Employment
Rio de Janeiro; s.n; 2019. 175 p.
Thesis in Portuguese | LILACS (Americas), BDENF | ID: biblio-1087794


O objeto deste estudo são as relações de submissão, dominação e resistência dos trabalhadores de enfermagem no sistema capitalista neoliberal sob a ótica do pensador Pierre Bourdieu. Objetivos foram: identificar os fatores relacionados à precarização do trabalho de enfermagem que constituem em violência simbólica e material impetrada ao trabalhador; compreender como se processa a dominação e submissão do trabalhador de enfermagem diante das violências vivenciadas em seu cotidiano de trabalho à luz de pensamento de Pierre Bourdieu; analisar as repercussões da precarização da força de trabalho da enfermagem para a saúde do trabalhador. Estudo do tipo descritivo, exploratório de abordagem qualitativa, realizada em uma faculdade de Enfermagem no estado do Rio de janeiro. Participaram 22 enfermeiros que exerceram suas atividades há pelo menos um ano, em regime de contratação precarizado. A coleta de dados ocorreu nos meses de maio a junho de 2018, nos cursos de Pós-graduação de uma faculdade de Enfermagem pública no estado do Rio de Janeiro, através de entrevista semiestruturada. A técnica utilizada para tratamento das informações foi a triangulação de dados. A pesquisa obedeceu aos pressupostos e às exigências da Resolução número 466/2012, do Conselho Nacional de Saúde e foi aprovada sob o número CAAE: 74414417.6.0000.5282. A triangulação dos dados fez emergir 4 categorias empíricas. Vivencias dos trabalhadores de enfermagem relacionada a reestruturação produtiva, dominação e submissão do trabalhador de enfermagem, resistência dos trabalhadores de enfermagem e mecanismos de contra resistência e repercussões da precarização deste sobre a saúde do trabalhador de Enfermagem. Conclui-se que há fatores relacionados com às transformações do mundo do trabalho vivenciados pelos trabalhadores no processo de precarização laboral que se constituem em violências simbólicas impetradas aos trabalhador e que funcionam como mediadoras para captação da subjetividade dos profissionais, conduzindo-os à aceitação de condições inadequadas de trabalho e de vida, contribuindo para a dominação e a submissão, além de utilizar o medo e a desesperança como elementos que imobilizam e desapropriam o trabalhador de suas formas de resistência.

The object of this study is the relations of submission, domination and resistance of the nursing workers in the neoliberal capitalist system under the perspective of Pierre Bourdieu's thought, whose objectives were: to identify the factors related to the precariousness of nursing work that constitute symbolic violence and material imposed on the worker; to understand how the domination and submission of the nursing worker is handled in the face of the violence experienced in his daily work in the light of Pierre Bourdieu's thinking; to analyze the repercussions of the precariousness of the nursing workforce on the health of the worker. This is a descriptive, exploratory, qualitative study, carried out at a Nursing School in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Twenty-two nurses who worked for at least one year participated in a precarious contracting regime. The data collection took place in the months of May to June 2018, in the graduate courses of a public nursing faculty in the state of Rio de Janeiro, through a semi-structured interview. The technique used to treat the information was the triangulation of data. The research obeyed the assumptions and requirements of Resolution number 466/2012 of the National Health Council and was approved under the number CAAE: 74414417.6.0000.5282. The triangulation of the data gave rise to four empirical categories. Experiences of nursing workers related to productive restructuring, domination and submission of the nursing worker, resistance of nursing workers and counter resistance mechanisms and repercussions of the precariousness of work on the health of the nursing worker. It is concluded that there are factors related to the transformations of the world of work experienced by the workers in the process of labor precarization that constitute symbolic violence imposed on the worker and that act as mediators to capture the subjectivity of the professionals, leading them to the acceptance of inadequate working and living conditions, contributing to domination and submission, and using fear and hopelessness as elements that immobilize and expropriate the worker from his forms of resistance.

Humans , Male , Female , Adult , Middle Aged , Occupational Risks , Occupational Health , Dominance-Subordination , Employment , Occupational Health Nursing , Brazil , Nursing Methodology Research , Health Personnel , Capitalism
Rev. gaúch. enferm ; 40: e20180379, 2019. tab
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Resumo OBJETIVOS Verificar a associação entre os fatores sociodemográficos e comportamentais com a síndrome metabólica em pessoas vivendo com HIV. MÉTODOS Estudo transversal, realizado em ambulatórios especializados no município de Ribeirão Preto - SP, entre outubro de 2014 a outubro de 2016. Para avaliação da síndrome metabólica utilizou-se os critérios do National Cholesterol Education Program Adult Treatment Panel III e da International Diabetes Federation. Foram realizadas entrevistas individuais e utilizou-se o teste qui-quadrado e exato de Fisher. RESULTADOS Foram avaliados 340 pacientes, 28,5% (n=97) com SM pelo critério do National Cholesterol Education Program Adult Treatment Panel III, e 39,4% (n=134) pela International Diabetes Federation. Houve associação entre a síndrome metabólica e as variáveis sexo (ATP: p<0,001; IDF: p=0,002), idade (ATP: p<0,001; IDF: p<0,001), escolaridade (ATP: p=0,003; IDF: p=0,003), estado civil (ATP: p=0,003; IDF: p=0,022), situação de trabalho (ATP: p=0,003; IDF: p=0,024), orientação sexual (ATP: p=0,003; IDF: p=0,015), hábitos de fumar (ATP: p=0,037; IDF: p=0,033) e atividades de lazer (ATP: p=0,010; IDF: p=0,006). CONCLUSÕES Existem associações significativas entre a síndrome metabólica, fatores sociodemográficos e comportamentais em pessoas vivendo com HIV.

Resumen OBJETIVO Verificar la asociación entre factores sociodemográficos y comportamentales con el síndrome metabólico en personas que viven con VIH/SIDA. MÉTODOS Estudio transversal, realizado en ambulatorios especializados en la ciudad de Ribeirão Preto-SP, entre octubre de 2014 y octubre de 2016. Para la evaluación de la SM se utilizaron los criterios del National Cholesterol Education Program Adult Treatment III y de la International Diabetes Federation. Se realizaron entrevistas individuales y se utilizó el test Qui-cuadrado y exacto de Fisher. RESULTADOS Se evaluaron 340 pacientes, 28,5% (n = 97) con SM por el criterio del National Cholesterol Education Program Adult Treatment III, y el 39,4% (n = 134) por el IDF. En el presente estudio se evaluó la relación entre el síndrome metabólico y las variables sexo (ATP: p<0,001, IDF: p=0,002), edad (ATP: p<0,001; IDF: p<0,001), escolaridad (ATP: p=0,003; IDF: p=0,003), estado civil (ATP: p=0.003, IDF: p=0.022), situación de trabajo (ATP: p=0,003, IDF: p=0,024), los hábitos de fumar (ATP: p=0,037, IDF: p=0,033) y actividades de ocio (ATP: p=0,010; IDF: p=0,006). CONCLUSIONES Existen asociaciones significativas entre el síndrome metabólico, factores sociodemográficos y comportamentales en personas que viven con VIH/SIDA.

Abstract OBJECTIVE To analyze the association between sociodemographic and behavioral factors with the metabolic syndrome in people living with HIV. METHODS A cross-sectional study was carried out in specialized outpatient clinics in Ribeirão Preto - SP city, between October 2014 and October 2016. The criteria of the National Cholesterol Education Program Adult Treatment Panel III and the International Diabetes Federation were used for the evaluation of metabolic syndrome. Individual interviews were conducted and the Chi-square and Fisher's exact test was used. RESULTS 340 patients were evaluated, 28.5% (n=97) with metabolic syndrome by the National Cholesterol Education Program Adult Treatment Panel III criterion, and 39.4% (n=134) by the International Diabetes Federation. There was an association between MS and the variables gender (ATP: p<0.001, p=0.002), age (ATP: p<0.001, IDF: p<0.001), schooling (ATP: p=0.003, IDF: p=0.003), marital status (ATP: p=0.003, IDF: p=0.022), work status (ATP: p=0.003; IDF: p=0.024), smoking (ATP: p=0.037, IDF: p=0.033) and leisure activities (ATP: p=0.010, IDF: p=0.006). CONCLUSIONS There are significant associations between the metabolic syndrome, sociodemographic and behavioral factors in people living with HIV.

Humans , Male , Female , Adult , Aged , Young Adult , HIV Infections/complications , Metabolic Syndrome/etiology , Smoking/epidemiology , Chi-Square Distribution , HIV Infections/drug therapy , Sex Factors , Cross-Sectional Studies , Age Factors , Marital Status , Metabolic Syndrome/diagnosis , Educational Status , Employment/statistics & numerical data , Leisure Activities , Middle Aged
Rev. gaúch. enferm ; 40: e20180062, 2019.
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Resumo OBJETIVO Apreender os motivos da ação do redutor de danos ao desempenhar suas atividades junto ao usuário de drogas. MÉTODO Pesquisa qualitativa, realizada em um município do estado do Rio Grande do Sul (RS), Brasil, em maio de 2017, por meio da entrevista fenomenológica com 17 Redutores de Danos. Utilizamos a análise e interpretação da Fenomenologia Social de Alfred Schütz. RESULTADOSDa análise, constatamos três categorias: expectativa por mudanças no mundo da vida do usuário, motivação no trabalho mediado pelo reconhecimento de suas ações, e, relação com o outro como aprendizado para a vida. CONCLUSÃO O motivo da ação do redutor de danos está relacionado à família, busca por uma casa, emprego, acesso à saúde, direitos e estigma, bem como, através do retorno de suas ações, satisfação pessoal e aprendizado junto aos usuários de drogas.

Resumen OBJETIVO Comprender el motivo de la acción del Reductor de Daños al desempeñar sus actividades junto al usuario de drogas. MÉTODO investigación cualitativa, realizada en un municipio del estado de Rio Grande do Sul (RS), Brasil, en mayo de 2017, a través de la entrevista fenomenológica realizada a 17 Reductores de Daños. Se utilizó el análisis e interpretación de la Fenomenología Social de Alfred Schütz. RESULTADOS Del análisis, constatamos tres categorías tres categorías: expectativa de cambios en el ámbito de vida del usuario, motivación en el trabajo mediante el reconocimiento de sus acciones y relación con el otro como aprendizaje para la vida. CONCLUSIÓN El motivo de la acción del reductor de daños está relacionado con la familia, búsqueda de una casa, empleo, acceso a la salud, derechos y estigma, así como, a través del retorno de sus acciones, satisfacción personal y aprendizaje junto a los usuarios de drogas.

Abstract OBJECTIVE To understand the motives behind the actions of harm reducers when working with drug users. METHOD Qualitative research conducted in the municipality in Rio Grande do Sul (RS), Brazil, in May 2017, by means of phenomenological interviews with 17 harm reducers. We analyzed and interpreted the data using the social phenomenology of Alfred Schütz. RESULTS Data analysis led to the following three categories: expectation of changes in the user's sphere of life, motivation at work from the recognition of their actions, and relationship with others as a life-learning experience. CONCLUSION The reasons harm reducers work with drug users are related to the family, search for a home, employment, access to health care, rights, and stigma, as well as the positive results of their work, personal satisfaction, and learning with drug users.

Humans , Male , Female , Adult , Young Adult , Substance-Related Disorders/rehabilitation , Harm Reduction , Drug Users , Interview, Psychological , Motivation , Personal Satisfaction , Brazil , Family , Qualitative Research , Employment/psychology , Social Stigma , Social Workers/psychology , Health Services Accessibility , Housing , Middle Aged
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PURPOSE: The study was conducted to investigate correlation between professionalism, organizational communication the and patient safety culture of nurses in hemodialysis units and verify factors that affect patient safety culture. METHODS: Data were collected from 109 nurses working in hemodialysis units located in Seoul and Gyeonggi-do. collected data were analyzed using descriptive statistics including t-test, one-way ANOVA, Pearson correlation coefficient and stepwise multiple regression with the SPSS 21.0 program. RESULTS: The Professionalism of participants was significantly correlated with patient safety culture while the Organizational communication was also correlated with patient safety culture. Factors influencing participants' patient safety culture included professionalism, organizational communication, employment history in current hospital, and the number of patients per nurse. These factors explained 57.8% of patient safety culture. CONCLUSION: The research findings suggest that in order to increase the awareness of patient safety culture of nurses in hemodialysis units, strategic efforts are needed to enhance professionalism and organizational communication satisfaction of nurses in hemodialysis units.

Employment , Humans , Patient Safety , Professionalism , Renal Dialysis , Seoul
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OBJECTIVES: This study aimed to investigate the user experience (UX) of the New Defense Medical Information System (N-DEMIS), which was introduced in 2012 as part of an effort to improve the old system of armed forces hospitals and ultimately bring their standards up to those of civilian hospitals. METHODS: In this study, the dependent variable was the UX of N-DEMIS and was composed of usability, affect, and user value. The questionnaire comprised 41 questions: nine on general characteristics, 20 on usability, four on affect, and eight on user value. The data collection period was from April 15 to April 30, 2018. Overall, 85 responses were received; of these, three insincere responses were excluded, and the remaining 82 responses were used in the analysis. RESULTS: The overall value of Cronbach's alpha was 0.917, indicating an overall high-reliability. There was a significant difference between user value and usability, but there was no significant differences between the other pairs. We observed a significant effect on UX for length of time working in an armed forces hospital and employment type. CONCLUSIONS: The results of our survey showed an even distribution of scores across the three elements of UX, showing that no particular aspect of N-DEMIS is superior to the others in terms of user satisfaction. However, the overall UX score of around 60% indicates the need for future improvements. Rather than focusing improvements on a specific area, improvements should be spread across usability, affect, and user value.

Arm , Data Collection , Electronic Health Records , Employment , Hospital Information Systems , Information Systems , Personal Satisfaction , User-Computer Interface
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OBJECTIVES: Late-onset schizophrenia (LOS, age at first onset ≥40 years) is characterized by including predominance of women, better premorbid social adjustment and lower severity of positive/negative symptoms. However, few studies have been conducted on LOS, especially in Asian countries. This study aimed to examine the clinical features of LOS in comparison with early-onset schizophrenia (EOS). METHODS: By retrospectively reviewing medical records, we assessed demographic data and clinical features of 76 LOS (20 males) and 357 EOS (144 males) who admitted to the psychiatric ward of a general hospital. RESULTS: The mean ages of onset were 47.3±5.1 (LOS) and 25.7±6.5 (EOS) years. There were significantly more women in LOS (73.7%) than EOS (59.6%). Significantly more LOS patients had a marital (88.2% vs. 25.8%) and employment history (28.9% vs. 13.1%) than EOS. Patients with LOS had fewer negative (14.3±9.0 vs. 19.9±9.3), general psychopathology score (36.9±11.1 vs. 42.3±13.9) than EOS patients. CONCLUSION: In line with previous studies, this study demonstrated that LOS patients have better premorbid social adjustment. Our finding also replicates previous findings that LOS patients differ from EOS in predominance of women and relative lack of negative symptoms. These results suggest that LOS may be a distinct subtype of schizophrenia.

Age of Onset , Asian Continental Ancestry Group , Employment , Female , Hospitals, General , Humans , Korea , Medical Records , Psychopathology , Retrospective Studies , Schizophrenia , Sex Ratio , Social Adjustment
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BACKGROUND: Korea's population is aging rapidly. Aged people who lead a solitary life are in a state of social isolation and face a greater risk of lower quality of life. The purpose of this study was to analyze the health behaviors and lifestyle patterns of aged people who lead a solitary life in Korea.METHODS: We analyzed 4,471 subjects (1,933 men and 2,538 women)-aged people aged 65 or above-based on data from the Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey VI (2013–2015). The odds ratios (ORs) and 95% confidence intervals (CIs) were analyzed using multivariate logistic regression analysis adjusted with age, household income level, occupational status, and geographical region.RESULTS: Socioeconomic status was lower in aged people who lead a solitary life than in those living with family. The ORs for frequent eating out alone (OR=2.93; 95% CI 1.83–4.38), daily eating out alone (OR=2.40; 95% CI 1.25–4.60), smoking (OR=1.57; 95% CI 1.06–2.32), feeling sick or uncomfortable (OR=1.59; 95% CI 1.08–2.36), feeling depressed (OR=4.10; 95% CI 2.53–6.65), and suicide ideation (OR=2.06; 95% CI 1.21–3.51) were significantly higher in male subjects who lead a solitary life. The ORs for frequent eating out alone (OR=1.57; 95% CI 1.10–2.24) and inadequate sleep duration (OR=1.29; 95% CI 1.03–1.61) were significantly higher in female subjects who lead a solitary life.CONCLUSION: Aged people who lead a solitary life exhibited unhealthy behaviors and poor mental health. The elderly men who lead a solitary life faced higher risk of poor health than the women. Integrated management of lifestyle behaviors is required to improve the quality of health in aged people who lead a solitary life.

Aged , Aging , Eating , Employment , Family Characteristics , Female , Health Behavior , Humans , Korea , Life Style , Logistic Models , Male , Mental Health , Nutrition Surveys , Nutritional Status , Odds Ratio , Quality of Life , Smoke , Smoking , Social Class , Social Isolation , Suicide
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BACKGROUND: A number of studies have reported future prevalence estimates for diabetes mellitus (DM), but these studies have been limited for the Korean population. The present study aimed to construct a forecasting model that includes risk factors for type 2 DM using individual- and national-level data for Korean adults to produce prevalence estimates for the year 2030. METHODS: Time series data from the Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey and national statistics from 2005 to 2013 were used. The study subjects were 13,908 male and 18,697 female adults aged 30 years or older who were free of liver cirrhosis. Stepwise logistic regression analysis was used to select significant factors associated with DM prevalence. RESULTS: The results showed that survey year, age, sex, marital, educational, or occupational status, the presence of obesity or hypertension, smoking status, alcohol consumption, sleep duration, psychological distress or depression, and fertility rate significantly contributed to the 8-year trend in DM prevalence (P < 0.05). Based on sex-specific forecasting models that included the above factors, DM prevalence for the year 2030 was predicted to be 29.2% (95% confidence interval [CI], 27.6% to 30.8%) in men and 19.7% (95% CI, 18.2% to 21.2%) in women. CONCLUSION: The present study projected a two-fold increase in the prevalence of DM in 2030 compared with that for the years 2013 and 2014 in Korean adults. Modifiable factors contributing to this increase in DM prevalence, such as obesity, smoking, and psychological factors, may require attention in order to reduce national and individual costs associated with DM.

Adult , Alcohol Drinking , Birth Rate , Depression , Diabetes Mellitus , Employment , Female , Forecasting , Humans , Hypertension , Korea , Liver Cirrhosis , Logistic Models , Male , Nutrition Surveys , Obesity , Prevalence , Psychology , Risk Factors , Smoke , Smoking
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BACKGROUND@#The number of patients with depressive symptoms worldwide is increasing steadily, and the prevalence of depression among caregivers is high. Therefore, the present study aimed to identify the effects of individuals' caregiving status with respect to their family members requiring activities of daily living (ADLs) assistance on depressive symptoms among those aged 45 or over.@*METHODS@#Data were collected from the 2006-2016 using the Korean Longitudinal Study of Aging surveys. Participants were categorized into three groups based on their caregiving status with respect to family members requiring ADL assistance: whether they provided the assistance themselves, whether the assistance was provided by other caregivers, or whether no assistance was required. We analyzed the generalized estimating equation model and subgroups.@*RESULTS@#A total of 3744 men and 4386 women were included for the analysis. Men who cared for family members requiring ADL assistance had higher depressive symptoms than those with family members who did not require ADL assistance. Among women, participants who had family members requiring ADL assistance that they themselves or others were providing had higher depressive symptoms than those without family members requiring ADL assistance. Subgroup analysis was conducted based on age, job status, regular physical activities, participation status in social activities, and the number of cohabiting generations.@*CONCLUSIONS@#The study results indicated higher depressive symptoms among those with family members requiring ADL assistance and those who care for such family members themselves. This suggests that an alternative to family caregiving is necessary, especially for the elderly, regardless of caregiver sex.

Activities of Daily Living , Aged , Aged, 80 and over , Caregivers , Psychology , Depression , Epidemiology , Psychology , Employment , Family , Female , Humans , Longitudinal Studies , Male , Middle Aged , Republic of Korea , Epidemiology