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Article in Korean | WPRIM | ID: wpr-811302


Due to technological advances and the establishment of evidence-based medicine, radiological examinations are playing a crucial role in modern medicine, as a result of which they have been steadily increasing, and the rate of increase has intensified in the 2000s. Although this is a global phenomenon, the increase of radiological examinations in Korea is also high due to the introduction of the National Health Insurance Coverage Expansion Policy, so-called Moon Jae-in Care, for ultrasonography and magnetic resonance imaging. For accurate and rapid diagnosis of diseases, it is necessary for doctors to order appropriate radiological studies. However, the increase in radiological examination has created many problems, such as increased medical costs, decreased diagnostic accuracy due to radiologist burnout, and increased patient exposure to radiation. To reduce unnecessary imaging studies, a number of measures could be deployed including the development of clinical guidelines to select appropriate radiological examinations for each clinical situation.

Diagnosis , Evidence-Based Medicine , History, Modern 1601- , Humans , Insurance, Health , Korea , Magnetic Resonance Imaging , Moon , National Health Programs , Ultrasonography
Rev. biol. trop ; 67(1): 69-82, Jan.-Mar. 2019. tab, graf
Article in Spanish | LILACS | ID: biblio-1041895


Resumen La Amazonía es uno de los ecosistemas tropicales más biodiversos del mundo, característica atribuida a la complejidad estructural que le brinda la geología y la gran riqueza de sus suelos. Los murciélagos constituyen uno de los taxones de la clase Mammalia mejor representados en esta región, aun así, existen claros vacíos de conocimiento, principalmente, respecto a su ecología, con lo cual, en el presente estudio se pretende evaluar la influencia que tienen factores ambientales, como la temporada climática, temperatura (máxima y mínima), humedad relativa y porcentaje de fase iluminada de la Luna, en los patrones de actividad (riqueza, abundancia y gremios tróficos) de un ensamblaje de murciélagos en la Amazonía central brasilera. El estudio fue llevado a cabo en dos municipios del estado de Rondônia, empleando ocho redes de niebla, durante 62 noches de muestreo, abarcando las temporadas lluviosa y seca. En total fueron capturados 2 499 individuos de 58 especies, la familia mejor representada fueron los Phyllostomidae, mientras que la especie que registró la mayor frecuencia de capturas fue Carollia perspicillata (N = 859), seguida de C. brevicauda (N = 209). No se presentaron diferencias entre la estructura del ensamblaje considerando la temporada climática (lluviosa-seca), sin embargo, durante la temporada seca se registró un mayor número de especies e individuos (57 especies, N = 1 597), que en la temporada lluviosa (44 especies, N = 902). La abundancia de murciélagos estuvo influenciada principalmente, por la humedad relativa (P = 0.00) y la temperatura (mínima) (P = 0.04), mientras que, las especies respondieron diferencialmente al porcentaje de fase iluminada de la luna. En estos resultados se evidencia la influencia de factores ambientales en los patrones de actividad del ensamblaje de murciélagos en la Amazonía, en donde la ecología de las especies determina el tipo de influencia. Sin embargo, se requieren de estudios llevados a cabo por períodos más prolongados, para determinar si estos patrones se mantienen a lo largo del tiempo.(AU)

Abstract The Amazon is considered one of the most biodiverse tropical ecosystems in the world thanks to the structural complexity that geology offers and the great biological richness of its soils. Further, concerning the Mammalian class, bats are one of the best represented taxa in the region, nevertheless their ecology is poorly studied. This study, evaluates the influence of environmental factors such as the climate season, temperature (maximum and minimum), relative humidity and lunar phase on the activity patterns (abundance and trophic guilds) of an assemblage of bats in the Brazilian central Amazon. This study was carry out in two municipalities of the state of Rondônia using eight mist nets during 62 nights of sampling, covering humid and dry periods. A total of 2 499 individuals of 58 species were captured. The best represented family was the Phyllostomidae, while the species that recorded the highest frequency of captures was Carollia perspicillata (N = 859), followed by C. brevicauda(N = 209). There were no significant differences between the structure of the assemblage considering the climatic season (rain-dry). However, during the dry season a greater number of species and individuals was recorded (57 species, N = 1 597) than in the rainy season (44 species, N = 902). The abundance of bats was influenced mainly by relative humidity (P = 0.00) and minimal temperature (P = 0.04), while the species responded differentially to the lunar phase. These results show the influence of environmental factors on the activity patterns of a bat assemblage in the Amazon, where the factors that influence them depends on the ecology of each species. However, studies carried out for longer periods are required to determine if these patterns are maintained over time.(AU)

Chiroptera , Moon , Amazonian Ecosystem , Climate Effects , Brazil
Article in Korean | WPRIM | ID: wpr-763921


After the announcement of Moon Jae-in Government's plan (Moon's Care) for Benefit Expansion in National Health Insurance in August 2017, it is necessary to monitor the effects of the policy, especially household out-of-pocket payments (OOP). This paper aims to observe the current status and trend of OOP in Korea. Current health expenditure (CHE) was 144.4 trillion won in 2018, which accounts for 8.1% of gross domestic product (GDP) increased 9.7% from the previous year. Although GDP's share of CHE has been close to the average of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries, the public fund's share was 59.8% of the total in 2018, which was lower than the OECD average of 73.5%. OOP's share was 32.9% in 2018, which decreased from 37.4% in 2008. The share of OOP of non-covered services was 20.0% in 2018, which decreased from 22.9% in 2008. The share of cost-sharing with third-party payers was 12.9% in 2018, which decreased from 14.5% in 2008. The OOP of non-covered services was significantly decreased in hospital and inpatient curative care, but the OOP of non-covered services was significantly increased in the medical clinic. The effect of Moon's Care was not showed in OOP through the results of 2017 and 2018, but further monitoring is needed because the Moon's Care is progressing and the observational period is short.

Family Characteristics , Gross Domestic Product , Health Expenditures , Humans , Inpatients , Insurance, Health, Reimbursement , Korea , Moon , National Health Programs , Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development
Article in Korean | WPRIM | ID: wpr-759917


This study examines how Choe Han-gi (崔漢綺, 1803–1879) developed his medical discourse which integrated the concepts of traditional Chinese medicine with modern Western anatomy, based on the philosophy of Seo Gyeong-deok (徐敬德, 1489–1546), a scholar of the Neo-Confucianism of Joseon (1392–1910). Seo emphasized gi (氣, C. qi, vital, material force) rather than yi (理, C. li, the principle of things) as a way of understanding the world. Since Choe's early academic interests pertained to Neo-Confucianism, it is reasonable to examine his philosophy in this context. Similar to Seo, Choe assumed that the most essential component of the world was the intrinsic and mysterious gi. Although Seo spoke of gi as a damil cheongheo ji gi (湛一淸虛之氣, the gi which is profound, uniform, clear, invisible, and empty), Choe preferred to use the word singi (神氣, C. shenqi, the intrinsic, invisible, and mysterious gi). He believed that the earth, moon, and stars operated through the action of singi and that all creatures could only exist by relying on it. Singi was the most important premise in Choe's medical discourse, a fact demonstrating that although he could be very critical of traditional Chinese medicine, his perspective was part of that tradition. He believed that singi integrated and operated the entire human body and that it perceived external objects. He also emphasized the role of hyeongjil (形質, C. xingzhi, a visible object with a form and quality; here it means all human bodies). This was the medium through which singi could appear in reality. Choe thought that singi could not reveal itself in reality without hyeongjil, and that hyeongjil became a dead thing without singi. His perception of the role of hyeongjil was expressed in his interest in modern Western anatomy, an interest that complemented his focus on singi. In light of his understanding of the singi-hyeongjil relationship, Choe criticized both modern Western anatomy and traditional Chinese medicine. He thought that modern Western anatomy lacked awareness of singi and that traditional Chinese medicine lacked accurate knowledge of human anatomy. Although he was not completely sympathetic toward any forms of medicine, he was open to ideas from both Western and Chinese medicine. Choe could not accept Western anatomy as fully as Japanese intellectuals did. The study of anatomy in Japan had developed in relation to the idea of Ancient Learning (古學, C. guxue), which denied such theories of systematic correspondence as Yin and Yang and the Five Elements (陰陽 五行, C. yinyang wuxing) and tended to focus on the action of hyeongjil itself. Because Choe accepted modern Western anatomy without accepting Ancient Learning, his perspective was unique in the history of East Asian anatomy. From a medical history perspective, how does Choi Han-gi's medical discourse distinguish itself from other medical discourses, and what are its characteristics? In addition to other explanations, focusing on the political imagination associated with medicine can help illuminate the differences between the medical discourse of Choe and those of others. Discussion of medicine and the human body was tied to political thought, manifesting the political imagination of the society in which that discussion took place. The development of Western and Japanese anatomy reflected a vertical and hierarchical political order, exemplified by the belief that the brain was the center of the body. However, Choe doubted that organs like the brain or heart dominated the body. In his view, the singi ruled the body; it was not a specific organ, and it was equally inherent in all people. His political thought also emphasized the horizontal and equal order among people. His view of singi simultaneously influenced both his perspective on medicine and his perspective on society. Choe Han-gi's belief in this horizontal and equal political order was inherent in his singi-centered medical discourse.

Asians , Brain , Clothing , Complement System Proteins , Heart , Human Body , Humans , Imagination , Japan , Learning , Medicine, Chinese Traditional , Moon , Philosophy , Qi
Neotrop. ichthyol ; 17(2): e170042, 2019. tab, graf
Article in English | LILACS, VETINDEX | ID: biblio-1012715


The influence of the moon cycles on the ichthyofauna has been little studied in the surf zone. In this study, the number of species, density and biomass were evaluated as a function of the moon. A total of 49 species distributed in 24 families were captured in two areas of Miramar beach. The mean density was significant high in the weaning and low in the new moon, while density and biomass together showed differences for areas. The most abundant species were Anchoa tricolor and Trachinotus falcatus (new moon), and Anchovia clupeoides showed significant differences in the waning moon. The RDA indicates that turbidity influenced significantly the presence of two species group. The group I were represented by Stellifer brasiliensis, Trachinotus goodei, A. clupeoides, Chilomycterus spinosus and Conodon nobilis that occurred on the waning and new phases in both areas, while the group II were represented by Polydactylus virginicus and Haemulopsis corvinaeformis in the full moon. The surf zones may also be strongly governed by the lunar phases. Therefore, the results found in this study, showed that the biological interactions between the species with turbidity and moon might explain the density and biomass variations for some species in the surf zone.(AU)

A influência das fases lunares sobre a ictiofauna tem sido pouco estudada na zona de arrebentação. Nesse estudo, foram avaliadas, o número de espécies, densidade e a biomassa da ictiofauna em função da lua. Foram capturadas 49 espécies distribuídas em 24 famílias em duas áreas na Praia de Miramar. A densidade foi significativamente elevada nas luas minguante e nova. Além disso, a densidade e biomassa juntas mostraram diferenças entre as áreas. As espécies mais abundantes na lua nova foram Anchoa tricolor e Trachinotus falcatus, e Anchovia clupeoides teve uma maior abundancia na lua minguante. O RDA, indicou que a turbidez influenciou significativamente a presença de dois grupos distintos. O grupo I, representado por Stellifer brasiliensis, Trachinotus goodei, A. clupeoides, Chilomycterus spinosus e Conodon nobilis estiveram presentes nas luas minguante e nova em ambas as áreas, e o grupo II, representado por Polydactylus virginicus e Haemulopsis corvinaeformis na lua cheia. As zonas de arrebentação também podem ser reguladas fortemente pelas fases lunares. Os resultados mostraram que as interações biológicas entre as espécies com a turbidez e as fases lunares podem explicar as variações de densidade e biomassa para algumas espécies na zona de arrebentação.(AU)

Animals , Biomass , Fishes/physiology , Bone Density , Moon , Ecology
Article in Korean | WPRIM | ID: wpr-766560


Tobacco use is the most important preventable cause of mortality in South Korea and worldwide. This study aimed to evaluate the tobacco control policies of the Moon Jae-in government, which was established in May 10, 2017. Before the Moon Jae-in government, the tobacco tax was raised by the Park Geun-hye government from 2,500 won to 4,500 won (80% increase), but the price of cigarettes was still much lower in Korea than in other high-income countries. Cigarette smoking has been prohibited in all restaurants and bars since 2015; however, smoking rooms are allowed. Only large buildings are smoke-free. Pictorial warnings on cigarette packages were introduced in December 2016; however, they cover only 30% of the main packaging. Smoking cessation services provided by health care facilities have been subsidized by public health insurance since 2015. However, the advertisement, promotion, and sponsorship of tobacco are not further regulated. Since the beginning of the Moon Jae-in government, there has been no further strengthening of major tobacco control policies except for limited expansion of smoke-free public places and introduction of a lung cancer screening program. The first government-level tobacco control policies by the Moon Jae-in government, announced in May 2019, included increasing the size of the pictorial warnings and introducing standardized packaging by 2025, along with incremental expansion of smoke-free public places with prohibition of smoking rooms. These moves are positive; however, they do not include increasing tobacco taxes and regulating advertisement, promotion, and sponsorship of tobacco, which together are the backbone of tobacco control policies. The Moon Jae-in government should strengthen comprehensive tobacco control policies, ncluding tobacco taxes and banning tobacco advertisement, promotion, and sponsorship, to protect public health.

Delivery of Health Care , Insurance , Korea , Lung Neoplasms , Mass Screening , Moon , Mortality , Product Packaging , Public Health , Republic of Korea , Restaurants , Smoke , Smoking , Smoking Cessation , Taxes , Tobacco Products , Tobacco Use , Tobacco
Article in English | WPRIM | ID: wpr-766131


On September 12, 2018, President Jae-In Moon announced the Comprehensive Plan for Lifelong Care for People with Developmental Disabilities, with representatives from the associated government branches (Ministry of Health and Welfare, Ministry of Education, and Ministry of Employment and Labor) in attendance. The goals of this plan are to provide health, medical, rehabilitative, special education, and social welfare services according to the life-stages of the affected individuals; to reduce parental pressure; to promote social interventions; and to enhance community-level participation in order to create a ‘welfare society in harmony.’ However, in order for the plan to succeed, additional efforts must be made in the following areas. First, an epidemiological survey is needed to understand the scale, prevalence, and incidence of developmental disabilities and to establish an evidence base to support policy development. Second, accurate definitions of developmental disabilities must be established in order to avoid policy discrimination based on impairment type and age. Third, personal evaluations to assess disabled individuals' unmet needs and customized service designs to deliver those needs are required. Fourth, the plan must fulfill the goals of accessibility and fairness that the government intends to provide. Fifth, the government should consider an integrated financial support system and to propose a detailed plan for monetary distributions. Finally, an integrated system that links health, medical, employment, educational, and welfare services must be constructed.

Comprehensive Health Care , Developmental Disabilities , Discrimination, Psychological , Education , Education, Special , Employment , Financial Support , Humans , Incidence , Intellectual Disability , Moon , Parents , Policy Making , Prevalence , Social Welfare
Article in English | WPRIM | ID: wpr-742217


Morphological and molecular characteristics of spirometrid tapeworms, Spirometra decipiens, were studied, which were recovered from a heavily infected stray cat road-killed in Eumseong-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do (Province), the Republic of Korea (=Korea). A total of 134 scolices and many broken immature and mature proglottids of Spirometra tapeworms were collected from the small intestine of the cat. Morphological observations were based on 116 specimens. The scolex was 22.8–32.6 mm (27.4 mm in average) in length and small spoon-shape with 2 distinct bothria. The uterus was coiled 3–4 times, the end of the uterus was ball-shaped, and the vaginal aperture shaped as a crescent moon was closer to the cirrus aperture than to the uterine aperture. PCR amplification and direct sequencing of the cox1 target fragment (377 bp in length and corresponding to positions 769–1,146 bp of the cox1 gene) were performed using total genomic DNA extracted from 134 specimens. The cox1 sequences (377 bp) of the specimens showed 99.0% similarity to the reference sequence of S. decipiens and 89.3% similarity to the reference sequence of S. erinaceieuropaei. In the present study, we report a stray cat heavily infected with S. decipiens identified by mitochondrial cox1 sequence analysis and morphological examinations of the adult worms.

Adult , Animals , Cats , Cestoda , DNA , Humans , Intestine, Small , Moon , Polymerase Chain Reaction , Republic of Korea , Sequence Analysis , Spirometra , Uterus
Rev. baiana enferm ; 32: e26537, 2018. tab
Article in Portuguese | LILACS, BDENF | ID: biblio-990532


Objetivo analisar se a frequência de admissões hospitalares na maternidade sofre influência do ciclo lunar. Método estudo analítico, documental, retrospectivo, com abordagem quantitativa, desenvolvido em uma maternidade no Sul do Brasil, no período de julho de 2013 a julho de 2014. A amostra foi composta por 845 prontuários de parturientes. A análise dos dados foi do tipo descritiva e utilizou-se teste exato de Fischer e Qui-Quadrado. Resultados aproximadamente 84% (n=709) das mulheres não foram admitidas na maternidade cenário do estudo durante os dias de mudança de Lua e não houve diferença significativa entre o número de admissões em cada fase lunar, determinando (p=0,1116). Conclusão evidenciou-se que as mudanças de fase da Lua não foram fatores determinantes para o aumento da demanda de cuidados obstétricos e admissão hospitalar na instituição cenário deste estudo.

Objetivo analizar si la frecuencia de admisiones hospitalarias en la maternidad recibe influencia del ciclo lunar. Método estudio analítico, documental, retrospectivo, con abordaje cuantitativo, desarrollado en una maternidad del Sur de Brasil, entre julio de 2013 y julio de 2014. Muestra integrada por 845 historias clínicas de parturientas. Datos estudiados por análisis descriptivo; se utilizó test exacto de Fischer y Chi-cuadrado. Resultados aproximadamente el 84% (n=709) de las mujeres no fueron admitidas en la maternidad sede del estudio durante los días de cambio de luna, y no hubo diferencia significativa entre el número de admisiones en cada fase lunar, determinando (p=0,1116). Conclusión se evidenció que los cambios de fase lunar no constituyeron factores determinantes para incremento de la demanda de cuidados obstétricos y admisión hospitalaria en la institución sede del estudio.

Objective to analyze whether the frequency of maternity hospitals admissions is influenced by the lunar cycle. Method an analytical, documentary, and retrospective study with a quantitative approach was carried out in a maternity hospital in the South of Brazil from July 2013 to July 2014. The sample was made up of 845 medical records of pregnant women. A descriptive data analysis was carried out with the use of the Fisher's exact test and chi-square test. Results approximately 84% (n=709) of the pregnant women were not admitted to the maternity hospital setting of the present study during the days of lunar change and no significant difference in the number of admissions in each lunar phase was found, determining p=0.1116. Conclusion it was evidenced that lunar phase changes were not determining factors for the increase in the demand of obstetric care and hospital admission in the institution setting of the present study.

Humans , Female , Pregnancy , Women , Labor, Obstetric , Moon , Parturition , Obstetrics , Unified Health System , Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, Hospital , Pregnancy , Chi-Square Distribution , Medical Records , Retrospective Studies , Delivery Rooms , Pregnant Women , Fertilization , Hospitals , Hospitals, Maternity , Natural Childbirth , Obstetric Nursing
Article in Korean | WPRIM | ID: wpr-7211


On May 10, 2017, Moon Jae-in's Government launched. The election pledges of Moon's Government in healthcare sector were extracted from those of president election camp and Democratic Party. The main pledges were enhancing the coverage of healthcare costs, management of healthcare costs for elderly, restructuring the health insurance contribution system, and improving the public nature of healthcare system. There are many policy tasks to realize the electoral pledge, especially, financial task is main. The National Planning and Advisory Committee are setting the policy priorities and making the detailed plans. Although this paper deals the initial evaluation of main election pledges, the precise evaluation is needed for the final plan of healthcare policy.

Advisory Committees , Aged , Delivery of Health Care , Health Care Costs , Health Care Sector , Humans , Insurance, Health , Moon
Korean Journal of Obesity ; : 150-153, 2016.
Article in English | WPRIM | ID: wpr-761662


Systemic lupus erythematosus is an autoimmune disease for which glucocorticoids are the mainstay of treatment. Cushing's syndrome is caused by glucocorticoid excess, which can be either exogenous or endogenous. Although iatrogenic Cushing's syndrome is the most common form, especially in patients undergoing glucocorticoid treatment, endogenous glucocorticoid excess should be considered because it has a different treatment strategy. We describe a 51-year old woman with a longstanding history of SLE. She was treated with steroid and cytoxan pulse therapy and plasmapheresis. Her lupus activity had been stable for 7 years with low-dose glucocorticoid treatment. She showed excessive weight gain, easy bruising, moon facies, truncal obesity, acne, and menstrual disorder. Given her history of long-term steroid therapy, iatrogenic Cushing's syndrome was considered the most likely diagnosis; however, worsening features of Cushing's syndrome with a minimal dose of glucocorticoid led us to diagnose endogenous Cushing's syndrome due to a left adrenal adenoma. The patient underwent laparoscopic left adrenalectomy. Her SLE was controlled with transient low-dose glucocorticoid treatment, and her lupus activity remained stable without glucocorticoid treatment. This is the first reported case of concomitant endogenous Cushing's syndrome in a patient with preexisting SLE in Korea. This case shows the importance of differential diagnosis including exogenous Cushing's syndrome and endogenous Cushing's syndrome in autoimmune disease patients with glucocorticoid therapy.

Acne Vulgaris , Adenoma , Adrenalectomy , Autoimmune Diseases , Cushing Syndrome , Cyclophosphamide , Diagnosis , Diagnosis, Differential , Facies , Female , Glucocorticoids , Humans , Korea , Lupus Erythematosus, Systemic , Moon , Obesity , Plasmapheresis , Weight Gain
Acta sci., Biol. sci ; 33(3): 341-346, July-Sept. 2011. tab, ilus
Article in English | LILACS | ID: biblio-874990


Este estudo avaliou as características reprodutivas de uma população do ouriço do mar Lytechinus variegatus e a influência do ciclo lunar na liberação de gametas. Foram realizadas oito coletas para avaliação do índice gonadossomático (IG) e dos parâmetros populacionais relacionados com a reprodução. Para avaliação do efeito da Lua na liberação de gametas foram realizadas coletas em três ciclos lunares completos. Ao todo foram coletados 295 indivíduos, sendo 156 machos e 131 fêmeas (proporção 1,19:1), porém não houve diferença significativa na proporção sexual da população. O peso dos machos foi significativamente maior que o das fêmeas, porém não houve diferença significativa no IG, peso gonadal e diâmetro entre os sexos. Com a amplitude no diâmetro dos animais coletados (5,5-8,7 cm) foram estabelecidas cinco classes de tamanho. Não houve diferenças significativas no IG entre as classes de tamanho. Houve efeito da periodicidade lunar na liberação de gametas, com menor IG na lua nova, indicando que esta ocorre no primeiro quarto lunar e em marés de sizígia.

This work evaluated the spawning of sea urchin Lytechinus variegates based on lunar cycle and population characteristics. Eight monthly collections were realized to estimate the gonadosomatic index (GI) and population parameters regarding reproduction. To evaluate the effect of the lunar cycle on spawning, samples were taken for each moon phase of three lunar cycles. In the entire work 295 individuals were collected, 156 males and 131 females (1.19:1 ratio). However, there was no significant difference in the sex ratio of the population. The weight of males was significantly greater than that of females. There were no differences between males and females in gonadosomatic index (GI), gonad weight and diameter. There was an effect of the lunar periodicity on spawning, with lower GI in new moon, indicating that spawning occurs on the first lunar quarter in spring tide.

Moon , Reproduction , Sea Urchins
Rev. biol. trop ; 59(1): 207-216, mar. 2011. graf
Article in Spanish | LILACS | ID: lil-638058


Influence of lunar cycle on catches of spiny lobster Panulirus argus (Decapoda: Palinuridae) in the Gulf of Batabanó, Cuba. Many biological processes such as reproductive and migratory behaviours have been associated with moon cycles. In this study, the nocturnal light levels associated with lunar cycle (INT) were correlated with daily catch rate of lobster P. argus, during seven lunar months of 2002 fishing period, to determine a possible relationship between these variables. The lobster catches were obtained from three fishing companies that develop their activities in the Gulf of Batabanó: EPICOL that fishes in Coloma area; PESCAHABANA in Batabanó area and PESCAISLA in Isla area. Daily catch per boat (CDB) was used as a measurement of daily catch variations (catch rate). The correlation was analyzed showing it in chronological graphs based on average of CDB per lunar phases, comparing lobster catch rate per lunar phases -with the Kruskal-Wallis test-. Spearman rank correlation coefficient and cross correlation techniques were also applied. Similarities between lobster catch rate and the lunar cycle were not found. Spearman rank correlation coefficient was modularly smaller than 0.1 in all cases and demonstrated quantitatively that correlation between CDB and INT does not exist. Kruskal-Wallis test detected differences only in Batabanó area but not when making the analyses for the whole Gulf of Batabanó. Finally, the cross correlations do not detected significance in any zone, as well. It is concluded that, in opposition to what other authors have reported, the catch rates of P. argus and the lunar cycle did not show significant correlation in the Gulf of Batabanó. This trend was independent of the fishing art, which varied according to the time of the year that was analyzed. Rev. Biol. Trop. 59 (1): 207-216. Epub 2011 March 01.

Muchos procesos biológicos tales como los comportamientos reproductivos y migratorios se han asociado con los ciclos de la luna. Con el objetivo de determinar la relación entre las capturas de langosta espinosa Panulirus argus (Decapoda: Palinuridae) y el ciclo lunar, en la zona del Golfo de Batabanó, se correlacionaron los niveles de iluminación nocturna del ciclo lunar (INT) con la captura diaria por barco (CDB) durante siete meses lunares correspondientes al período de pesca del 2002. Los datos de captura provinieron de las tres empresas pesqueras que realizan su actividad en la zona del Golfo de Batabanó. La relación entre el ciclo lunar y las capturas de langostas fue examinada mediante varios procedimientos estadísticos. Los primeros gráficos realizados, cualitativos, mostraron que no existe relación entre las tasas de captura y el ciclo lunar. Los coeficientes de Spearman calculados, modularmente menores que 0.1 en todos los casos, demostraron cuantitativamente que no existe correlación entre las mencionadas variables. La prueba de Kruskal-Wallis detectó diferencias sólo en una de las tres áreas estudiadas. Las correlaciones cruzadas no detectaron significación en ninguna de las zonas, con coeficientes de correlación cruzada modularmente inferiores a 0.1. A diferencia de lo reportado por otros autores, las capturas de P. argus y el ciclo lunar no presentan correlación significativa en el Golfo de Batabanó.

Animals , Female , Male , Animal Migration/physiology , Moon , Palinuridae/physiology , Astronomical Phenomena , Cuba , Reproduction/physiology
JPPS-Journal of Pakistan Psychiatric Society. 2011; 8 (1): 40
in English | IMEMR | ID: emr-129830
Rev. bras. enferm ; 63(3): 477-479, maio-jun. 2010.
Article in Portuguese | LILACS, BDENF | ID: lil-552878


Muitas superstições são encontradas em nossas vidas. Na medicina, uma profissão que se orgulha em métodos baseados em evidências para tratamentos, isso não é uma exceção. Uma superstição que abrange o parto é a influência de determinadas fases do ciclo da lua, mais especificamente a lua cheia. Embora estudos tenham demonstrado que o aumento de partos está relacionado com o ciclo lunar, existe discordância sobre quando ocorre o pico do volume de partos em cada fase da lua. Frente à divergência de resultados existentes na literatura que relaciona os eventos do ciclo lunar com parto, o objetivo desta revisão foi realizar um levantamento bibliográfico na tentativa de esclarecer esta cultura popular com base nos resultados apresentados por diferentes autores.

Superstitions are found everywhere in our lives, and medicine, a profession that is prides itself on an evidence-based approach to treatment, is not exempt. A superstition that pervades the labor and delivery floor is that it is busier during certain phases of the lunar cycle, specifically the full moon. Although some studies have demonstrated an increase in deliveries that are related to the lunar cycle, there has been disagreement about when, in the lunar cycle, the peak volume occurs. Front to the divergence of the existent results in the literature to relate the events of the lunar cycle with deliveries, the aim of this review was to accomplish the literature in the attempt of explaining this popular culture with base in the results presented by different researchers.

Se encuentran las supersticiones por todas partes en nuestras vidas, y la medicina, una profesión que tiene orgullo acerca de los tratamientos con base en evidencia, no está extinta. La influencia de ciertas fases del ciclo lunar, específicamente la luna llena, es una superstición sobre el parto. Aunque algunos estudios han demostrado un aumento en los partos que se relacionan al ciclo lunar, ha habido discordancia sobre cuando, en el ciclo lunar, el volumen máximo ocurre. Afronte a la divergencia de los resultados existentes en la literatura que relacionan los eventos del ciclo lunar con los partos, el objetivo de esta revisión era explorar la literatura en el esfuerzo de explicar esta cultura popular con la base en los resultados presentado por los diferentes investigadores.

Female , Humans , Pregnancy , Labor, Obstetric/physiology , Moon , Superstitions
Rev. colomb. psiquiatr ; 39(2): 415-423, jun. 2010.
Article in Spanish | LILACS | ID: lil-620293


Introducción: Es de importancia considerar la jerarquía en la fortaleza de los hallazgos desde el punto de vista de la medicina basada en la evidencia. Este reconocimiento no debe dejar de lado los elementos que se encuentran en la parte inferior de la escala. Método: Para ilustrar la relevancia de todos los hallazgos encontrados sobre el tema se presenta un caso, a modo de ejemplo. Además, se expone la influencia que ejerce la Luna en la patología psiquiátrica y la complejidad metodológica que implica su estudio. Discusión y conclusiones: Se examinaron las dificultades metodológicas que pueden presentarse a la hora de realizar estudios y la forma como éstas pueden afectar los hallazgos. Se observó que éstos no implican un conocimiento absoluto ni incontrovertible y se proponen diseños para el estudio de la influencia lunar en las manifestaciones psicopatológicas...

Introduction: It is important to consider the hierarchy that classifies the strength of evidence sources from the Evidence-Based Medicine point of view. This recognition should not put aside elements from the lower part of this scale. Method: In order to illustrate the proposed relevancy of all evidence levels, an example is used. The evidence that has been gathered on the subject of the Moon’s influence on psychiatric pathology and the methodological difficulties that this topic implies are noted. Discussion and Conclusion: The methodological difficulties that can present themselves during the process of research and the way in which they can affect the evidence obtained are discussed. In turn, the evidence obtained should not be considered as absolute and incontrovertible knowledge. Additionally, possible designs for research on lunar influence on psychopathologic manifestations are suggested...

Moon , Psychiatry , Evidence-Based Medicine
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The authors investigated the death days of 246 people who committed suicide and converted them into their respective days in lunar calendar in order to see if there are any correlations with the cycle of months. The cycle of the months was divided into the first quarter, full moon, last quarter, and the new moon. The death days were investigated by daily statistics each, and they were investigated in relation with the cycle of the months regarding the occurrence of suicide, holidays, and weekends. There were twice as many people committing suicide when the moon is dark than when it is full moon, but there weren't much significance when judging from the big context. There were three times as many people committing suicide in a short period of time when the moon is dark than when it is full moon, but there wasn't much significance when judging from the big context. There wasn't anything special about suicide in daily basis. There wasn't a big inclination in the number of people committing suicide over holidays or weekends despite common belief. If we find the correlation between the psychological factors and the actions of those who commit suicide in the military, we could contribute to adjusting to some extent the actions of those who have the potential of committing a suicide. Out of such expectation was proceeded this research.

Holidays , Humans , Military Personnel , Moon , Suicide