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Chinese Journal of Medical Instrumentation ; (6): 106-109, 2023.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-971313


Aiming at the increasing application of RFID technology in the medical environment, this study introduces the foreign requirements for RFID immunity test of medical devices, compares them with the current immunity test requirements of medical devices in China, and puts forward the necessity of establishing relevant test specifications in China.

Radio Frequency Identification Device , Electromagnetic Fields , Radio Waves , Equipment Safety , Technology
Salud mil ; 41(2): e701, dic 2022. ilus
Article in Spanish | LILACS, UY-BNMED, BNUY | ID: biblio-1531386


En 2022 se cumplen 100 años del comienzo formal de la radiodifusión en el Uruguay. Varios médicos estuvieron vinculados y desempeñaron un rol dominante en su inicio y en las actividades culturales desarrolladas a partir de la instalación de las radioemisoras.

The year 2022 marks the 100th anniversary of the formal beginning of radio broadcasting in Uruguay. Several physicians were linked to and played a dominant role in its beginning and in the cultural activities developed since the installation of radio stations.

2022 marca o 100º aniversário do início formal das transmissões de rádio no Uruguai. Vários médicos estiveram envolvidos e desempenharam um papel dominante em seu início e nas atividades culturais desenvolvidas desde a instalação das estações de rádio.

Humans , Male , History, 20th Century , History, 21st Century , Physicians/history , Radio/history , Radio Waves/history , Uruguay
Braz. j. oral sci ; 21: e226427, jan.-dez. 2022. ilus
Article in English | LILACS, BBO | ID: biblio-1393274


Aim: This study aimed to investigate whether non-ionizing radiation emitted by smartphones is likely to cause genotoxic effects on oral epithelial cells. Methods: Thirty adults were distributed into two groups according to the mobile phone brand used, namely Samsung (Samsung, Seoul, South Korea) and Apple (Apple, California, USA). The material was collected with gentle swabbing of the right and left buccal mucosa using a cervical brush, then the micronucleus test was performed. Results: The Mann-Whitney test with a 5% significance level did not reveal statistically significant differences in micronuclei frequency between the exposed and non-exposed sides (p=0.251). The different brands do not seem to cause risks of inducing genetic damage because there were no statistically significant differences between them (p=0.47). Conclusion: Therefore, our results suggest no correlations of micronuclei frequency in the exposed buccal cells of mobile phone users at the exposure standard levels observed

Humans , Male , Female , Adult , Radiation, Nonionizing/adverse effects , Radio Waves , Micronucleus Tests , Epithelial Cells , Smartphone , Mouth Mucosa , Mutagenicity Tests
Chinese Journal of Medical Instrumentation ; (6): 441-448, 2022.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-939764


The series of YY/T 0987 standards converted from the corresponding ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards regulate the marking medical devices and testing methods for passive implants in the magnetic resonance environment. Along with the advancement of scientific cognition and the development of technology, the ASTM continuously amends and updates standards. This article studies the new version of ASTM standards and analyzes the advancing parts newly added as compared to the current YY/T 0987-2016 standard and eventually pinpoints some problems that remained to be solved. Except for the standard for image artifacts, this study found out that other standards had also been constantly updated, such as the standard of ASTM F2503 for marking medical devices extends its referenced documents and adds some ISO standards in, meanwhile, the test method on magnetically induced displacement force, radio frequency induced heating and magnetically induced torque also had been significantly adjusted and improved accordingly. This article recommends that domestic standards need to keep pace with the latest edition of ASTM F standards and to supplement new research achievements timely, just in order to provide a better normalization, guidance and support to the development of Chinese passive implants industry.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging , Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy , Prostheses and Implants , Radio Waves , Torque , United States
Rev. Asoc. Med. Bahía Blanca ; 32(1): 20-26, 2022.
Article in Spanish | LILACS, UNISALUD, BINACIS | ID: biblio-1398509


Introducción: El siguiente trabajo presenta una serie de casos con gonartrosis de rodilla tratados con radiofrecuencia entre Agosto del año 2018 y Mayo del año 2020 en el Hospital Naval Puerto Belgrano. Materiales y métodos: Se ha realizado radiofrecuencia a 15 pacientes. La edad media fue de 76 años (67-92), la rodilla mas afectada fue la derecha con 66,66 %, en todos los casos se trato de gonartrosis Ahlback III/IV. Resultados: El 83 % (10 casos) de los pacientes tuvo una mejoría considerable del dolor y manifestó estar satisfecho con el procedimiento y solo 1 caso no tuvo mejoría con el tratamiento. Se observo una disminución significativa en la toma de analgésico, tanto en la dosis como en la frecuencia en todos los casos. Conclusiones: Del trabajo se desprende que, la radiofrecuencia, reduce de manera significativa la intensidad del dolor, siendo un procedimiento mínimamente invasivo y con mínimas complicaciones descriptas. Haciendo de este procedimiento, el ideal para pacientes con dolor crónico refractario de rodilla.

Osteoarthritis, Knee , Radio Waves
Fisioter. Bras ; 22(4): 597-608, Nov 2, 2021.
Article in Portuguese | LILACS | ID: biblio-1353441


A flacidez tissular abdominal é uma disfunção dermatológica que incomoda principalmente as mulheres. A radiofrequência e o microagulhamento são recursos utilizados para minimizar essa flacidez. Objetivo: Investigar os efeitos do microagulhamento associado a radiofrequência na flacidez tissular abdominal. Métodos: Trata-se de um estudo experimental, controlado e randomizado, com amostra de 20 mulheres, faixa etária entre 18 e 35 anos, dispostas em dois grupos: Grupo 1 (G1) foi aplicada 1 sessão de microagulhamento, após 15 dias reavaliação utilizando a plicometria e perimetria e Grupo 2 (G2) 1 sessão de microagulhamento, após 15 dias realizaram-se 4 sessões de radiofrequência com intervalo de 1 dia entre as sessões. Resultados: O G2 apresentou diminuição de flacidez do músculo reto abdominal direito apresentando p = 0,009, flanco direito p = 0,001 e flanco esquerdo p = 0,004, assim como a redução da circunferência abdominal. A avaliação de satisfação corporal do G2 teve escore final p = 0,029. Conclusão: O microagulhamento associado a radiofrequência promoveram uma melhora clínica da flacidez tissular abdominal e flancos. (AU)

Female , Adult , Cutis Laxa , Dry Needling , Radio Waves , Collagen , Elastin , Cell Proliferation , Fibroblasts
Biomedical and Environmental Sciences ; (12): 603-613, 2020.
Article in English | WPRIM | ID: wpr-828974


Objective@#To detect the effects of shortwave radiation on dose-dependent cardiac structure and function in rats after radiation and to elucidate the mechanism of shortwave radiation induced cardiac injury to identify sensitive indicators and prophylactic treatment.@*Methods@#One hundred Wistar rats were either exposed to 27 MHz continuous shortwave at a power density of 5, 10, and 30 mW/cm for 6 min or undergone sham exposure for the control (the rats had to be placed in the exposure system with the same schedules as the exposed animals, but with an inactive antenna). The Ca , glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase (AST), creatine kinase (CK) and lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) content in the peripheral serum of the rats were detected by an automatic blood biochemical analyser. The electrocardiogram (ECG) of standard lead II was recorded by a multi-channel physiological recording and analysis system. The cardiac structure of rats was observed by light and electron microscopy.@*Results@#The results showed that the 5, 10, and 30 mW/cm shortwave radiation caused a significant increased in the levels of Ca , AST, CK, and LDH in the peripheral serum of rats. The cardiac structure was damaged by radiation and showed a disordered arrangement of myocardial fibres, the cavitation and swelling of myocardial mitochondria. These injuries were most significant 7 d after radiation and were not restored until 28 d after radiation.@*Conclusion@#Shortwave radiation of 5, 10, and 30 mW/cm can damage rat cardiac function, including damage to the tissue structure and ultrastructure, especially at the level of the myocardial fibres and mitochondria. Shortwave radiation at 5, 10, and 30 mW/cm induced damage to rat heart function and structure with a dose-effect relationship, i.e., the greater the radiation dose was, the more significant the damage was.

Animals , Male , Rats , Dose-Response Relationship, Radiation , Heart , Radiation Effects , Heart Diseases , Ethnology , Pathology , Myocardium , Pathology , Radio Waves , Random Allocation , Rats, Wistar
Rev. bras. ortop ; 54(3): 233-240, May-June 2019. tab, graf
Article in English | LILACS | ID: biblio-1013728


Abstract Osteoarthritis (OA) is one of the most frequent and incapacitating pathologies today, especially of the knee. Among the possible approaches for knee OA, the neurotomy of the genicular nerves by radiofrequency (RF) has been gaining prominence. However, as this is a relatively new procedure, indications for its implementation are still unclear. The objective of the present reviewis to identify the main indications of the use of RF for the treatment of knee OA in themedical literature. A review of the literature was performed in January 2018 through a search in the PubMed, ClinicalKey and Google Scholar databases. After reviewing themain articles on the subject, it was concluded that the main indications of the use of RF for the treatment of kneeOAwere:OA Kellgren-Lawrence grades 3 and 4, withmoderate to severe pain and failure of conservative treatment, mainly in elderly people; persistence of pain even after total knee arthroplasty (TKA); patients with an indication for TKAwho refuse to undergo surgical treatment.

Resumo A osteoartrite é uma das patologias mais frequentes e incapacitantes na atualidade, principalmente do joelho. Dentre as abordagens possíveis para osteoartrite, a neurotomia dos nervos geniculares por radiofrequência vem se destacando. Todavia, por se tratar de um procedimento relativamente novo, as indicações para realização ainda não estão bem definidas. O principal objetivo desta revisão foi identificar as principais indicações do uso da radiofrequência para o tratamento da osteoartrite do joelho na literatura médica. Foi realizada revisão da literatura em janeiro de 2018, através de pesquisa nas bases de dados PubMed, Clinicalkey e Google Scholar. Após revisão dos principais artigos no assunto, foi concluído que as principais indicações do uso da radiofrequência para o tratamento da osteoartrite do joelho foram: pacientes com osteoartrite grau 3 e 4 da classificação de Kellgren-Lawrence, com dor de moderada a severa e falha do tratamento conservador, principalmente idosos; persistência da dor, mesmo após realizado artroplastia total de joelho; pacientes com indicação de artroplastia total de joelho e que se recusam a submeter-se ao tratamento cirúrgico.

Osteoarthritis , Radio Waves , Rhizotomy , Neurosurgical Procedures , Knee , Knee Joint
Fisioter. Bras ; 20(1): 109-113, 20 de fevereiro de 2019.
Article in Portuguese | LILACS | ID: biblio-1281079


A gordura localizada é uma disfunção multifatorial, podendo ser causada pelo desenvolvimento irregular do tecido adiposo, alteração postural, circulatória ou até mesmo pela hereditariedade. A endermoterapia, o LED e a radiofrequência são amplamente aplicados na área da estética, utilizados em tratamentos de várias disfunções, dentre elas a gordura localizada. O objetivo deste projeto foi verificar a ação do aparelho Dermovac Led Shape® na gordura localizada. O estudo contou com uma voluntária do gênero feminino de 45 anos de idade, apresentando gordura localizada na região abdominal, diagnosticada e avaliada por meio da anamnese corporal, questionário e imagens fotográficas. Foram realizadas 5 sessões de Dermovac Led Shape®. O aparelho utilizado nessas sessões é da marca Bioset® e as aplicações aconteceram no Instituição de Ensino Fundação Hermí­nio Ometto-FHO. Conclui-se que com a aplicação do Dermovac Led Shape®, ou seja, a aplicação da endermoterapia associada ao Led e í radiofrequência promoveram a redução da gordura localizada. (AU)

Localized fat is a multifactorial dysfunction, which can be caused by the irregular development of adipose tissue, postural, circulatory or even hereditary alterations. The endermotherapy, LED and radiofrequency are widely applied in the area of aesthetics, in the treatment of various dysfunctions, among them localized fat. The objective of this study was to verify the action of the Dermovac Led Shape® in localized fat. The patient was a 45 years old woman, presenting fat located in the abdominal, diagnosed and evaluated through body anamnesis, questionnaire and photographic images. 5 sessions of Dermovac Led Shape® were performed. We used the equipment Bioset® and performed the applications in the Teaching Institution Fundação Hermínio Ometto-FHO. We concluded that the application of Dermovac Led Shape®, endermotherapy associated with Led and radiofrequency, promoted reduction of localized fat. (AU)

Humans , Female , Adipose Tissue , Radio Waves , Therapeutics
Journal of Biomedical Engineering ; (6): 371-378, 2019.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-774196


This paper explored the feasibility of using ultrasonic Nakagami statistic parameter imaging to evaluate the thermal lesion induced by microwave ablation (MWA) in porcine models. In this paper, thermal lesions were induced in livers and kidneys in 5 swines using a clinical MWA system. During this treatment progress, ultrasonic radiofrequency (RF) data were collected. The dynamic changes of Nakagami parameter in the thermal lesion were calculated, and the ultrasonic B-mode images and Nakagami images were reconstructed simultaneously. The contrast-to-noise ratio (CNR) between the thermal lesion and the surrounding normal tissue was calculated over the MWA procedure. After MWA, a bright hyperechoic region appeared in the ultrasonic Nakagami image as an indicator of the thermal lesion and this bright spot enlarged with lesion development during MWA exposure. The mean value of Nakagami parameter in the liver and kidney increased from 0.78 and 0.79 before treatment to 0.91 and 0.92 after treatment, respectively. During MWA exposure, the mean values of CNR calculated from the Nakagami parameter increased from 0.49 to 1.13 in the porcine liver and increased from 0.51 to 0.85 in the kidney, which were both higher than those calculated from the B-mode images. This study on porcine models suggested that the ultrasonic Nakagami imaging may provide an alternative modality for monitoring MWA treatment.

Animals , Kidney , Diagnostic Imaging , Liver , Diagnostic Imaging , Microwaves , Radio Waves , Radiofrequency Ablation , Swine , Ultrasonography
Biomedical and Environmental Sciences ; (12): 189-198, 2019.
Article in English | WPRIM | ID: wpr-773418


OBJECTIVE@#To estimate the detrimental effects of shortwave exposure on rat hippocampal structure and function and explore the underlying mechanisms.@*METHODS@#One hundred Wistar rats were randomly divided into four groups (25 rats per group) and exposed to 27 MHz continuous shortwave at a power density of 5, 10, or 30 mW/cm2 for 6 min once only or underwent sham exposure for the control. The spatial learning and memory, electroencephalogram (EEG), hippocampal structure and Nissl bodies were analysed. Furthermore, the expressions of N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor (NMDAR) subunits (NR1, NR2A, and NR2B), cAMP responsive element-binding protein (CREB) and phosphorylated CREB (p-CREB) in hippocampal tissue were analysed on 1, 7, and 14 days after exposure.@*RESULTS@#The rats in the 10 and 30 mW/cm2 groups had poor learning and memory, disrupted EEG oscillations, and injured hippocampal structures, including hippocampal neurons degeneration, mitochondria cavitation and blood capillaries swelling. The Nissl body content was also reduced in the exposure groups. Moreover, the hippocampal tissue in the 30 mW/cm2 group had increased expressions of NR2A and NR2B and decreased levels of CREB and p-CREB.@*CONCLUSION@#Shortwave exposure (27 MHz, with an average power density of 10 and 30 mW/cm2) impaired rats' spatial learning and memory and caused a series of dose-dependent pathophysiological changes. Moreover, NMDAR-related CREB pathway suppression might be involved in shortwave-induced structural and functional impairments in the rat hippocampus.

Animals , Male , Rats , Cyclic AMP Response Element-Binding Protein , Genetics , Metabolism , Dose-Response Relationship, Radiation , Electroencephalography , Radiation Effects , Hippocampus , Radiation Effects , Memory , Radiation Effects , Nissl Bodies , Physiology , Radiation Effects , Radio Waves , Random Allocation , Rats, Wistar , Receptors, N-Methyl-D-Aspartate , Genetics , Metabolism , Spatial Learning , Radiation Effects
Fisioter. Bras ; 19(5): 607-612, Dez 25, 2018.
Article in Portuguese | LILACS | ID: biblio-1280864


Introdução: A fibromialgia (FM) é definida como uma sí­ndrome multifatorial que acomete principalmente mulheres e possui caracterí­sticas de dor musculoesquelética em pelo menos 11 dos 18 pontos sensí­veis descritos pelo American College of Rheumatology. Sabe-se que a dor provocada pela FM não possui somente componentes fí­sicos, mas caracterí­sticas afetivas e emocionais. Depois da dor, a fadiga é a queixa mais comum de mulheres com FM, uma das causas é a sua correlação com a má qualidade do sono. Objetivo: Investigar através de um estudo piloto a aplicação da radiofrequência hexapolar (RF) em aliviar a fadiga em mulheres fibromiálgicas. Métodos: Participaram deste estudo sete mulheres com diagnóstico de FM de acordo com os critérios do ACR. Para avaliação da fadiga antes e após aplicação da RF usou-se a Escala de Fadiga de Chalder. Resultados: A média de idade das mulheres foi 51 anos; apresentaram ní­veis elevados de fadiga antes do tratamento (42,143 ± 6,768) e após a aplicação da RF apresentaram fadiga igual a 22,143 ± 6. Conclusão: A aplicação da RF mostrou-se eficaz em diminuir a queixa de fadiga nesse grupo de mulheres fibromiálgicas. Faz-se necessário a aplicação da RF em um número maior de mulheres para verificar a sua real eficácia. (AU)

Introduction: Fibromyalgia (FM) is defined as a multifactorial syndrome that affects mainly females and has characteristics of musculoskeletal pain in at least 11 of the 18 sensitive points described by the American College of Rheumatology. It is known that the pain caused by FM does not have only physical components, but affective and emotional characteristics. After pain, fatigue is the most common complaint of women with FM, one of the causes is their correlation with poor sleep quality. Objective: To investigate, through a pilot study, the application of hexapolar radiofrequency (RF) in relieving fatigue in women with fibromyalgia. Methods: Seven women with FM diagnosis according to the ACR criteria participated in this study. To evaluate the fatigue before and after RF application, the Chalder Fatigue Scale was used. Results: The mean age of the women was 51 years; they presented high levels of fatigue before treatment (42,143 ± 6,768) and after the application of RF they showed fatigue equal to 22.143 ± 6. Conclusion: The application of RF was effective in reducing the fatigue complaint in this group of women with fibromyalgia. It is necessary to apply RF in a larger number of women to verify its real effectiveness. (AU)

Humans , Female , Radio Waves , Fibromyalgia , Fatigue , Pain , Sleep , Pilot Projects , Diagnosis
Sci. med. (Porto Alegre, Online) ; 28(4): ID31670, out-dez 2018.
Article in Portuguese | LILACS | ID: biblio-981140


OBJETIVOS: Avaliar a eficácia do tratamento com ondas curtas por método indutivo em indivíduos sedentários com lombalgia crônica inespecífica. MÉTODOS: Um ensaio clínico quase-experimental e cruzado foi realizado com indivíduos lombálgicos e sedentários. A amostra foi recrutada entre acadêmicos da Universidade Estadual do Oeste do Paraná (Unioeste) na faixa etária entre 18 e 25 anos, que apresentavam dor lombar de origem postural não traumática há mais de três meses, eram sedentários, e aceitaram participar da pesquisa. O protocolo de intervenção consistiu na aplicação de ondas curtas por método indutivo por 15 minutos, uma vez ao dia, três vezes por semana, com intervalo de um dia entre cada aplicação. Na semana seguinte os voluntários recebiam tratamento placebo também por três vezes na semana, com tempo semelhante àquele realizado na semana tratamento, porém o equipamento era apenas ligado, sem emissão do campo eletromagnético. O protocolo foi aplicado por duas semanas. As variáveis analisadas foram o grau de incapacidade funcional, avaliado pelo Índice de Incapacidade de Oswestry (ODI) e pelo Questionário de Incapacidade de Roland-Morris (QIRM), no início do experimento e ao final de cada semana; e a dor, avaliada pela Escala Visual Analógica (EVA), antes e após cada sessão. Os dados foram apresentados em média e desvio-padrão ou mediana e quartis e o nível de significância aceito foi de 5%. RESULTADOS: Vinte voluntários participaram do estudo. Para a ODI houve redução dos valores de incapacidade ao longo da semana de tratamento, com retorno aos valores iniciais na semana placebo; já para o QIRM não houve diferenças entre o tratamento e o placebo. Pela EVA, houve redução na intensidade da dor ao longo dos três dias de terapia, fato que ocorreu apenas no segundo dia do placebo. CONCLUSÕES: O tratamento com ondas curtas na modalidade indutiva foi eficaz na diminuição da dor em pacientes sedentários com lombalgia crônica, contribuindo para melhora da capacidade funcional.

AIMS: To evaluate the efficacy of inductive shortwave treatment in sedentary individuals with non-specific chronic low back pain. METHODS: A quasi-experimental and cross-over trial was performed with sedentary individuals with chronic back pain. The sample was recruited among students from the State University of Western Paraná (Unioeste), aged between 18 and 25 years old, who had low back pain of non-traumatic postural origin for more than three months, were sedentary, and accepted to participate in the study. The intervention protocol consisted in the application of short waves by inductive method for 15 minutes, once a day, three times a week, with interval of one day between each application. In the following week, volunteers also received placebo treatment three times a week, with time similar to that performed in the treatment week, but the equipment was only switched on, without emission of the electromagnetic field. The protocol was applied for two weeks. The variables analyzed were the degree of functional disability, assessed by the Oswestry Disability Index (ODI) and the Roland-Morris Disability Questionnaire (QIRM), at the beginning of the experiment and at the end of each week; and pain, assessed by the Visual Analogue Scale (VAS), before and after each session. Data were presented as mean and standard deviation or median and quartiles, and the accepted level of significance was 5%. RESULTS: Twenty volunteers participated in the study. For ODI, there was a reduction in the disability values throughout the treatment week, with a return to previous values in the placebo week; there were no differences between treatment and placebo for the MIRR. By VAS, there was a reduction in pain intensity over the three days of therapy, which occurred only on the second day of the placebo. CONCLUSIONS: Treatment with short waves in the inductive modality was effective in reducing pain in sedentary patients with chronic low back pain, contributing to improve functional capacity

Low Back Pain , Radio Waves , Physical Therapy Specialty , Diathermy
Rev. Hosp. Ital. B. Aires (2004) ; 38(3): 115-118, sept. 2018. ilus.
Article in Spanish | LILACS | ID: biblio-1022829


Los hemangiomas son tumores benignos infrecuentes en la laringe. El tratamiento está indicado cuando el tumor produce síntomas (disnea, hemoptisis, odinofagia) y también cuando el riesgo de hemorragia severa por traumatismo es alto. Tres hemangiomas de laringe e hipofaringe fueron tratados con éxito por vía transoral con láser de C02 y radiofrecuencia. Todos los pacientes se alimentaron por vía oral a las 24/48 horas y ninguno tuvo traqueostomía. La tasa de resección completa de los hemangiomas tratados por vía transoral fue 100%. (AU)

Hemangiomas are a rare type of benign tumors of the larynx. The treatment is indicated when the tumor produces symptoms (dyspnea, hemoptysis, odynophagia) and also when the risk of severe bleeding from trauma is high. Three hemangiomas of the larynx and hypopharynx were successfully treated transorally with C02 laser and radiofrequency. All were orally fed at 24/48 hours, and none had a tracheostomy The complete resection rate of hemangiomas treated transorally was 100%. (AU)

Humans , Male , Female , Middle Aged , Surgery, Oral/methods , Hypopharyngeal Neoplasms/surgery , Laryngeal Neoplasms/surgery , Hemangioma/surgery , Radio Waves/therapeutic use , Pharyngitis , Treatment Outcome , Dyspnea , Lasers, Gas/therapeutic use , Hemangioma/diagnosis , Hemangioma/etiology , Hemangioma/therapy , Hemoptysis , Hemorrhage/pathology
An. bras. dermatol ; 93(3): 347-355, May-June 2018. tab, graf
Article in English | LILACS | ID: biblio-949892


Abstract: BACKGROUND: Pentavalent antimonials remain as the standard drugs in the treatment of cutaneous leishmaniosis. The high cost, difficult administration, long treatment time, toxicity and increasing morbidity are factors that limit the use of these drugs. OBJECTIVES: To describe the response to radiofrequency thermotherapy in the treatment of localized cutaneous leishmaniasis in Brazil, and to evaluate its safety and tolerability. METHODS: We conducted a non-comparative open trial with a total of 15 patients confirmed to have cutaneous leishmaniasis on parasitological examination. A single radiofrequency thermotherapy session at 50ºC for 30 seconds was applied to the lesion and its edges. In patients with more than one lesion, only the largest one was treated initially. If after 30 days there was no evidence of healing, the smaller lesion was also treated with thermotherapy. Clinical cure was defined as visible healing for three months after treatment. The patients were followed-up for six months and there was no follow-up loss. RESULTS: Of all 23 lesions, only two evolved to complete healing without the need of treatment. Of 21 lesions, 18 (85.7%) achieved full healing. The main observed side effects were itching, burning sensation, pain and blisters. STUDY LIMITATIONS: Sample with a small number of patients and short follow-up. CONCLUSION: Thermotherapy can be considered a therapeutic alternative in localized cutaneous leishmaniasis, especially in cases of single cutaneous lesions and with formal contraindications to conventional treatment with pentavalent antimonials.

Humans , Male , Female , Adolescent , Adult , Middle Aged , Aged , Young Adult , Leishmaniasis, Cutaneous/therapy , Hyperthermia, Induced/methods , Antiprotozoal Agents/therapeutic use , Radio Waves , Brazil , Drug Resistance , Confidence Intervals , Treatment Outcome , Leishmaniasis, Cutaneous/pathology , Leishmaniasis, Cutaneous/drug therapy , Controlled Before-After Studies , Hyperthermia, Induced/adverse effects , Hyperthermia, Induced/standards , Antiprotozoal Agents/adverse effects
RELAMPA, Rev. Lat.-Am. Marcapasso Arritm ; 31(2)abr.-jun. 2018. ilus, tab, graf
Article in Portuguese | LILACS | ID: biblio-914107


Lesões do esôfago são descritas como complicação da ablação por radiofrequência da fibrilação atrial. Os trabalhos que avaliaram a formação das lesões esofágicas em ablações de fibrilação atrial tiveram como padrão de fonte de energia a radiofrequência em modo unipolar, utilizando o cateter irrigado. Atualmente está disponível o cateter circular multipolar (PVAC-GOLD®), que utiliza ciclos de aplicação de energia em fases (Duty-Cycled Phased RF). Este trabalho tem como objetivo avaliar a ocorrência de lesão esofágica em pacientes submetidos a ablação de fibrilação atrial utilizando-se o cateter PVAC-GOLD®. Método: Entre agosto de 2014 e agosto de 2017, foram incluídos pacientes submetidos a ablação de fibrilação atrial sintomática com uso do cateter PVAC-GOLD®. Por meio da realização de endoscopia digestiva alta no pós-operatório, buscou-se determinar a ocorrência de lesão esofágica térmica associada ao procedimento. Resultados: O estudo incluiu um total de 117 pacientes (74% com fibrilação atrial paroxística), com média de idade de 54,8 anos, e predominantemente do sexo masculino. Destes, apenas 2 apresentaram lesões esofágicas térmicas diagnosticadas por meio da endoscopia digestiva alta. Conclusão: A lesão esofágica parece ser um achado incomum em pacientes submetidos a isolamento elétrico das veias pulmonares com o cateter circular multipolar (PVAC-GOLD®)

Esophageal lesions are described as a complication after ablation for atrial fibrillation. The studies evaluating the development of esophageal lesions in ablation due to atrial fibrillation had unipolar mode radiofrequency energy source using an irrigated catheter. A multipolar pulmonary vein ablation catheter (PVAC-GOLD®) is currently available, which uses phase-in cycles of energy (Duty-Cycled Phased RF). This study aims to evaluate the occurrence of esophageal lesions in patients undergoing ablations due to atrial fibrillation using the PVAC-GOLD® catheter. Method: Between August 2014 and August 2017, patients undergoing ablation due to symptomatic atrial fibrillation with the use of the PVAC-GOLD® catheter were included in the study. Upper digestive endoscopy was performed in the postoperative period to determine the presence of thermal esophageal lesions associated to the procedure. Results: A total of 117 patients, with mean age of 54.8 years, predominantly males, were included in the study. Of these patients, only 2 presented thermal esophageal lesions diagnosed by endoscopy. Conclusion: Esophageal lesion seems to be an unusual finding in patients undergoing electrical isolation of the pulmonary veins using the multipolar pulmonary vein ablation catheter (PVAC-GOLD®)

Humans , Male , Female , Middle Aged , Atrial Fibrillation , Catheter Ablation/methods , Esophageal Fistula/complications , Echocardiography, Transesophageal/methods , Endoscopy, Digestive System/methods , Esophageal Perforation , Esophagus/injuries , Heart Atria/diagnostic imaging , Prospective Studies , Pulmonary Veins , Radio Waves/therapeutic use , Data Interpretation, Statistical
Einstein (Säo Paulo) ; 16(1): eAO3997, 2018. tab, graf
Article in English | LILACS | ID: biblio-891459


ABSTRACT Objective To test performance of SurgiSafe®, a radiofrequency electronic device to detect surgical textiles during operations as compared to manual counting. Methods Surgical sponges with radiofrequency TAGs were placed in the abdominal cavity of a pig submitted to laparotomy, in randomly distributed sites. The TAGs were counted manually and also using SurgiSafe®. Positive and negative predictive values, sensitivity, specificity and time required for counting were analyzed for both methods. Results Through the analysis of 35 surgical cycles, SurgiSafe® immediately identified all sponges, with specificity, sensitivity, positive and negative predictive values of 100%. Although not statistically significant, the manual count had sensitivity of 99.72% and specificity of 99.90%. Conclusion SurgiSafe® proved to be an effective device to identify surgical sponges in vivo, in real time; and its use as an adjuvant to manual counting is very helpful to increase patient's safety.

RESUMO Objetivo Testar o desempenho do SurgiSafe®, dispositivo eletrônico de detecção de têxteis cirúrgicos por radiofrequência no intraoperatório, comparado à contagem manual. Métodos Gazes com etiquetas de radiofrequência (TAGs) foram alocadas na cavidade abdominal de um suíno submetido à laparotomia, em locais distribuídos aleatoriamente. As TAGs foram contadas manualmente e com uso do SurgiSafe®. Valores preditivos positivos e negativos, sensibilidade, especificidade e tempo de contagem foram analisados para ambos os métodos. Resultados Por meio da análise de 35 ciclos cirúrgicos, o SurgiSafe® fez a identificação instantânea de todas as gazes, com especificidade, sensibilidade, valores preditivos negativo e positivo de 100%. Apesar de não apresentar significância estatística, a contagem manual apresentou sensibilidade de 99,72% e especificidade de 99,90%. Conclusão O SurgiSafe® mostrou-se eficaz para contabilização de têxteis cirúrgicos em tempo real in vivo, e seu uso como adjuvante na contagem manual é de grande valor para o aumento de segurança do paciente.

Animals , Radio Waves , Surgical Mesh , Monitoring, Intraoperative/methods , Foreign Bodies/diagnosis , Laparotomy/methods , Swine , Predictive Value of Tests , Sensitivity and Specificity
Urol. colomb ; 27(3): 290-293, 2018. Ilus
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El hallazgo incidental de tumores renales T1a se ha incrementado en la última década.1 La cirugía preservadora de nefronas sigue siendo el gold standard de manejo en pacientes con tumores renales pequeños, con resultados oncológicamente equiparables a la nefrectomía radical y reduciendo el impacto negativo en la función renal.2,3 La ablación por radiofrecuencia (RFA), es una alterativa mínimamente invasiva cuya técnica causa la destrucción del tumor mediante el calentamiento.4,5 Puede ser realizada mediante cirugía abierta o laparoscópica y por vía percutánea guiada por tomografía axial o ecografía. La evidencia sustancial indica que la RFA de tumores renales pequeños es efectiva en la erradicación tumoral completa.6­8

The incidental finding of T1a kidney tumors has increased in the last decade.1 Surgery nephron-preserving remains the gold standard of management in patients with small renal tumors, with results oncologically comparable to radical nephrectomy and reducing the negative impact on renal function.2,3 Radio Frequency Ablation (RFA) is a minimally invasive alterative technique whose technique causes tumor destruction by heating.4,5 It can be performed by open or laparoscopic surgery and percutaneously guided by axial tomography or ultrasound. Substantial evidence indicates that RFA of small renal tumors is effective in complete tumor eradication.6-8

Humans , Abdomen , Neoplasms , Radio Waves , Nephrectomy
Chinese Journal of Applied Physiology ; (6): 35-38, 2018.
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OBJECTIVE@#To evaluate the effect of prenatal mobile phone exposure on the expression of proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) and doublecortin (DCX) in dentate gyrus of offspring rats.@*METHODS@#The rat model of prenatal mobile phone exposure was established and there were three groups including control group, short term maternal exposure group and long term maternal exposure group(=6). From pregnant day 1 to day 17, pregnant rats in long term and short term maternal exposure group were exposed to an mobile phone in talking mode for 6 h/d and 24 h/d, respectively. Length of pregnancy, maternal body weight gain, litter size and pup's body weight were observed. The cell morphology in dentate gyrus of offspring rats at the age of 1 month was studied by cresyl violet staining. The immunohistochemical expression of PCNA and DCX in dentate gyrus of rat offspring were detected, and the expression of DCX and brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) in hippocampus of rat offspring were evaluated by Western blot.@*RESULTS@#There was no difference in length of pregnancy, maternal body weight gain, litter size and pup's body weight among three groups. The morphological changes of pyramidal cells in the polymorphic layer and DCX-positive cells in the dentate gyrus were obvious in rat offspring of long term maternal exposure group. There were less PCNA-positive cells in dentate gyrus and decreased expression of DCX and BDNF in hippocampus by Western blot in long term maternal exposure group compared with control and short term maternal exposure group (all <0.05).@*CONCLUSIONS@#Long term prenatal mobile phone exposure might inhibit the expression of PCNA and DCX in dentate gyrus of rat offspring by down-regulating BDNF.

Animals , Female , Pregnancy , Rats , Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor , Metabolism , Cell Phone , Dentate Gyrus , Metabolism , Hippocampus , Metabolism , Microtubule-Associated Proteins , Metabolism , Neuropeptides , Metabolism , Prenatal Exposure Delayed Effects , Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen , Metabolism , Radio Waves
Chinese Journal of Medical Instrumentation ; (6): 409-412, 2018.
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In order to support study of new radiofrequency ablation treatments and finally realize of precise conformal ablation of targeted tissue, this paper proposed a system which is able to generate radio frequency currents at different frequencies. The designed system bases on the basic principle of Class E power amplifier and uses MSP430 microcontroller as a controller and uses a touch screen as human-machine interface to design a frequency-selectable radiofrequency ablation treatment system,. The RF signals at frequencies of 230 kHz, 460 kHz, 920 kHz, and 2 000 kHz were tested to verify the feasibility of the system, and by using a tissue phantom, tested the heating ability of the RF signals at frequencies of 460 kHz, 920 kHz, and 2 000 kHz. The results show the device could well heat the tissue at the three frequencies. The study has also found that both the highest temperature and the ablation area decreases with RF frequency, when using the constant power control mode.

Humans , Catheter Ablation , Hot Temperature , Hyperthermia, Induced , Phantoms, Imaging , Radio Waves