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Article in English | WPRIM | ID: wpr-928988


OBJECTIVES@#During pregnancy, pregnant women are prone to stress reactions due to external stimuli, affecting their own health and fetal development. At present, there is no good treatment for the stress reactions from pregnant women during pregnancy. This study aims to explore the effect of probiotics on abnormal behavior and hippocampal injury in pregnant stressed offspring.@*METHODS@#SD pregnant rats were divided into a control group, a stress group, and a probiotics group, with 6 rats in each group. The control group was untreated; the stress group was given restraint stress on the 15th-20th day of pregnancy; the probiotics group was given both bifidobacterium trisporus capsules and restraint stress on the 15th-20th day of pregnancy, and the offspring continued to be fed with probiotics until 60 days after birth (P60). The offspring rats completed behavioral tests such as the open field test, the elevated plus maze test, the new object recognition test, and the barnes maze test at 60-70 d postnatally. Nissl's staining was used to reflect the injury of hippocampal neurons; immunohistochemical staining was used to detect the expression of microglia marker ionized calcium binding adapter molecule 1 (IBA-1) which can reflect microglia activation; ELISA was used to detect the content of plasma TNF-α and IL-1β; Western blotting was used to detect the expression of Bax, Bcl-2, and caspase-3.@*RESULTS@#The retention time of offspring rats in the stress group in the central area of the open field was significantly less than that in the control group (P<0.01), and the retention time of offspring rats in the probiotic group in the central area of the open field was significantly more than that in the stress group (P<0.05). The offspring rats in the stress group stayed in the open arm for a shorter time than the control group (P<0.05) and entered the open arm less often than the control group (P<0.01); the offspring rats in the probiotic group stayed in the open arm for a longer time than the stress group and entered the open arm more often than the stress group (both P<0.05). The discrimination ratio for new to old objects in the offspring rats of the stress group was significantly lower than that of the control group (P<0.01), and the discrimination ratio for new to old objects in the offspring rats of the probiotic group was significantly higher than that of the stress group (P<0.05). The offspring rats in the stress group made significantly more mistakes than the control group (P<0.05), and the offspring rats in the probiotic group made significantly fewer mistakes than the stress group (P<0.05). Compared with the control group, the numbers of Nissl bodies in CA1, CA3, and DG area were significantly reduced in the offspring rats of the stress group (all P<0.001), the number of activated microglia in DG area of hippocampus was significantly increased (P<0.01), the contents of TNF-α and IL-1β in peripheral blood were significantly increased (P<0.05 or P<0.01), the protein expression level of Bcl-2 was significantly down-regulated, and the protein expression levels of Bax and caspase-3 were significantly up-regulated (all P<0.001). Compared with the stress group, the numbers of Nissl bodies in CA1, CA3, and DG area were significantly increased in the probiotic group offspring rats (P<0.001, P<0.01, P<0.05), the number of activated microglia in the DG area of hippocampus was significantly reduced (P<0.05), and the TNF-α and IL-1β levels in peripheral blood were significantly decreased (both P<0.05), the protein expression level of Bcl-2 was significantly up-regulated, and the protein expression levels of Bax and caspase-3 were significantly down-regulated (all P<0.001).@*CONCLUSIONS@#Probiotic intervention partially ameliorated anxiety and cognitive impairment in rats offspring of pregnancy stress, and the mechanism may be related to increasing the number of neurons, inhibiting the activation of hippocampal microglia, and reducing inflammation and apoptosis.

Animals , Female , Humans , Pregnancy , Rats , Caspase 3/metabolism , Hippocampus/physiopathology , Probiotics/therapeutic use , Proto-Oncogene Proteins c-bcl-2/metabolism , Stress, Psychological/therapy , Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha/metabolism , bcl-2-Associated X Protein/metabolism
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-927390


OBJECTIVE@#To compare the efficacy on insomnia between Fang 's scalp acupuncture combined with conventional acupuncture and the simple conventional acupuncture.@*METHODS@#A total of 66 patients with insomnia were randomly divided into an observation group (33 cases, 1 case dropped off) and a control group (33 cases, 2 cases dropped off). In the control group, the routine acupuncture therapy was applied to Shenmen (HT 7), Baihui (GV 20), Zhaohai (KI 6) and Sanyinjiao (SP 6), etc. Based on the treatment as the control group, Fang's scalp acupuncture therapy was supplemented at fuxiang tou, fuzang shangjiao, fuzang zhongjiao, siwei, etc. At these scalp points, the needles were inserted perpendicularly with flying needling technique and manipulated with trembling one. In either group, the treatment was given once daily, continuously for 2 weeks. Before and after treatment, separately, the score of Pittsburgh sleep quality index (PSQI) and the score of Chinese perceived stress scale (CPSS) were observed, as well as the parameters monitored by polysomnography, i.g. total sleep time (TST), sleep onset latency (SOL), wakefulness after the sleep onset (WASO), sleep efficiency (SE), the percentages of the time of rapid eye movement sleep phase (REM) and non-rapid eye movement sleep phase 1, 2, 3 and 4 in TST (REM%, N1%, N2%, N3%). The efficacy was compared between two groups.@*RESULTS@#After treatment, the scores of each factor and the total scores of PSQI, as well as CPSS scores were all lower than those before treatment in the two groups (P<0.01, P<0.05); except the score for sleep quality, the score of each factor and the total score of PSQI, as well as CPSS score in the observation group were lower than those in the control group (P<0.01, P<0.05). After treatment, TST, SE%, REM% and N3% were increased and SOL, WASO, N1% were decreased as compared with before treatment in the two groups (P<0.01, P<0.05), and N2% in the observation group was decreased (P<0.01); SE%, REM% and N3% in the observation group were higher than the control group (P<0.05) and N1% and N2% were lower than the control group (P<0.05). The total effective rate was 93.8% (30/32) in the observation group, higher than 87.1% (27/31) in the control group (P<0.05).@*CONCLUSION@#Fang 's scalp acupuncture, on the base of routine acupuncture, obviously improves the sleep quality and perceived stress and adjusts the sleep structure in the patients with insomnia.

Humans , Acupuncture Points , Acupuncture Therapy/methods , Scalp , Sleep , Sleep Initiation and Maintenance Disorders/therapy , Stress, Psychological/therapy , Treatment Outcome
Ciênc. Saúde Colet. (Impr.) ; 26(12): 6211-6221, Dez. 2021. graf
Article in Portuguese | LILACS | ID: biblio-1350497


Resumo O presente estudo buscou analisar os comportamentos adotados por familiares que lidam com entes em sofrimento psíquico, no âmbito das relações estabelecidas no sistema familiar, depois de participarem de rodas de Terapia Comunitária. Pesquisa de abordagem qualitativa que utilizou o método da pesquisa-ação-intervenção. A intervenção utilizada foram doze rodas de Terapia Comunitária. Fizeram parte do estudo dez familiares de pessoas em sofrimento psíquico acompanhadas em um Centro de Atenção Psicossocial. Como técnicas de produção do material empírico foram utilizados os registros do caderno de campo, os vídeos obtidos com a gravação das rodas de Terapia Comunitária, o material das entrevistas e a própria Terapia Comunitária. O estudo revelou que a compreensão dos familiares acerca do sofrimento psíquico pôde ser transformada na medida que atribuíam novos significados e realizavam ações fundamentais ao convívio equilibrado na família. A Terapia Comunitária pôde ser elucidada como uma prática que facilitou mudanças na vida de seus participantes, pois contribuiu para gerar interações sociais e individuais que estimularam os familiares a repensarem conceitos e a criarem espaços de convivência e cuidado humanos e respeitosos que se difundiram para o sistema familiar.

Abstract The scope of this study was to analyze the behavior patterns adopted by family members dealing with individuals in psychological distress within the scope of the relationships established in the family system, after participating in Community Therapy sessions. It was based on research with a qualitative approach using the research-action-intervention method. The intervention used centered around twelve Community Therapy sessions. Ten family members of people in psychological distress monitored by a Psychosocial Care Center took part in the study. Field notebook records, videos obtained with the tapes of the Community Therapy sessions, the interview material and Community Therapy itself were used as the empirical material production technique. The study revealed that the family members' understanding of psychological distress could be transformed as they attributed new meanings and performed fundamental actions to balanced living in the family. Community Therapy was seen as a practice that facilitated changes in the lives of its participants, as it contributed to generate social and individual interactions that stimulated family members to rethink concepts and to create spaces of coexistence and human and respectful care that permeated the family unit.

Humans , Stress, Psychological/therapy , Family , Qualitative Research
Psychol. av. discip ; 15(1): 43-55, ene.-jun. 2021. tab, graf
Article in Spanish | LILACS | ID: biblio-1356670


Resumen Los eventos altamente estresantes son sucesos que potencialmente generan consecuencias negativas en las personas afectadas, como síntomas postraumáticos y depresivos. El presente estudio evalúa un protocolo de intervención preventiva, orientado a personas que han vivido un evento altamente estresante reciente, basado en la Terapia Sistémica Breve. Cuatro terapeutas aplicaron el protocolo a cuatro usuarias. Se entrevistó a estas ocho personas acerca de su experiencia en la aplicación y recepción del protocolo. Mediante escalas de fiabilidad y validez contrastada se evaluaron los cambios pre-post en sintomatología postraumática, sintomatología depresiva, crecimiento postraumático y satisfacción con la vida; también se midió la relación terapéutica. Los resultados muestran apreciaciones positivas en terapeutas y usuarias, el desarrollo de una relación terapéutica adecuada y avances en tres de los cuatro indicadores cuantitativos de cambio. Se concluye que el protocolo está en condiciones de utilizarse en estudios controlados.

Abstract Highly stressful events are occurrences that potentially create negative consequences for the affected people, such as post-traumatic and depressive symptoms. This study assesses a preventive intervention protocol, aimed to people who have lived a recent highly stressful event, based on the Brief Systemic Therapy. Four therapists applied the protocol to four female users. These eight persons were interviewed about the experience in relation to the application and reception of the protocol. Through contrasted reliability and validity scales, pre and post changes in posttraumatic symptomatology, depressive symptomatology, posttraumatic growth and satisfaction with life were assessed; the therapeutic relation was also measured. The results show positive appraisals in therapists and female users, the development of a proper therapeutic relation and progress in three out of four quantitative change indicators. It is concluded that the protocol is suitable to be used in controlled studies.

Stress, Psychological/therapy , Clinical Protocols , Psychological Trauma , Therapeutics , Evaluation Study , Depression , Posttraumatic Growth, Psychological
Femina ; 49(12): 699-704, 2021. ilus
Article in Portuguese | LILACS | ID: biblio-1358207


A perda gestacional de repetição (PGR) é definida classicamente como três perdas consecutivas antes de 20 semanas de gestação. Ela afeta aproximadamente 3% dos casais que tentam conceber, quando se consideram pelo menos duas perdas, e cerca de 1%, quando acima de três perdas. A PGR está associada a diferentes fatores causais. Algumas mulheres não terão nenhuma anormalidade identificável nos protocolos investigativos atuais. O aborto pode causar doenças mentais, tais como depressão e ansiedade, e ser responsável por sentimentos como medo, raiva e culpa. Embora existam intervenções já estabelecidas para pacientes com perda gestacional com fator causal determinado, não existe nenhum tratamento comprovadamente efetivo em mulheres com perda gestacional inexplicada. O oferecimento do chamado Tender Loving Care pode levar a melhores resultados gestacionais nessas pacientes. Este artigo irá fazer uma revisão sobre os aspectos psíquicos em PGR e o cuidado suportivo que poderá ser realizado nessas pacientes.(AU)

Recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL) is classically defined as three consecutive losses before 20 weeks of gestation. It affects approximately 3% of couples who try to conceive, when considering at least two losses, and about 1%, when considering three or more. RPL is associated with different causal factors. Some women will have no identificable abnormalities in current investigative protocols. Abortion can cause mental illness, such as depression and anxiety, and be responsible for feelings like fear, anger and guilt. Although there are interventions already established for patients with pregnancy loss with a determined causal factor, there is no proven effective treatment for women with unexplained pregnancy loss. The offer of the so-called Tender Loving Care can lead to better pregnancy results in these patients. This article will review the psychic aspects of recurrent pregnancy losses and the supportive care that can be performed in these patients.(AU)

Humans , Female , Pregnancy , Cognitive Behavioral Therapy/statistics & numerical data , Abortion, Habitual/psychology , Abortion, Habitual/therapy , Stress, Psychological/psychology , Stress, Psychological/therapy , Clinical Protocols , Stress Disorders, Traumatic/psychology , Stress Disorders, Traumatic/therapy , Depression/psychology , Depression/therapy , Patient Health Questionnaire
Rev. eletrônica enferm ; 23: 1-9, 2021. tab
Article in English, Portuguese | LILACS | ID: biblio-1146933


Objetivou avaliar o efeito antes e depois de uma sessão de auriculoterapia nos níveis de ansiedade, depressão e estresse nos profissionais de enfermagem escalados para atuar na assistência durante a pandemia do coronavírus. Estudo de caso, com casos múltiplos e uma unidade de análise. Estabeleceu-se uma amostra por conveniência de 41 profissionais. Aplicou-se o instrumento de caracterização sociodemográfica e a escala de Depression, Anxiety, and Stress Scale, antes e após uma sessão de auriculoterapia com protocolo de 10 acupontos. Teste de Wilcoxon e T emparelhado foram empregados para análise. Níveis de ansiedade, depressão e estresse apresentaram resultados significativos, cujas medianas reduziram de seis para quatro (p<0,001), nas variáveis depressão e ansiedade, e a média de estresse reduziu de 19,37 para 11,95 (p<0,001). A auriculoterapia foi efetiva na redução de distúrbios emocionais nos profissionais de enfermagem.

This study aimed to evaluate the levels of anxiety, depression and stress before and after an auriculotherapy session, in nursing professionals working during the coronavirus pandemic. Case study, with multiple cases and one unit of analysis. A convenience sample of 41 professionals was established. The sociodemographic characterization instrument and the Depression, Anxiety, and Stress Scale were applied before and after an auriculotherapy session with a 10-acupoint protocol. The Wilcoxon and t tests were paired for analysis. Anxiety, depression and stress levels showed significant results, the medians decreased from six to four (p<0.001), in the variables depression and anxiety, and the average stress decreased from 19.37 to 11.95 (p<0.001). Auriculotherapy was effective in reducing emotional disorders in nursing professionals.

Humans , Male , Female , Adult , Middle Aged , Anxiety/therapy , Stress, Psychological/therapy , Acupuncture, Ear/psychology , Depression/therapy , Nurse Practitioners/psychology , Socioeconomic Factors , Treatment Outcome , Coronavirus Infections/psychology , Pandemics , Betacoronavirus
Rev. Pesqui. (Univ. Fed. Estado Rio J., Online) ; 13: 843-848, jan.-dez. 2021. ilus
Article in English, Portuguese | LILACS, BDENF | ID: biblio-1179819


Objective:Identify the scientific evidence on the contributions of Integrative Community Therapy (TCI) in the health promotion of the population and university students. Method: this is an integrative review of the literature. The search was performed between 2009 and 2018 in the databases Pubmed/MEDLINE, CINAHL, LILACS and SCIELO. The articles included were submitted to classification of the level of evidence and to thematic analysis. Results: 191 articles were identified. Of these, 16 constituted the corpus of the review and involved the following themed categories: social representation and cultural resources in TCI; contributions of TCI in the constitution of support networks, individual empowerment and in the confrontation of emotional suffering and TCI in the promotion of health in university students. Conclusion: TCI provides significant contributions as a therapeutic tool in promoting health in different cultural and social contexts, however, it is noted that there is a shortage of research aimed at university students, which points out the need for further studies

Objetivo: Identificar as evidências científicas sobre as contribuições da Terapia Comunitária Integrativa (TCI) na promoção da saúde da população e em estudantes universitários. Método: trata-se de uma revisão integrativa da literatura. A busca foi realizada entre 2009 a 2018 nas bases de dados Pubmed/MEDLINE, CINAHL, LILACS e SCIELO. Os artigos incluídos foram submetidos à classificação do nível de evidência e análise temática. Resultados: foram identificados 191 artigos. Desses, 16 compuseram o corpus da revisão e envolveram as seguintes categorias temáticas: representação social e recursos culturais na TCI; contribuições da TCI na constituição de redes de apoio, empoderamento individual e enfrentamento do sofrimento emocional e TCI na promoção da saúde em estudantes universitários. Conclusão: a TCI proporciona significativas contribuições como instrumento terapêutico na promoção da saúde em diferentes contextos culturais e sociais, contudo, nota-se que há escassez de pesquisas voltadas para estudantes universitários, o que aponta a necessidade de novos estudos

Objetivo: Identificar la evidencia científica sobre las contribuciones de la Terapia Comunitaria Integrativa (TCI) en la promoción de la salud de la población y los estudiantes universitarios. Método: esta es una revisión integradora de la literatura. La búsqueda se realizó entre 2009 y 2018 en las bases de datos Pubmed / MEDLINE, CINAHL, LILACS y SCIELO. Los artículos incluidos fueron sometidos a una clasificación del nivel de evidencia y al análisis temático. Resultados: fue identificado 191 artículos. De estos, 16 constituyeron el corpus de la revisión e involucraron las siguientes categorías temáticas: representación social y recursos culturales en el TCI; Contribuciones de TCI en la constitución de redes de apoyo, empoderamiento individual y en la confrontación del sufrimiento emocional y TCI en la promoción de la salud en estudiantes universitarios. Conclusión: la TCI proporciona importantes contribuciones como herramienta terapéutica para promover la salud en diferentes contextos culturales y sociales, sin embargo, se observa que hay una escasez de investigaciones dirigidas a estudiantes universitarios, lo que señala la necesidad de estudios adicionales

Humans , Male , Female , Stress, Psychological/therapy , Students , Complementary Therapies/trends , Health Promotion , Adaptation, Psychological , Universities , Psychological Distress
Guatemala; MSPAS; 22 mayo 2020. 18 p. graf.
Non-conventional in Spanish | LIGCSA, LILACS | ID: biblio-1096854


Establece los lineamientos técnicos normativos para la promoción de la salud mental y prevención de la enfermedad mental, a nivel personal, familiar y comunitario, así como para las y los proveedores de salud ante el evento Coronavirus. Identificando los riesgos de salud mental desencadenados por el evento Coronavirus.

Humans , Pneumonia, Viral/mortality , Pneumonia, Viral/psychology , Mental Health/standards , Coronavirus Infections/mortality , Coronavirus Infections/psychology , Betacoronavirus , Stress, Psychological/therapy , Grief , Health Personnel/psychology , Pandemics/prevention & control , Guatemala
Arq. ciências saúde UNIPAR ; 23(3): [181-187], set-dez. 2019.
Article in Portuguese | LILACS | ID: biblio-1046176


A família é um grupo social de fundamental importância para o desenvolvimento humano. Ao se tratar de crianças e adolescentes com transtorno mental, a participação de seus familiares se torna ainda mais importante para o sucesso da terapêutica. Trata-se de um estudo exploratório com abordagem qualitativa que tem como objetivo entender afamília e o papel do Centro de Atenção Psicossocial Infanto Juvenil (CAPS IJ) de Apucarana-PR no cuidado à criança e ao adolescente em sofrimento psíquico, na perspectiva dos próprios familiares. Os dados foram obtidos mediante entrevistas com 10 familiares. Após a análise do conteúdo, as informações foram organizados em três categorias: Centralidade da família no processo de cuidado; Percepção da família sobre a responsabilidade do CAPS; e Real participação da família no cuidado e no tratamento intra CAPS. Os resultados revelam a dificuldade que os familiares têm em perceber o CAPS IJ como local de cuidado, bem como, identificar o papel da família no tratamento; a participação marcante da mãe/mulher no cuidado; o papel afetivo, emocional e de suporte da família; e a importância do diálogo entre os profissionais do CAPS IJ e os familiares como forma de inserção da família no cuidado no CAPS. Conclui-se que, apesar das famílias terem participação essencial no cuidado terapêutico, muitos familiares ainda desconhecem qual o seu real papel no cuidado e tratamento do indivíduo com transtorno mental, além de terem dificuldade de perceber a posição do CAPS neste processo.O diálogo mais constante dos profissionais com as famílias, bem como o alinhamento junto às famílias do que é o serviço e seus atributos são apontados como alternativas de qualificação do cuidado dessas crianças e adolescentes em sofrimento psíquico.

The family is an essential social group for human development. When dealing with children and adolescents with mental disorders, the participation of their relatives is even more important for the success of the therapy. This is an exploratory qualitative study that aims at understanding the family and the role of the Psychosocial Care Center for Children and Adolescents (CAPS IJ) in the city of Apucarana-PR regarding the care to children and adolescents in mental distress, from the point of view of the family members. The data was obtained from interviews with 10 family members. After analyzing the content, the information was organized into three categories: Centrality of the family in the caring process; Perception of the family about the responsibility of the CAPS; and Actual family participation in intra CAPS care and treatment. The results reveal the difficulty that family members have in perceiving CAPS IJ as a place of care, as well as identifying the role of the family in the courses of treatment; the significant participation of the mother/woman in the care; the affective, emotional and supportive role of the family; and the importance of dialogue between the CAPS professionals and the family members as a way of inserting the family in CAPS care. In conclusion, although families have an essential participation in therapeutic care, many relatives are still unaware of their actual role in the care and treatment of the individual with mental disorder, besides having difficulty understanding the CAPS position in this process. A more constant dialogue between professionals and families, as well as the alignment of families with the service and its attributes are pointed out as alternatives to qualify the care of these children and adolescents in psychological distress.

Humans , Male , Female , Adult , Middle Aged , Young Adult , Family , Hospitals, Psychiatric , Mental Health Services , Stress, Psychological/therapy , Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice , Delivery of Health Care , Family Relations , Mental Disorders/therapy
Rev. pesqui. cuid. fundam. (Online) ; 11(2, n. esp): 464-469, jan. 2019. il
Article in English, Portuguese | LILACS, BDENF | ID: biblio-969918


Objective: Herein, the goal has been to know the perceptions of nursing undergraduate student about receiving the Therapeutic Touch. Methods: It is a descriptive-exploratory research with a qualitative approach, which was carried out with 10 nursing students from a Federal University from the Southern region of Brazil. For data collection, which was performed over October 2015, a semi-structured interview was used and the data were analyzed according to the discursive textual analysis. As a result, the following category emerged: The importance of caring for oneself and for others. Conclusion: The students reported a reduction of the signs of stress and pain, and an improvement in the sleep quality, leading to greater well-being. Hence, when people begin to consider subtler instances of life, it is possible to use strategies, such as the Therapeutic Touch, in order to provide a better quality of life for themselves, and later for the other

Objetivo: Conhecer as percepções de estudantes de graduação em enfermagem acerca do recebimento do Toque Terapêutico. Método: Pesquisa qualitativa, com abordagem descritiva exploratória, realizada com 10 estudantes de Enfermagem de uma Universidade Federal do sul do Brasil. Para a coleta de dados, realizada em outubro de 2015, utilizou-se uma entrevista semiestruturada e os dados foram analisados de acordo com a análise textual discursiva. Como resultado emergiu a categoria: A importância de cuidar de si e do outro. Conclusão: O relato dos estudantes evidenciou redução dos sinais de estresse e dor, melhora na qualidade sono, acarretando em maior bem-estar. Logo, quando as pessoas passam a considerar instâncias mais sutis da vida é possível utilizar estratégias, como o toque terapêutico, a fim de proporcionar maior qualidade de vida para si e posteriormente para o outro

Objetivo: Conocer las percepciones de los universitarios sobre la recepción de Toque Terapéutico. Método: La investigación cualitativa con enfoque exploratorio descriptivo, realizado con 10 estudiantes de enfermería de la Universidad Federal del Sur de Brasil. Para recopilar los datos, llevadas en octubre el año 2015, se utilizó una entrevista semiestructurada y los datos se analizaron de acuerdo con el análisis textual discursiva. Como resultado surgió la categoría: La importancia de cuidar de sí mismos y entre sí. Conclusión: El informe de los estudiantes mostró signos de reducción de estrés y el dolor, mejorar la calidad del sueño, lo que resulta en un mayor bienestar. Así que cuando la gente viene a considerar más sutiles instancias de la vida se puede utilizar estrategias como el toque terapéutico, con el fin de proporcionar una mayor calidad de vida para ellos y luego hacia el otro

Humans , Male , Female , Adult , Stress, Psychological/therapy , Students, Nursing , Complementary Therapies/statistics & numerical data , Stress, Psychological/prevention & control , Complementary Therapies/trends
Psicol. USP ; 30: e180011, 2019.
Article in Portuguese | LILACS, INDEXPSI | ID: biblio-1040843


Resumo Investigar a especificidade dos padecimentos psíquicos na atualidade a partir da discussão sobre a matéria-prima da psicanálise, visando pensar formas de intervenção terapêutica para além do modelo que tem no universo representativo sua referência maior. Para tanto, vamos trabalhar a distinção entre realidade material e realidade psíquica e analisar os termos Vorstellung e Darstellung como indicadores das diferentes formas de elaboração psíquica.

Résumé Investiguer la spécificité des souffrances psychiques dans la contemporaneité à partir du débat sur la matière première de la psychanalyse, afin de penser aux formes d'intervention thérapeutique au delà du modèle qui tient dans l'univers représentatif sa référence majeure. Pour ce but on va travailler la distinction entre realité matérielle et realité psychique et analyser les termes Vorstellung et Darstellung comme repères des différentes formes d'elaboration psychique.

Resumen Investigar la especificidad de los padecimientos psíquicos en la actualidad a partir de la discusión sobre la materia prima del psicoanálisis, con el objetivo de pensar formas de intervención terapéutica más allá del modelo que tiene en el universo representativo su mayor referencia. Para esto, vamos a trabajar la distinción entre la realidad material y la realidad psíquica y analizar los términos Vorstellung y Darstellung como indicadores de las diferentes formas de elaboración psíquica.

Abstract To investigate the specificity of the psychological distress nowadays, beginning this discussion in the psychoanalysis' raw material. Thus, we are aiming at different kinds of therapeutic intervention which escapes from a model that has, in the representative universe, its biggest reference. Moreover, we will work out the distinction between material reality and psychic reality and analyze the terms Vorstellung and Darstellung as indicators of different forms of psychic elaboration.

Stress, Psychological/psychology , Stress, Psychological/therapy , Psychoanalysis , Psychopathology
Pensar mov ; 16(1): e30335, ene.-jun. 2018. tab, graf
Article in Spanish | LILACS | ID: biblio-1091617


Resumen Azofeifa-Mora, C.A. (2018). Revisión de los beneficios de la intensidad y modalidades del ejercicio físico sobre el estrés psicológico. PENSAR EN MOVIMIENTO: Revista de Ciencias del Ejercicio y la Salud, 16(1), 1-21. El propósito de esta revisión sistemática fue hacer un recuento de los principales resultados de la intensidad del ejercicio físico, así como del entrenamiento aeróbico, fuerza muscular, yoga, tai chi y pilates como estrategias de afrontamiento en la disminución del estrés psicológico. Para ello se realizó una búsqueda en diversas bases de datos (Google Académico, SportDiscus, Science Direct, Scopus, Springer Link) de artículos científicos publicados desde el 2010 hasta el 2017, bajo las siguientes palabras claves (en español e inglés): estrés psicológico, ejercicio, entrenamiento aeróbico, fuerza, yoga, pilates, tai chi, intensidad, cortisol y actividad física. Para un total de 32 artículos utilizados. Según estos artículos, la mayor intensidad al momento de practicar ejercicio físico produce mayores beneficios sobre la disminución del estrés psicológico; además, el entrenamiento aeróbico y la práctica de yoga son las modalidades sobre las cuales recaen los mayores beneficios, según los resultados mostrados en las investigaciones, en la disminución del estrés psicológico y, por el contrario, en cuanto al entrenamiento de la fuerza muscular, el tai chi y los pilates es necesaria una mayor cantidad de estudios para poder determinar su efectividad en el manejo del estrés.

Abstract Azofeifa-Mora, C.A. (2018). Review of the benefits of physical exercise on psychological stress based on intensity and mode. PENSAR EN MOVIMIENTO: Revista de Ciencias del Ejercicio y la Salud, 16(1), 1-21.The purpose of this systematic review was to summarize the main results of physical exercise based on intensity and mode, including aerobic training, muscle strength, yoga, tai chi and Pilates as coping strategies to reduce psychological stress. Consulting several databases (Google Scholar, SportDiscus, Science Direct, Scopus, and Springer Link), a search was conducted for scientific articles published from 2010 to 2017, using the following keywords in English and Spanish: stress, physiological stress, wellness, exercise, aerobic training, strength training, endurance training, intensity, physical activity y burnout. A total of 32 articles was selected. According to these articles, the greater the intensity when practicing physical exercise, the greater the benefits to reduce psychological stress. In addition, aerobic and yoga exercises are the modes with the most benefits to reduce stress based on the results in the articles consulted. On the contrary, as far as training for muscular strength, tai chi and Pilates require further studies to be able to determine their effectiveness in managing stress.

Resumo Azofeifa-Mora, C.A. (2018). Revisão dos benefícios da intensidade e modalidades do exercício físico sobre o estresse psicológico. PENSAR EN MOVIMIENTO: Revista de Ciencias del Ejercicio y la Salud, 16(1), 1-21. O propósito desta revisão sistemática foi fazer uma recontagem dos principais resultados da intensidade do exercício físico, bem como do treinamento aeróbico, força muscular, ioga, Tai chi e Pilates como estratégias para enfrentar a luta na diminuição do estresse psicológico. Para isso, realizou-se uma busca em diversas bases de dados (Google Acadêmico, SportDiscus, Science Direct, Scopus, Springer Link) de artigos científicos publicados desde 2010 até 2017, usando as seguintes palavras chaves (em Espanhol e Inglês): estresse psicológico, exercício, treinamento aeróbico, força, ioga, Pilates, Tai chi, intensidade, cortisol e atividade física, totalizando 32 artigos utilizados. Segundo esses artigos, a maior intensidade no momento de praticar exercício físico produz maiores benefícios sobre a diminuição do estresse psicológico; além disso, o treinamento aeróbico e a prática de ioga são as modalidades sobre as quais recaem os maiores benefícios, segundo os resultados mostrados nas pesquisas, na diminuição do estresse psicológico e, pelo contrário, com relação ao treinamento da força muscular, o Tai chi e o Pilates requerem uma maior quantidade de estudos para poder determinar sua efetividade no manejo do estresse. Azofeifa-Mora, C.A. (2018). Revisão dos benefícios da intensidade e modalidades do exercício físico sobre o estresse psicológico. PENSAR EN MOVIMIENTO: Revista de Ciencias del Ejercicio y la Salud, 16(1), 1-21. O propósito desta revisão sistemática foi fazer uma recontagem dos principais resultados da intensidade do exercício físico, bem como do treinamento aeróbico, força muscular, ioga, Tai chi e Pilates como estratégias para enfrentar a luta na diminuição do estresse psicológico. Para isso, realizou-se uma busca em diversas bases de dados (Google Acadêmico, SportDiscus, Science Direct, Scopus, Springer Link) de artigos científicos publicados desde 2010 até 2017, usando as seguintes palavras chaves (em Espanhol e Inglês): estresse psicológico, exercício, treinamento aeróbico, força, ioga, Pilates, Tai chi, intensidade, cortisol e atividade física, totalizando 32 artigos utilizados. Segundo esses artigos, a maior intensidade no momento de praticar exercício físico produz maiores benefícios sobre a diminuição do estresse psicológico; além disso, o treinamento aeróbico e a prática de ioga são as modalidades sobre as quais recaem os maiores benefícios, segundo os resultados mostrados nas pesquisas, na diminuição do estresse psicológico e, pelo contrário, com relação ao treinamento da força muscular, o Tai chi e o Pilates requerem uma maior quantidade de estudos para poder determinar sua efetividade no manejo do estresse.

Humans , Male , Female , Stress, Psychological/prevention & control , Stress, Psychological/therapy , Exercise/psychology , High-Intensity Interval Training , Yoga , Tai Ji , Exercise Movement Techniques
Rev. Hosp. Ital. B. Aires (2004) ; 38(1): 31-33, mar. 2018.
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El médico de familia está capacitado para resolver la mayoría de los problemas de salud de sus pacientes. Dentro del consultorio, el cansancio constituye un motivo de consulta muy frecuente. Su abordaje debe incluir la evaluación del contexto del paciente y un enfoque sistémico que incluya otros niveles diagnósticos y terapéuticos. Se presenta el caso de una paciente que, a partir de este motivo de consulta tan frecuente y junto a intervenciones de su médico de cabecera, logró modificar el foco del problema y comenzar un tratamiento acorde. (AU)

Family physicians are able to solve the majority of their patients' health issues. In the office, fatigue is a common complaint. Its approach should include the evaluation of the context of the patient and a systemic approach that includes other diagnostic and therapeutic levels. We present the case of a patient who went to his doctor with a common complaint and was able to change the focus of the problem and begin a consistent treatment. (AU)

Humans , Female , Adult , Physician-Patient Relations , Stress, Psychological/psychology , Vaginismus/psychology , Fatigue/diagnosis , Physician's Role , Sex Offenses/psychology , Stress, Psychological/therapy , Sertraline/therapeutic use , Vaginismus/diagnosis , Family Practice , Fatigue/therapy , Patient Comfort
Rev. bras. enferm ; 71(supl.4): 1663-1670, 2018. graf
Article in English | LILACS, BDENF | ID: biblio-958800


ABSTRACT Objective: To understand the resistance strategies adopted by undergraduate students in nursing, faced with situations of moral distress (MD). Method: Qualitative research, developed in three universities in the south of Brazil, two federal and one private, with 21 undergraduate students in nursing from December 2015 to February 2016; the data was submitted to the discursive textual analysis and Foucauldian theoretical reference. Results: Students resisting demonstrate a sense of self-preservation and moral empowerment. Moreover, non-resistance initiatives are related to the fear of possible sanctions. Thus, by resisting or not, students may experience both positive and negative repercussions. Final considerations: By resisting, students aim to defend what they believe to be right, demonstrating their moral empowerment in the face of their moral distress. However, the exercise of disciplinary power seems to contribute to their moral fragilization, making it difficult to implement resistance strategies.

RESUMEN Objetivo: Comprender las estrategias de resistencia adoptadas por los estudiantes de graduación en enfermería, ante situaciones de sufrimiento moral (SM). Método: La investigación cualitativa, desarrollada en tres universidades del sur de Brasil, dos públicas y una privada, con 21 estudiantes de graduación en enfermería, entre diciembre de 2015 y febrero de 2016; los datos fueron sometidos al análisis textual discursivo y referencial teórico foucaultiano. Resultados: Los estudiantes al resistir demuestran un sentido de autopreservación y fortalecimiento moral. Aún, acciones de no resistencia se relacionan con el temor de posibles sanciones. Así, al resistir, o no, los estudiantes pueden experimentar repercusiones tanto positivas como negativas. Consideraciones finales: Al resistir, los estudiantes pretenden defender lo que creen ser lo correcto, demostrando su fortalecimiento moral ante el sufrimiento moral. Sin embargo, el ejercicio del poder disciplinario parece contribuir a su debilidad moral, dificultando la implementación de estrategias de resistencia.

RESUMO Objetivo: Compreender as estratégias de resistência adotadas pelos estudantes de graduação em enfermagem, diante de situações de sofrimento moral (SM). Método: Pesquisa qualitativa, desenvolvida em três universidades do sul do Brasil, duas federais e uma privada, com 21 estudantes de graduação em enfermagem, entre dezembro de 2015 e fevereiro de 2016; os dados foram submetidos à análise textual discursiva e referencial teórico foucaultiano. Resultados: Os estudantes ao resistirem demonstram um senso de autopreservação e fortalecimento moral. Ainda, ações de não resistência relacionam-se ao medo de possíveis sanções. Assim, ao resistir ou não, os estudantes podem vivenciar repercussões tanto positivas como negativas. Considerações finais: Ao resistir, os estudantes visam defender o que acreditam ser o correto, demonstrando seu fortalecimento moral diante do sofrimento moral. No entanto, o exercício do poder disciplinar parece contribuir para sua fragilização moral, dificultando a implementação de estratégias de resistência.

Humans , Male , Female , Adult , Stress, Psychological/therapy , Students, Nursing/psychology , Stress, Psychological/etiology , Stress, Psychological/psychology , Brazil , Power, Psychological , Qualitative Research , Education, Nursing, Baccalaureate/methods , Middle Aged
Lima; s.n; 2018. 1-96 p. tab, graf.
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El Hatha yoga es una práctica ancestral que ha surgido en Occidente como un antídoto para el estrés (Field, 2011). Esta técnica involucra la práctica de ejercicios físicos, técnicas de respiración y meditación (Riley, 2004). Objetivos: El presente estudio buscó conocer los efectos de un programa de Hatha yoga en el estrés percibido de estudiantes universitarios de una universidad privada de Lima Metropolitana. Metodología: Se optó por realizar un estudio piloto de corte cuasi experimental, con dos grupos (control y experimental) medidos antes, durante y después del programa. Luego de medir en una primera instancia el estrés percibido en los participantes de ambos grupos, el grupo experimental inició un programa de hatha yoga mientras que el grupo control fue sometido a un programa de imaginería guiada. Al finalizar la aplicación de ambos programas, los datos fueron analizados con los estadísticos ANOVA de medidas repetidas y t de student. Resultados: Los resultados demostraron que tras el programa de Hatha yoga el estrés percibido de los estudiantes universitarios disminuyó de manera significativa. (AU)

Humans , Stress, Psychological/therapy , Students , Yoga , Peru , Complementary Therapies
Einstein (Säo Paulo) ; 16(4): eRW4383, 2018. tab, graf
Article in English | LILACS | ID: biblio-975097


ABSTRACT Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction practices increase the capacity for concentration and attention, and these practices are particularly effective for people with breast cancer. To analyze the effects of the application of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction on breast cancer symptoms. Systematic review and meta-analysis were carried out. To find suitable studies, the PubMed/ MEDLINE database was searched using the keywords "breast cancer" and "Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction". Studies included were published between 2013 and 2017, written in English and showed methodological quality through the PEDro scale (score greater than 3). They also presented empirical evidence, had an experimental study design (randomized or non-randomized), and had full text available. For the meta-analysis, we used a random-effects model, with standardized mean differences and 95% confidence intervals. Seven studies were included, one non-randomized and containing only an intervention group of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, and six randomized including samples of two or three groups. The non-randomized study showed 6 points on the PEDro scale, the randomized studies of two groups 6 to 7 points and studies with three groups showed 7 points. In the meta-analysis of the two randomized studies, the results, although not significant, revealed a moderate effect for Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction on the outcome of fatigue, with a mean difference of −0.42 (95%CI −0.92- −0.07; p=0.09). Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction seems to be a promising alternative for treatment of this disease's symptoms.

RESUMO A prática da Redução de Estresse Baseada em Mindfulness aumenta a capacidade de concentração e de atenção, sendo particularmente eficaz para pessoas com câncer de mama. O objetivo deste estudo foi analisar os efeitos da Redução de Estresse Baseada em Mindfulness nos sintomas de câncer de mama. Revisão sistemática e metanálise, na qual, para encontrar os estudos adequados, foi feita busca, no banco de dados PubMed/MEDLINE, usando as palavras-chave "breast cancer" e "mindfulness-based stress reduction". Foram selecionados estudos em inglês publicados entre 2013 e 2017. Os estudos foram avaliados de acordo com sua qualidade metodológica pela escala PEDro (pontuação superior a 3), estudos que apresentaram evidências empíricas, desenho experimental (randomizado e não randomizado) e que estavam disponíveis na íntegra. Para a metanálise, utilizou-se um modelo de efeitos aleatórios com diferenças de médias padronizadas e intervalos de confiança de 95%. Sete estudos foram incluídos, sendo um não randomizado, contendo apenas um grupo de intervenção da Redução de Estresse Baseada em Mindfulness e seis estudos randomizados, divididos em amostras de dois grupos ou de três grupos. Os estudos não randomizados apresentaram escala PEDro de 6 pontos e os estudos randomizados de dois (de 6 a 7 pontos) e três grupos (7 pontos). Na metanálise, o resultado dos dois estudos randomizados selecionados, apesar de não significativo, revelou um efeito moderado da Redução de Estresse Baseada em Mindfulness sobre o desfecho da fadiga, com diferença média de −0,42 (IC95% −0,92- −0,07; p=0,09). A Redução de Estresse Baseada em Mindfulness apresenta-se como alternativa promissora para tratamento dessa doença.

Humans , Female , Stress, Psychological/therapy , Breast Neoplasms/psychology , Mindfulness/methods , Depression/psychology , Fatigue/psychology
Psicol. reflex. crit ; 30: 26, 2017. tab, graf
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Abstract The objective of this study was to describe and evaluate the effects of a pilot intervention on perceived stress, knowledge about hypertension, and illness perception among hypertensive and normotensive workers. The intervention consisted of two group sessions performed in the workplace aiming to reduce stress, increase knowledge about hypertension, and explore the effect on illness perception. The sessions included clinical aspects of systemic arterial hypertension, illness perception and health behavior, and strategies for stress management. Workers from a petrochemical industry (19 hypertensive and 14 normotensive) participated in the study by answering a biosociodemographic questionnaire, the Brief Illness Perception Questionnaire, the Perceived Stress Scale, and a quiz with questions about hypertension. The measurements were collected at an initial meeting to gather the participants and 90 days after the intervention. There was a significant reduction in the perceived stress levels of both groups, in addition to an increase in the perception of personal control and illness coherence. Normotensive workers also increased their knowledge about hypertension, while hypertensive patients increased the perception that treatment could control the illness. In conclusion, the pilot intervention generated positive effects and can be considered a strategy of illness prevention for normotensive workers and control for hypertensive patients.

Humans , Male , Female , Adult , Middle Aged , Stress, Psychological/therapy , Occupational Health , Hypertension/prevention & control
Dolor ; 25(66): 14-23, dic. 2016. tab.
Article in Spanish | LILACS | ID: biblio-1095943


La psicología de la salud está al servicio de la medicina y busca evaluar, estudiar e intervenir en los factores psicológicos que influyen en el proceso de salud y enfermedad. a raíz del aumento de las cirugías y su calidad de evento estresor, que genera comprensivamente ansiedad en cualquier paciente, es aún más relevante el estudio de dichos factores.el presente trabajo tiene como objetivo dar a conocer en una revisión teórica las estrategias de afrontamiento, que son uno de los factores cognitivos-conductuales más importantes. Esta revisión se realizará según el modelo transaccional de estrés y afrontamiento de Lazarus & Folkman en pacientes quirúrgicos bariátricos, lumbares y plásticos.

The psychology of health is at the service of medicine and seeks to evaluate, study and intervene on the psychological factors that influence the health and disease process. as a result of the increase in surgeries, and its quality as a stressor event, which comprehensively generates anxiety in any patient, the study of these factors is even more relevant. The present work aims to present in a theoretical review the coping strategies, which are one of the most important cognitive-behavioral factors. this review will be performed according to the Lazarus & Folkman transactional stress and coping model in bariatric, lumbar and plastic surgical patients.

Humans , Stress, Psychological/therapy , Surgery, Plastic/psychology , Adaptation, Psychological , Bariatric Surgery/psychology , Pain Management/methods , Pain/psychology , Low Back Pain/surgery , Models, Theoretical