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Virtual reality of acupuncture manipulation in digital virtual human / 中国组织工程研究
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-503378
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The three-dimensional structure of acupoint anatomy was integrated into the teaching of acupuncture manipulation. Combined with the implementation and application of the acupuncture and moxibustion in digital virtual human, it can greatly improve the teaching effect and learning interest.


To investigate the acupuncture virtual human with integration of virtual reality force feedback technology and tissue deformation.


Using virtual reality technology, with computer as the core, we generated a specific range of virtual environment with realistic visual, auditory and tactile integration, col ected clinical expert acupuncture technique, matched the sensing equipment that can reflect the intensity, displacement and speed sensing of acupuncture. Based on image segmentation of virtual human, we constructed human tissue mechanics model, built virtual acupuncture-force-feedback system, and faithful y transmitted to the operator by a force feedback device. On one hand, based on VOXEL-MAN virtual human development platform, we finished the three-dimensional browser redevelopment of the science of acupuncture and moxibustion of Shu acupoint, which provided visual perception for people. On the other hand, based on modern biomechanics theory, we established models by graphics and image processing technology and force feedback technology. The stress process of the structure of each layer in the acupuncture point area was given to people in a sense of touch by the manner of virtual reality and force feedback. RESULTS AND


With the man-machine interactive operation platform of virtual acupuncture force feedback system, operator could see the dynamic process of acupuncture needle into human body, and could feel the real counterforce in the control terminal of force feedback instrument. By operating acupuncture needle in virtual environment of force feedback instrument, acupuncture was performed in virtual human. The system meets the two requirementsthe feedback changes produced by tissue interaction were similar to real acupuncture feedback force data measured by instrument. The acupuncture needle entered into different tissues, a sense of power changed significantly;there was progressive feeling with different layers, reaching a realistic experience. During the whole training, the image was smooth;virtual needle was responsive, which better meets the requirements of virtual reality.
Full text: Available Index: WPRIM (Western Pacific) Language: Chinese Journal: Chinese Journal of Tissue Engineering Research Year: 2016 Type: Article





Full text: Available Index: WPRIM (Western Pacific) Language: Chinese Journal: Chinese Journal of Tissue Engineering Research Year: 2016 Type: Article