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Regulatory Effect of Huaihuasan Combined with Taohuatang on Immune Inflammation During Active Period of Ulcerative Colitis with Cold-heat Syndrome / 中国实验方剂学杂志
Chinese Journal of Experimental Traditional Medical Formulae ; (24): 86-91, 2020.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-862664


To observe effect of addition and subtraction therapy of Huaihuasan combined with Taohuatang to ulcerative colitis with cold-heat complicated syndrome at active stage, and to study regulation effect to immune function and inflammatory response.


One hundred and twelve patients were randomly divided into control group and observation group by random number table. Patients with light and middle symptoms in control group got mesalazine slow release tablets, 1.0 g/time, 3 times/days, patients with severe symptoms or whose symptoms were not changed after getting for 4 weeks in control group got prednisone acetate tablets, 0.75 mg·kg-1·d-1 for 3 times. Based on the treatment in control group, patients in observation group added Huaihuasan combined with Taohuatang, 1 dose/day. The course of treatment was 4 weeks. At remission period, mesalazine slow release tablets were used for maintain long-term maintenance therapy, 0.5 g/times, 3 times/days. Scores of disease activities were graded by improvement mayo, and clinical remission and clinical efficacy were recorded, scores of cold-heat complicated syndrome, mucous membrane under enteroscopy and histology of mucosa belongs to Geboes were graded. And levels of tumor necrosis factor-α(TNF-α) in peripheral blood, interleukin-8 (IL-8), IL-10, T lymphocyte subsets (CD4+, CD8+), and adverse reactions, 6 months' follow-up and recurrence were also be recorded.


Therapeutic effect of traditional Chinese medicine syndromes were analyzed by rank sum test, which in observation group was better than that in control group (Z=1.915, P<0.05). Clinical effect in observation group was 98.04%(50/51) higher than 84.00%(42/50) in control group, clinical remission rate was 94.12%(48/51) higher than 78.00%(39/50) in control group, and mucosal healing rate was 96.08%(49/51) higher than 82.00%(41/50) in control group (P<0.05). Scores of mayo, cold-heat complicated syndrome, colonic mucosa and index scores of Geboes were all lower than those in control group (P<0.01). And levels of TNF-α, IL-8 and CD8+ were lower than those in control group (P<0.01), and levels of IL-10, CD4+ and CD4+ /CD8+ were higher than those in control group (P<0.01). Recurrence rate during 6 months in observation group was 10.42%(5/48) lower than 30.77%(12/39) in control group (χ2=5.669, P<0.05), as for adverse reactions, there was no significant difference between two groups.


Huaihuasan combined with Taohuatang can induce UC to remission period, inhibit the activity of disease, alleviate clinical symptoms, regulate immune function and expression of inflammatory factors, alleviate inflammatory reaction, promote intestinal mucosal healing, and can maintain clinical remission and reduce recurrence. The clinical efficacy is superior to that of 5-ASA/glucocorticoid in Western medicine.

Full text: Available Index: WPRIM (Western Pacific) Language: Chinese Journal: Chinese Journal of Experimental Traditional Medical Formulae Year: 2020 Type: Article





Full text: Available Index: WPRIM (Western Pacific) Language: Chinese Journal: Chinese Journal of Experimental Traditional Medical Formulae Year: 2020 Type: Article