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Piloerection as the sole symptom of epilepsy: A case report and review of literature

Ji-Qing QIU; Yu CUI; Li-Chao SUN; Bin QI; Xiao-Bo ZHU; Zhan-Peng ZHU.
Neurology Asia; : 163-175, 2018.
Article in English | WPRIM (Western Pacific) | ID: wprim-732227
Piloerection is an involuntary erection of body hairs that usually has physiological correlates such as cold or a strong emotional experience. Piloerection may also be a rare manifestation of seizure.Here, we report a case of 54-year-old man who experienced pilomotor seizures from temporal lobe epilepsy. The patient presented with sudden piloerection and no loss of consciousness many times a day. Magnetic resonance imagingof the brain showed threelesions in the right hemisphere, with the largest lesion in the right temporal lobe. A video-EEG showed an ictal discharge in the delta range with right temporal onset. Digital subtraction angiography excluded arteriovenous malformation. The lesion in the right temporal lobe was resected. Immunohistochemistry confirmed a cerebral cavernous malformation. There was no further seizure. A review of the published literature revealed that ictal piloerection as a lone manifestation is rare. Most cases of pilomotor seizure originate in the temporal lobe. Close to four fifth of the cases has a structural lesion. EEG was able to confirm the diagnosis of ictal piloerection in the majority of cases.
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