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Cellular Microbiology ; 2023 (no pagination), 2023.
Article in English | EMBASE | ID: covidwho-2320877
Chinese General Practice ; 26(5):607-620, 2023.
Article in Chinese | Scopus | ID: covidwho-2237526


Background The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has turned into a global catastrophic public health crisis,and the conclusion about the risk factors of hospital death in COVID-19 patients is not uniform. Objective To explore risk factors of in-hospital death in patients with COVID-19 by a meta-analysis. Methods Case-control studies about risk factors of in-hospital death in COVID-19 patients were searched from databases of the Cochrane Library,ScienceDirect,PubMed,Medline,Wanfang Data,CNKI and CQVIP from inception to October 1,2021. Literature screening,data extraction and methodological quality assessment were conducted. Meta-analysis was performed using Stata 15.1. Meta-regression was used to explore the potential sources of heterogeneity. Results Eighty studies were included which involving 405 157 cases〔349 923 were survivors(86.37%),and 55 234 deaths(13.63%)〕,that were rated as being of high quality by the Newcastle-Ottawa Scale. Meta-analysis showed that being male〔OR=1.49,95%CI(1.41,1.57),P<0.001),older age〔WMD=10.44,95%CI(9.79,11.09),P<0.001〕,dyspnoea〔OR=2.09,95%CI(1.80,2.43),P<0.001〕,fatigue〔OR=1.49,95%CI(1.31,1.69),P<0.001〕,obesity〔OR=1.46,95%CI(1.43,1.50),P<0.001〕,smoking〔OR=1.18,95%CI (1.14,1.23),P<0.001〕,stroke〔OR=2.26,95%CI(1.41,3.62),P<0.001〕,kidney disease〔OR=3.62,95%CI (3.26,4.03),P<0.001〕,cardiovascular disease〔OR=2.34,95%CI(2.21,2.47),P<0.001〕,hypertension〔OR=2.23,95%CI(2.10,2.37),P<0.001〕,diabetes〔OR=1.84,95%CI(1.74,1.94),P<0.001〕,cancer〔OR=1.86,95%CI (1.69,2.05),P<0.001〕,pulmonary disease〔OR=2.38,95%CI(2.19,2.58),P<0.001〕,liver disease〔OR=1.65,95%CI(1.36,2.01),P<0.001〕,elevated levels of white blood cell count〔WMD=2.03,95%CI(1.74,2.32),P<0.001〕,neutrophil count〔WMD=1.77,95%CI(1.49,2.05),P<0.001〕,total bilirubin〔WMD=3.19,95%CI(1.96,4.42),P<0.001〕,aspartate transaminase〔WMD=13.02,95%CI(11.70,14.34),P<0.001〕,alanine transaminase 〔WMD=2.76,95%CI(1.68,3.85),P<0.001〕,lactate dehydrogenase〔WMD=166.91,95%CI(150.17,183.64),P<0.001〕,blood urea nitrogen〔WMD=3.11,95%CI(2.61,3.60),P<0.001〕,serum creatinine〔WMD=22.06,95%CI (19.41,24.72),P<0.001〕,C-reactive protein〔WMD=76.45,95%CI (71.33,81.56),P<0.001〕,interleukin-6 〔WMD=28.21,95%CI(14.98,41.44),P<0.001〕,and erythrocyte sedimentation rate〔WMD=8.48,95%CI(5.79,11.17),P<0.001〕were associated with increased risk of in-hospital death for patients with COVID-19,while myalgia〔OR=0.73,95%CI(0.62,0.85),P<0.001〕,cough〔OR=0.87,95%CI(0.78,0.97),P=0.013〕,vomiting〔OR=0.73,95%CI (0.54,0.98),P=0.030〕,diarrhoea〔OR=0.79,95%CI(0.69,0.92),P=0.001〕,headache〔OR=0.55,95%CI(0.45,0.68),P<0.001〕,asthma〔OR=0.73,95%CI(0.69,0.78),P<0.001〕,low body mass index〔WMD=-0.58,95%CI (-1.10,-0.06),P=0.029〕,decreased lymphocyte count〔WMD=-0.36,95%CI(-0.39,-0.32),P<0.001〕,decreased platelet count 〔WMD=-38.26,95%CI(-44.37,-32.15),P<0.001〕,increased D-dimer〔WMD=0.79,95%CI(0.63,0.95),P<0.001〕,longer prothrombin time〔WMD=0.78,95%CI(0.61,0.94),P<0.001〕,lower albumin〔WMD =-1.88,95%CI(-2.35,-1.40),P<0.001〕,increased procalcitonin〔WMD=0.27,95%CI(0.24,0.31),P<0.001〕,and increased cardiac troponin〔WMD=0.04,95%CI(0.03,0.04),P<0.001〕were associated with decreased risk of in-hospital death due to COVID-19. According to the meta-regression result,the heterogeneity in gender,renal disease,cardiovascular diseases,asthma,white blood cell count,neutrophil count,platelet count,hemoglobin,and urea nitrogen differed siangificnatly by country(P<0.05). Conclusion The risk of in-hospital death due to COVID-19 may be increased by 25 factors(including being male,older age,dyspnoea,fatigue,obesity,smoking,stroke,kidney disease,cardiovascular disease,hypertension,diabetes,cancer,pulmonary disease,liver disease,elevated levels of white blood cells,neutrophil count,total bilirubin,aspartate transaminase,alanine transaminase,lactate dehydrogenase,blood urea nitrogen,serum creatinine,C-reactive protein,interleukin-6,and erythrocyte sedimentation rate),and may be decreased by 13 factors(including myalgia,cough,vomiting,diarrhoea,headache,asthma,low body mass index,decreased lymphocyte count and platelet count,increased D-dimer,longer prothrombin time,lower albumin,increased procalcitonin and cardiac troponin). The conclusion drawn from this study needs to be further confirmed by high-quality,multicenter,large-sample,real-world studies. © 2023 Chinese General Practice. All rights reserved.

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