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Proc. Int. Conf. Smart Technol. Comput., Electr. Electron., ICSTCEE ; : 575-580, 2020.
Article in English | Scopus | ID: covidwho-1044246


The emergence of cryptocurrency has sparked an interesting debate on the future of financial transactions. Post-COVID, there will be unbelievable advancements in the most popular and promising technology, cryptocurrency particularly bitcoins, as it is more valuable than any form of cryptocurrencies. Our work is about bitcoin price alert system using bolt Internet of Things (IOT) and Blockchain. In this research paper, we will be writing a python program that checks the current price of the bitcoin and sends an alert if the current price of the bitcoin is higher than the set selling price. The program checks the current price of bitcoins whenever the price of bitcoins is updated. And at that same time it compares the current price with the bitcoin price that has been set as selling price. It alerts through buzzer, email and message. For this we use Bolt Internet of Things (IOT) module and ubuntu software for writing program in python. © 2020 IEEE.

Proc. Int. Conf. Smart Technol. Comput., Electr. Electron., ICSTCEE ; : 13-18, 2020.
Article in English | Scopus | ID: covidwho-1044245


In light of the multiple legal issues, compliance and disruptions caused by the pandemic, organisations searching for new solutions need to know what smart contracts are and how they would function under the legal doctrine of force majeure in light of COVID-19. The Blockchains which use Bitcoin type of scripts have been popular as payment solutions, but it is less used as smart contracts. In the case of multi-level games and incremental project payments, there is a high potential to use Bitcoin type of scripts, but it is not being used currently. Interestingly, there have been attempts to associate smart contract mainly using Ethereum Blockchain but not with Bitcoin type of scripts. This article intends to demonstrate the novelty of designing smart contracts using Bitcoin type of scripts for hierarchical execution of smart contracts. An attempt is done to show its application in two use cases (multi-level reward games payment and incremental project payment). An evaluation is done with three methods each having a combination of pros and cons based on the requirements which aids in understanding for transparency and control over funds through Blockchain. © 2020 IEEE.