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Medycyna Rodzinna ; 3(4):30-32, 2021.
Article in Polish | GIM | ID: covidwho-1865714


Medical practice in various medical disciplines, especially in family medicine, in the time of a pandemic, indicates that in medical interviews patients not only talk about the ailments they report, but also report fear of death and passing away. Indeed, a special, individual approach to each patient is recommended, also in these matters, which is also important in the promotion of mental health. There are statements from patients that the more they know in the media about the successive waves of COVID-19 infections, the more often thoughts about death and passing related to fear for the future of themselves, their family and loved ones appear. Some patients even say: "what will happen to this world", what awaits humanity. According to psychologists, it is natural to react to a direct threat to life. It is worth analyzing the issue of the human approach to the phenomenon of passing away in an interdisciplinary context in the context of health sciences, medicine, but also the humanities, such as the history of medicine or the philosophy of medicine, as well as literature and art in general.

Medycyna Rodzinna ; 3(4):27-29, 2021.
Article in Polish | GIM | ID: covidwho-1865713


Health promotion during a pandemic is also one of the special tasks not only in the practice of a family doctor, which also results from changes in the lifestyle of patients. Since the start of coronavirus pandemic working from home, called home-office gained popularity not only amongst big corporations. Unfortunately not all the occupations has an option to do their job related responsibilities at their own personal desk. It would sound difficult to keep self-discipline while being able to watch TV without sudden consequences, but the results show that home workers do very well. The most important thing for the employer, which is productivity, increased in COVID-19 times. It can be caused by lack of disturbing noises and uncomfortable surroundings that could lead to stress. Allowing employees to do their jobs from home reduced the time spent every day on getting ready to work. For example for many people morning commute has become the thing of the past. Another positive aspect of home-office is workers time flexibility. While at home some people can plan their day in their own way. Some jobs in this situation have no arranged daily working hours, the only obligation is to do the task until the deadline. Maybe there are more advantages than disadvantages of working from home, but the negative sites can overcome the positives and have negative health effects. After some time one can get bored with their own four walls, or even feel alone and abandoned, which can lead to lowered well-being. In such a new time everybody should keep the balance between social and job-related life, as well as a proper diet and physical activity, for example through gymnastics at home. Communicating this knowledge to patients is important in both medical, in pharmacy counseling and nursing practice.

New Microbes New Infect ; 46: 100967, 2022 Mar.
Article in English | MEDLINE | ID: covidwho-1796255


There are few data on the range and severity of symptoms of SARS-CoV-2 infection or the impact on life quality in infected, previously healthy, young adults such as Swiss Armed Forces personnel. It is also unclear if an app can be used to remotely monitor symptoms in persons who test positive. Using a smartphone app called ITITP (Illness Tracking in Tested Persons) and weekly pop-up questionnaires, we aimed to evaluate the spectrum, duration, and impact of symptoms reported after a positive SARS-CoV-2 test according to sex, age, location, and comorbidities, and to compare these to responses from persons who tested negative. We followed up 502 participants (57% active participation), including 68 (13.5%) positive tested persons. Hospitalisation was reported by 6% of the positive tested participants. We found that positives reported significantly more symptoms that are typical of COVID-19 compared to negatives. These symptoms with odds ratio (OR > 1) were having difficulty breathing (OR 3.35; 95% CI: 1.16, 9.65; p = 0.03), having a reduced sense of taste (OR 5.45; 95% CI: 1.22, 24.34; p = 0.03) and a reduced sense of smell (OR 18.24; 95% CI: 4.23, 78.69; p < 0.001). Using a random forest model, we showed that tiredness was the single symptom that was rated as having a significant impact on daily activities, whereas the other symptoms, although frequent, had less impact. The study showed that the use of an app was feasible to remotely monitor symptoms in persons infected with SARS-CoV-2 and could be adapted for other settings and new pandemic phases such as the current Omicron wave.

Medycyna Rodzinna ; 4:123-127, 2020.
Article in Polish | GIM | ID: covidwho-1498294


One of the most important problems in anti-aging medicine, family medicine, gynecology and sexology are disorders of the statics of female genital organs, usually resulting in sexual dysfunction and urogynecological problems. Although in the era of a pandemic, the fight against SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infections is a priority. COVID-19, and in this context one of the most important problems also related to family medicine are geriatric issues - issues related to aging societies, and the more elderly people there are, the more attention should be paid to them in the context of their health - also in terms of sexual health.

Medycyna Rodzinna ; 3:96-98, 2020.
Article in Polish | GIM | ID: covidwho-1237059


A family doctor, as well as a sexologist, gynecologist, in his medical practice encounters problems related to skin diseases significantly affecting the sense of femininity or masculinity. An example of such an issue, especially in gynecology of developmental age, is the problem of skin changes associated with androgenization syndromes. Typical dermatological diseases are sometimes associated with enormous pain, not only physical, but also mental, resulting from the fact that skin disease processes significantly disfigure the body, lower self-esteem and significantly affect the sexual sphere. Selected aspects related to the holistic approach to the issue of pain and suffering, also related to skin lesions, are presented. This issue, like all medical fields, is a source of philosophical reflection. It is inseparable from psychodermatology. The experience of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic, taking into account skin lesions, also prompts a similar search.