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J Clin Invest ; 132(10)2022 05 16.
Article in English | MEDLINE | ID: covidwho-1846632


BackgroundThe Delta and Omicron variants of SARS-CoV-2 are currently responsible for breakthrough infections due to waning immunity. We report phase I/II trial results of UB-612, a multitope subunit vaccine containing S1-RBD-sFc protein and rationally designed promiscuous peptides representing sarbecovirus conserved helper T cell and cytotoxic T lymphocyte epitopes on the nucleocapsid (N), membrane (M), and spike (S2) proteins.MethodWe conducted a phase I primary 2-dose (28 days apart) trial of 10, 30, or 100 µg UB-612 in 60 healthy young adults 20 to 55 years old, and 50 of them were boosted with 100 µg of UB-612 approximately 7 to 9 months after the second dose. A separate placebo-controlled and randomized phase II study was conducted with 2 doses of 100 µg of UB-612 (n = 3,875, 18-85 years old). We evaluated interim safety and immunogenicity of phase I until 14 days after the third (booster) dose and of phase II until 28 days after the second dose.ResultsNo vaccine-related serious adverse events were recorded. The most common solicited adverse events were injection site pain and fatigue, mostly mild and transient. In both trials, UB-612 elicited respective neutralizing antibody titers similar to a panel of human convalescent sera. The most striking findings were long-lasting virus-neutralizing antibodies and broad T cell immunity against SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern (VoCs), including Delta and Omicron, and a strong booster-recalled memory immunity with high cross-reactive neutralizing titers against the Delta and Omicron VoCs.ConclusionUB-612 has presented a favorable safety profile, potent booster effect against VoCs, and long-lasting B and broad T cell immunity that warrants further development for both primary immunization and heterologous boosting of other COVID-19 vaccines.Trial NCT04545749, NCT04773067, and NCT04967742.FundingUBI Asia, Vaxxinity Inc., and Taiwan Centers for Disease Control, Ministry of Health and Welfare.

COVID-19 Vaccines , COVID-19 , Adolescent , Adult , Aged , Aged, 80 and over , Antibodies, Neutralizing , Antibodies, Viral , COVID-19/prevention & control , COVID-19/therapy , Humans , Immunization, Passive , Middle Aged , SARS-CoV-2 , T-Lymphocytes , Young Adult
EuropePMC; 2022.
Preprint in English | EuropePMC | ID: ppcovidwho-335168


ABSTRACT Importance The SARS-CoV-2 non-spike structural proteins of nucleocapsid (N), membrane (M) and envelope (E) are critical in the host cell interferon response and memory T-cell immunity and have been grossly overlooked in the development of COVID vaccines. Objective To determine the safety and immunogenicity of UB-612, a multitope vaccine containing S1-RBD-sFc protein and rationally-designed promiscuous peptides representing sequence-conserved Th and CTL epitopes on the Sarbecovirus nucleocapsid (N), membrane (M) and spike (S2) proteins. Design, setting and participants UB-612 booster vaccination was conducted in Taiwan. A UB-612 booster dose was administered 6-8 months post-2 nd dose in 1,478 vaccinees from 3,844 healthy participants (aged 18-85 years) who completed a prior placebo (saline)-controlled, randomized, observer-blind, multi-center Phase-2 primary 2-dose series (100-μg per dose;28-day apart) of UB-612. The interim safety and immunogenicity were evaluated until 14 days post-booster. Exposure Vaccination with a booster 3 rd -dose (100-μg) of UB-612 vaccine. Main outcomes and measures Solicited local and systemic AEs were recorded for seven days in the e-diaries of study participants, while skin allergic reactions were recorded for fourteen days. The primary immunogenicity endpoints included viral-neutralizing antibodies against live SARS-CoV-2 wild-type (WT, Wuhan strain) and live Delta variant (VNT 50 ), and against pseudovirus WT and Omicron variant (pVNT 50 ). The secondary immunogenicity endpoints included anti-S1-RBD IgG antibody, S1-RBD:ACE2 binding inhibition, and T-cell responses by ELISpot and Intracellular Staining. Results No post-booster vaccine-related serious adverse events were recorded. The most common solicited adverse events were injection site pain and fatigue, mostly mild and transient. The UB-612 booster prompted a striking upsurge of neutralizing antibodies against live WT Wuhan strain (VNT 50 , 1,711) associated with unusually high cross-neutralization against Delta variant (VNT 50 , 1,282);and similarly with a strong effect against pseudovirus WT (pVNT 50, 6,245) and Omicron variant (pVNT 50 , 1,196). Upon boosting, the lower VNT 50 and pVNT 50 titers of the elderly in the primary series were uplifted to the same levels as those of the young adults. The UB-612 also induced robust, durable VoC antigen-specific Th1-oriented (IFN-γ + -) responses along with CD8 + T-cell (CD107a + -Granzyme B + ) cytotoxicity. Conclusions and relevance With a pronounced cross-reactive booster effect on B- and T-cell immunity, UB-612 may serve as a universal vaccine booster for comprehensive immunity enhancement against emergent VoCs. Trial registration [ NCT04773067 ] KEY POINTS Question Facing ever-emergent SARS-CoV-2 variants and long-haul COVID, can composition-updated new vaccines be constructed capable of inducing striking, durable booster-recalled B/T-immunity to prevent infection by VoCs? Findings In a Phase-2 extension study, a booster dose of UB-612 multitope protein-peptide vaccine prompted high viral-neutralizing titers against live wild-type virus (VNT 50 , 1,711), Delta variant (VNT 50 , 1,282);pseudovirus wild-type (pVNT 50 , 6,245) and Omicron variant (pVNT 50 , 1,196). Robust, durable Th1-IFNγ + responses and CD8 + T cell-(CD107a + -Granzyme B + ) cytotoxic activity were both observed. Meaning UB-612 RBD-sFc vaccine armed with T cell immunity-promoting conserved N, M and S2 Th/CTL epitope peptides may serve as a universal vaccine to fend off new VoCs.

EuropePMC; 2021.
Preprint in English | EuropePMC | ID: ppcovidwho-291772


SARS-CoV-2 breakthrough infection occurs due to waning immunity time-to-vaccine, to which the globally-dominant, highly-contagious Delta variant is behind the scene. In the primary 2-dose and booster series of clinical Phase-1 trial, UB-612 vaccine, which contains S1-RBD and synthetic Th/CTL peptide pool for activation of humoral and T-cell immunity, induces substantial, prolonged viral-neutralizing antibodies that goes parallel with a long-lasting T-cell immunity;and a booster (3rd ) dose can prompt recall of memory immunity to induce profound, striking antibodies with the highest level of 50% viral-neutralizing GMT titers against live Delta variant reported for any vaccine. The unique design of S1-RBD only plus multitope T-cell peptides may have underpinned UB-612’s potent anti-Delta effect, while the other full S protein-based vaccines are affected additionally by mutations in the N-terminal domain sequence which contains additional neutralizing epitopes. UB-612, safe and well-tolerated, could be effective for boosting other vaccine platforms that have shown modest homologous boosting. [Funded by United Biomedical Inc., Asia; ID: NCT04967742 and NCT04545749]