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Progress in Biochemistry and Biophysics ; 49(12):2253-2265, 2022.
Article in English | Web of Science | ID: covidwho-2229873


The2022Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to Swedish biologist Svante Paabo forhis decisive contribution to paleoanthropogenomics and human origins.There are various theories about theorigin of human beings,and the current mainstream view is:out of the African doctrine.In other words,ancienthumans had about three times of migrations.The first time wasHomo erectus,the second was Neanderthals andDenisovans,and the third was the ancestors of modern humans.All migrated from Africa to Eurasia.Whilepioneering a new discipline,paleoanthropogenomics,Svante Paabo has been refining the"Out of Africa Theory".With the help of various biological techniques,he delved into the origin of human beings from the perspective ofgenomics and found that some genetic imprints from ancient humans were retained in our bodies.For example,the STAT2gene and TLR gene associated with immunity,the EPAS1gene that contributes to hypoxic respirationand the six genes of chromosome3are highly positively correlated with the incidence of COVID-19.Thisresearch means that we can go back to the root of certain diseases,rather than limiting our eyes to the genesthemselves,and exploring where a gene comes from will be a new way of studying diseases.We summarized hisinnovations in related biotechnology in the process of research,his exploration of ancient humans based onmitochondrial and nuclear genes and related results,and introduced some genes derived from ancient humans andtheir related information