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Biochimica Clinica ; 44(SUPPL 2):S93, 2020.
Article in English | EMBASE | ID: covidwho-984338


INTRODUCTION: In March 2020 OMS declared the global outbreak of SARS-CoV-2. Vaio hospital has been intended only for covid patients since 23th March until 18th may 2020. AIM OF THE STUDY: We observe the trend of leucocyte and lymphocyte counts, IL-6, PCR, PCT, LDH, D-dimer, AST and ALT at entrance in emergency room and at the end of hospitalization. MATERIALS AND METHODS: We have examined 43 covid patients, 10 women and 33 men. 25 of 43 patients has received intensive care (58%) and 7 of these 25 (28%) have died. IL-6 and PCT detections were performed by Acces2 immunoassay (Beckman Coulter), leucocyte and lymphocyte counts were performed on XM-1080 flow cytometer (Sysmex), PCR was determined with AU5800 (Beckman Coulter) immunoassay, AST, ALT and LDH with immunoenzymatic test were performed on AU5800, PT and D-dimer test on ACL TOP 550 (Werfen) with clot detection and immunoassay rispectively. For data statistical analysis we calculate mean, frequencies and t test (excel, Windows 10, Microsoft). RESULTS: The mean measure at the early stage of hospitalization were: IL-6 105.33 pg/mL, leucocyte count 6,79 ∗103/μL, lymphocyte count 0.994∗103/μL, PCR 92,73 mg/L, D-dimer 2745 μg/L, LDH 758 U/L, PCT 0,195 ng/mL, AST 58,71 U/L and ALT 61 U/L. The IL-6 alive patients mean value (112,46 pg/mL) was statistically different (t test p=0,04) from IL-6 dead patients mean value (274,33 pg/mL) and the alive patients mean age (60,6 years) wasn't statistically different (t test p=0,15) from dead patients mean age (66,9 years). At the end of hospitalization we observe an increase of lymphocyte and a decrease of PCR for alive patients and an increase of PCT only for dead patients. There is a significative difference (t test p<0,01) for the lymphocyte count between alive patients (mean values 2,11∗103/μL) and dead patients (mean values 0.57∗103/μL), and between PCR (t test p<0,01) alive patients (mean values 45 mg/L) and dead patients (mean value 243,42 mg/L) and also between PCT (t test p<0,01) alive patients (mean value 0,24 ng/mL) and dead patients (mean value 2,45 ng/mL). DISCUSSION: The increase of number of lymphocyte is a favorable prognostic indicator, as well as low values of inflammatory markers (IL-6 and PCR).