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27th ACM Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education, ITiCSE 2022 ; 1:365-371, 2022.
Article in English | Scopus | ID: covidwho-1962402


Internships help students connect what they have learned in the classroom to the real world, and students with access to internships are more likely to graduate and secure employment. However, many students are unable to find an internship by the time they graduate. This experience report describes a program where volunteer software engineers mentor students as they work on open-source projects in the summer, offered as an alternative to a traditional internship experience. We catalog the considerations involved in providing an experience similar to a traditional internship, describe our program's design, and provide two years' worth of participant evaluations and career outcomes as a measure of efficacy. The program served mostly undergraduates from non-R1 schools who are underrepresented in technology, and achieved similar educational outcomes to a traditional internship program. Most promisingly, mentors were willing to serve as a professional reference for 80% of students and the number of graduating seniors who secured full-time employment in technology was 7 points higher than average (despite occurring during the COVID-19 pandemic). © 2022 ACM.

Geo Uerj ; - (39):20, 2021.
Article in Portuguese | Web of Science | ID: covidwho-1551899


The objective of this article is to characterize in a comparative manner the impacts of the pandemic of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) on the tourism sector in 12 municipalities in the State of Amazonas. For this purpose, has been done a bibliographic and documentary research with public data, such as public finances, number of companies and jobs in the tourism sector, flight information, for the first half of 2019 and the first half of 2020. The municipalities were selected based on the Brazilian Tourism Map (2019-2021) prepared by the Ministry of Tourism (MTur). The main results indicate that there was an increase in the revenue of the tourism sector between 2019 and 2020, however, not all municipalities have available data. Moreover, the airports were empty and there was a decrease in flights and in the number of jobs generated in this sector, although the number of tourist companies there was increase. It is concluded that the tourism sector was extremely affected by the pandemic, and this activity reactivation will be difficult considering the precariousness and insufficiency of municipalities' health infrastructure and lack of safe procedures and effective way to control and treat the pandemic.

Aged |Nursing care |Nursing theories |Pandemics ; 2022(Revista Baiana de Enfermagem)
Article in English | WHO COVID | ID: covidwho-1687637


Objective: reflecting on the repercussions of social isolation of elderly people during the COVID-19 pandemic according to Wanda Horta's Theory. Method: theoretical reflection study, developed through the search of articles in periodicals and official documents which deal with the disease, based on Wanda Horta's Theory of Basic Human Needs. Results: the study reflected on the psychobiological, psychosocial and psycho-spiritual repercussions of the social isolation of elderly people in the context of the pandemic and the performance of nursing professionals. Final considerations: The psychobiological, psychosocial and psycho-spiritual repercussions of social isolation on the elderly person during the pandemic may bring changes to their health situation and interfere with their well-being and quality of life. Health professionals should pay attention to these repercussions, in order to avoid illness and its complications in the life of the elderly person. © 2022 Universidade Federal da Bahia. All rights reserved.