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Razi Journal of Medical Sciences ; 29(10), 2022.
Article in Persian | CAB Abstracts | ID: covidwho-2322625


Background & Aims: In early January 2020, a new corona virus called corona was identified as an infectious agent by the World Health Organization and caused a viral pneumonia outbreak, the first of which was reported in Wuhan, China in December 2019. The virus has so far infected most countries in the world and has become a global problem. By this time in December 2021, about 265 million people in the world have been infected with this virus and 5 million 270 thousand people have died from this disease. According to the World Health Organization, the incidence of this disease is still increasing and will become the third leading cause of death in the world by 2030. This disease has a special complexity and has multiple dimensions and consequences that have caused many problems in the field of health, social and economic as well as psychological for people. The emergence of this disease is now a public health crisis. According to this research, exposure to news and restrictions caused by this disease can lead to many mental health problems. In fact, one of the situations that puts a lot of stress on people during the outbreak of covid 19 disease is the inability to predict and uncertainty about the control and end of the disease. Mental health is defined as a harmonious and harmonious behavior with society, recognizing and accepting social realities, the power to adapt to them and meeting one's balanced needs and is an important factor for the health of society. The prevalence of the disease can also increase feelings of loneliness, decrease social support, feelings of fear and anxiety to clinical stress and anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder associated with the disease, and decreased life expectancy. One of the hopeful factors is health and the disease can cause despair, fear and even despair of the patient. The outbreak of a disease has a much deeper and wider impact and affects not only the affected community and relatives, but the entire community. Because everyone finds themselves at risk, and therefore people's feel of safe and healthy changes, and this situation causes people to despair. Hope is the capacity to imagine the ability to create paths to desirable goals and to imagine the motivation to move in those paths. Hope predicts physical and mental health such as positive response to medical interventions, mental health, effective getting along, and health-promoting behaviors. Covid 19 disease can also lead to psychological problems due to its infectious nature and unpredictable nature. In this regard, various researchers consider the implementation of public health policies, including areas related to individual and collective mental health in accordance with the different stages of the epidemic of this disease is very necessary. Mindfulness can be an effective tool for achieving peace of mind and body that helps people become aware of their current feelings. Mindfulness-based interventions are considered as one of the third generation or third wave cognitive-behavioral therapies. Mindfulness is a form of meditation rooted in Eastern religious teachings and rituals, especially Buddhism. Segal has defined mindfulness as paying attention to specific and purposeful ways, in the present time, without judgment or prejudice. Linhan stressed for the first time the need to pay attention to mindfulness as one of the essential components of psychological therapy. Mindfulness requires the development of three components: judgment avoidance, purposeful awareness, and focus on the present moment. Focusing on the present and processing all aspects of the above experience makes one aware of the daily activities and automatic functioning of the mind in the past and future world and he controls emotions, thoughts, and physical states through moment-to-moment awareness of thoughts. As a result, it is released from the everyday and automatic mind focused on the past and the future. Although general vaccination has reduced the virus in some countries, including Iran, and reduced the number of infected people, a large num