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2022 IEEE Delhi Section Conference, DELCON 2022 ; 2022.
Article in English | Scopus | ID: covidwho-1846078


The coronavirus or Covid 19 is a highly infectious disease which took a huge toll of human lives between the years 2019 and 2021. The global spread of the virus has overwhelmed health systems, and caused widespread social and economic disruption. Strategies in the control of an outbreak are screening, containment and mitigation. The process of collecting and recording vital signs can be a time- consuming process without the right tools. The main motive of the invention disclosed here is the integrated portable healthcare solution that will help in quickly carrying out Covid screening vital test measurements such as temperature, pulse and blood pressure which will not only be used during epidemic/pandemic but also during other emergencies/patient triages and also to keep a track of all affected Covid patient's screening results by the healthcare professionals. Monitoring of vital signs is necessary for the efficient and effective patient management. Vital signs are regularly measured at specific intervals in patients in the Emergency department or remotely. This project mainly focuses on the integration of three sensors (i.e.) MAX30100 sensor, MLX sensor and digital BP sensor and producing the values in the same kit. This smart device is used to monitor the person's temperature, blood pressure, SpO2, heart rate and by comparing all the four threshold values, the final result is displayed as normal or abnormal values simultaneously in the mobile app and the LCD display. The system can be used remotely as well in the healthcare setting where patients are in the waiting queue. Based on the results, intimation messages are sent to the concerned patient or healthcare professional who's mobile is linked with the device and in abnormal conditions, the alert message is sent to quarantine themselves from the general public. This continuous monitoring helps in the initial screening for Covid-19 at the early stage, where the results can be checked and timely advices can be given by the family members, doctors and the medical professionals. © 2022 IEEE.

4th International Conference on Computing and Communications Technologies, ICCCT 2021 ; : 361-366, 2021.
Article in English | Scopus | ID: covidwho-1769588


In this contemporary world, the development of telecommunication technology is far beyond the human knowledge that allows people to stay connected who are detached thousands of miles away by the internet. An integrated mobile app is created in such a way that it enhances the life of farmers both in their financial and mental status. Telehealth care systems emerged as one of the best alternate remedies for treating people during this covid-19 crises, By video conferencing technology, doctors are likely to treat farmers who are emotionally and mentally downhearted. Tata Communications-Confidential It is as effective as traditional way of counselling in person and it's a proven fact. Not only for farmers but also crops need some attention as it is prone to some diseases, to tackle that issue experts will be providing consultations to the farmers by pre-booking them. Economic growth is highly distressed due to global pandemic, so retailing farmers goods to consumers in online platforms would greatly increase the economic growth and reduce price despite the secondary agents. Loan facilities which are available around the location of the farmers are made aware to them, Thus it will greatly influence their basic survival in agriculture. © 2021 IEEE.

preprints.org; 2021.
Preprint in English | PREPRINT-PREPRINTS.ORG | ID: ppzbmed-10.20944.preprints202106.0447.v1


Due to the unanticipated, forced migration of classroom activities to a fully remote format because of the coronavirus pandemic, there is a critical need for progress in the online education system. Not only that, but online education is the way of the future, and its infrastructure must be enhanced for teaching and learning to be effective. Engaging the students and enhancing their focus is one of the major concerns in the current video calling-based system. In this research, we propose a VR and AR-based virtual classroom environment system called "Edu VR" which encourages students to learn with a high level of involvement and attentiveness. We have divided the system into 2 distinct categories. one amongst which incorporates the virtual reality classroom, wherever the students can have a similar feel of actual school with peer-to-peer-based interactions and student-to-teacher interactions with Unity3D. We are able to conjointly deploy AR models with Vuforia, which permits the teachers to take classes more efficiently with student’s engagement. The other category involves the AI-based classroom assessment system, which enables teachers to produce assessments, which in turn are proctored by Artificial Intelligence. The results are automatically sent to the student within a short period, with the assistance of text similarity analysis for evaluating the answer scripts with Machine learning. This approach solves the drawbacks of video call-based systems with enhanced focus and engagement.