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Open Access Journal of Clinical Trials ; 14:25-33, 2022.
Article in English | Web of Science | ID: covidwho-2197690


Background: Olfactory anomalies are the most common diseases among post-COVID-19 disorders. Only 15% of patients completed their prescribed treatment plans, even though several different treatment strategies were recommended;this had a detrimental effect on the patients' physical, social, and emotional wellbeing.Purpose: The aim of this study was approving intranasal fast-dissolving insulin films as the treatment of choice for anosmia in comparison to the control group, and the innovative treatment for anosmic post-COVID-19 is assessed in terms of the patients' health-related quality of life (HRQoL).Methods: For therapy and evaluation, a randomized clinical trial with forty adult anosmic post-viral patients was performed. The recruited participants were recruited between October 1 and March 8 of 2021 based on predetermined criteria. A validated smell assessment questionnaire concerning the participants' olfactory, physical, and psychological outcomes was given to them. Recruited patients were randomly subdivided into two groups: intervention and control group. Intervention was treated with insulin intranasal films, while control group took plain films (placebo).Results: The physical, emotional, and social health quality of life were significantly (p-value <0.0001) improved after 4 consecutive weeks of treatment with the intervention group compared to the control group. The data were analyzed statistically with the aid of GraphPad Prism 9.1.0.Conclusion: The lowest HRQoLs, which significantly impact their quality of life, are found in post-COVID-19 anosmic patients treated with insulin films. It is advised to employ this new intervention (insulin films) as the main therapy approach and to gather additional industry data for its development and dissemination. Problems with self-hygiene, eating, sense of danger and emotional satisfaction were significantly enhanced with insulin intervention versus placebo.

American Journal of Public Health Research ; 8(2):54-60, 2020.
Article in English | CAB Abstracts | ID: covidwho-824734


With the continuously expanding terrible pandemic of COVID-19 infection, globally increasing numbers of COVID-19 patients and contacts progressively jump to heavy burdens beyond capabilities. Developing and poor countries may face humanity disasters in the next few days unless urgent measures are rapidly performed. Standard anti-COVID-19 treatment should inhibit COVID-19 replication, repair virus-induced tissue damage and enhance patients' immunity. Unfortunately, such criteria are still lacking in current treatments resulting in relatively high viral infectivity, morbidity and mortality. Based on previous prophetic medicine research experience and the modern literature, we introduce TaibUVID therapy as a novel evidence-based medicinal nutritional treatment for eradicating COVID-19 pandemic. TaibUVID stands for Taibah University anti-COVID-19 treatment as a novel evidence-based approach (using natural products) for treating COVID-19 patients. A single TaibUVID dose includes: 1 small spoonful (tea spoonful) of nigella sativa oil (or 2 gram nigella sativa seeds) mixed with 1 gram of grinded anthemis hyalina mixed with 1 large spoonful of natural honey. This mixture is to be chewed in the mouth and swallowed orally for both COVID-19 contacts and patients. We adjusted dosing regimen and period of treatment into three clinical levels including contacts or prophylaxis, mild cases and severe case (with pneumonia and ventilated patients). We also introduce novel nigella sativa oil (or nigella sativa decoction) nebulization for local treatment of pneumonia or bronchopneumonia that is faced in severe COVID-19 cases. Such nebulization exerts pulmonary tissue protection and antiviral effects particularly for ventilated patients. The wonderful report by Ulasli et al. (Ulasli et al. Mol Biol Rep. 2014;41: 1703-11) deserves a lot of interest where nigella sativa and Anthemis hyalina (chamomile) were confirmed to inhibit corona virus replication maximally. In addition, nigella sativa enhances immunity, exerts tissue protective effects and effectively treats co-morbidities. Oral honey exerts potent antiviral effects, enhances immunity and exerts tissue protective effects. TaibUVID Plus dose includes regular TaibUVID dose plus nigella sativa decoction nebulization +/- (if possible Clove oil nebulization/anthemis hyalina decoction nebulization). Clove oil nebulization is beneficial for difficult berating in some COVID-19 cases as clove is confirmed to exert potent antiviral effects. Our suggested TaibUVID and TaibUVID Plus are promising evidence-based approach to rescue lives, decrease fatalities and put a rapid end to COVID-19 pandemic. In prophetic medicine, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him recommended treatment using both nigella sativa and oral honey saying: " In the black cumin (nigella sativa), there is a cure for every disease except death" and said also: "Cure is in three: in shartat mihjam, gulp of honey (oral honey), and cauterization. I do not recommend my nation to cauterize".