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Acta Ophthalmologica ; 100(S275), 2022.
Article in English | ProQuest Central | ID: covidwho-2236712


Purpose: To report three older male individuals, all homoplasmic for m.14484 T > C mutation in the ND6 gene, presenting onset of vision loss weeks‐months after covid vaccination. None reported a history of covid‐19 infection.Methods: All clinical data was extracted and reported here as a Case Series.Results: A 68 years old man (A) had a 3rd dose of BioNTech/Pfizer COVID‐19 vaccination on 1st Nov 2021. 10 days later his vision was 6/6 OD and 6/60 OS. By Dec 2021 VA was 6/36 OD and 6/60 OS. His nephew lost vision age of 18 years with LHON. In March 2022, visual acuities were HM OD and HM OS. In May 2022 visual acuity was HM OD, PL OS. He started on idebenone 300 mg tds.A 55 years old man (B) had a 1st dose Astra Zeneca COVID‐19 vaccination in mid Feb 2021. 12 days later, March 2021 he developed a Bell's Palsy and sensory neuropathy at the top of his legs, feet and upper arms, with difficulty walking. MRI showed enhanced optic nerves and enhanced lesions at C2. In April 2021, he lost vision in his right eye, followed by left eye in June 2021. By September 2021 vision was CF BEs. He started on idebenone 300 mg po tds. In May 2022 he was LogMAR @ 2 m 1.34 OD and MH OS.A 72 years old man (C) had his 2nd dose of BioNTech/Pfizer COVID‐19 vaccination in April 2021. In Sept 2021 he reported loss of vision in both eyes but could not date onset. He was the maternal cousin of individual B. In May 2022 vision was 3/60 OD CF OS. He started on idebenone 300 mg po tds.Conclusions: Adverse ocular events related to COVID‐19 vaccines are remarkable rare. There are >20 published case reports (~89 patients) of adverse ocular events within 28 days of COVID‐19 vaccination, with all three vaccines (Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Moderna). Reports incl. conjunctivitis, facial and abducens nerve palsy, CSR, uveitis, MEWDS, VKH, Graves' Disease, endothelial graft rejection, AAION and AZOOR. The role of vaccination in subsequent vision loss in those with underlying mitochondrial mutation is not clear.