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Chinese Veterinary Science / Zhongguo Shouyi Kexue ; 50(11):1373-1378, 2020.
Article in Chinese | CAB Abstracts | ID: covidwho-2040499


In order to build a specific, sensitive and rapid detection method for PAstV3 detection, the PAstVB gene sequences in Genbank were used and the conserved region in ORFlb was selected to design specific primers and TaqMan probe. Clinical stool samples were collected and preliminary detected by this newly established real-time RT-PCR method after reaction systems and conditions optimization. This detection method established in this study has a good linear relationship with the standard curve, with R2 value up to 0.9971. The sensitivity is 100 times higher than conventional PCR method, The variation co-efficient of in-batch and inter-batch repeatability test is less than 2.0%, indicating good repeatability. The detection results of Clinical samples showed that the positive rate of this method is higher than conventional PCR method. The establishment of this method provides a rapid detection means for PAstV3 laboratory diagnosis and epidemiological investigation.

Chinese Veterinary Science / Zhongguo Shouyi Kexue ; 50(7):825-832, 2020.
Article in Chinese | CAB Abstracts | ID: covidwho-1994655


In order to establish a method for rapid differential identification of Senecavirus A (SVA) and en-cephalomyocarditis virus (EMCV), two pairs of corresponding specific primers were designed based on the highly conserved 3D genes of SVA and EMCV. And two different fluorescent labeled TaqMan probes were used to establish a dual TaqMan real-time PCR method for simultaneous detection of these two viruses, and we also optimize the reaction conditions. The results showed that the minimum detection of the method was 760 copies/ micro L and 98 copies/ micro L for SVA and EMCV. respectively, and it can specifically detect SVA and EMCV, and there was no cross reaction with CSFV, PRRSV and PEDV. The established standard curves showed good linear relationship. Repeated experimental group and inter-group coefficient of variation were less than 5%. The results indicated that the dual-quantitative PCR established in this study has the advantages of convenience, rapidity, good specificity. high sensitivity and good repeatability .and can be used for simultaneous detection of SVA and EMCV.

Bulletin des GTV ; 104:85-92, 2021.
Article in French | CAB Abstracts | ID: covidwho-1957885


Coronaviruses have a high evolutionary capacity which has led to their very large genetic diversity. Their prevalence in nature is very high and they can infect a wide spectrum of hosts including mammals (including humans) and birds. To date, six porcine coronaviruses have been identified. Two of which were responsible for severe epizootics in pigs with a major impact in the global swine industry in the 60's to 80's for porcine transmissible gastroenteritis virus and since the 2010's in China and 2014 in North America for porcine epidemic diarrhoea virus. The latter has also become the third most important pathogen for pigs in China after the African swine fever virus and the porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus. This review summarizes the latest developments in scientific knowledge of these porcine coronaviruses.

Surveillance ; 48(4):10-24, 2021.
Article in English | CAB Abstracts | ID: covidwho-1887621


Exotic pest and disease investigations are managed and reported by the Ministry for Primary Industries' (MPI's) Diagnostic and Surveillance Directorate. This article presents a summary of investigations of suspect exotic and emerging pests and diseases in New Zealand during the period from July to September 2021.