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Journal of Language Teaching and Research ; 14(1):153-162, 2023.
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This paper examines trends of using e-books as a learning tool among EFL students of Al-Balqa Applied University (BAU) by applying the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) and the number of English language courses as an external independent variable. Data is collected by administering a questionnaire to 283 respondents from Humanities and Social Sciences Faculties along with Medical, Engineering, and Science Faculties. Data is analyzed using SPSS and AMOS statistical analysis software. The analysis reveals that perceived ease of use (PEOU) positively affects perceived usefulness (PU) and attitudes towards using e-books, PU has a significant effect on attitudes and intentions to use e-books, and the attitudes have significant intentions to use e-books. On the other hand, attitudes and intentions are not significantly related to the regular use of e-books in comparison to students with limited use of e-books. Finally, the students who studied or are studying three or more English courses have positive attitudes and higher intentions towards using e-books if compared to those who studied less than three. This study is important to get a better understanding of e-book reading intentions among university students. It is believed to be the first study of undergraduates' intention on using e-book during/after the pandemic in Jordan using TAM. © 2023 ACADEMY PUBLICATION.

Theatre Survey ; 64(1):108-110, 2023.
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In Feeling the Future, Stevenson studies modern Evangelical end-time productions linked to churches and other religious organizations throughout the United States to demonstrate how these immersive performances construct deeply felt anxiety about future time within its viewers for specific aims: to save one's own soul and that of another, and to remain vigilant and prepared for the inevitable end times. In her Introduction, "Seeking an End,” Stevenson outlines Western Christian eschatological history before discussing modern Evangelical performances that foster future time. According to the creators of these experiences, producing anxiety about the future leads people to make better choices in their day-to-day lives as they prepare for the end.

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