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Field Exchange Emergency Nutrition Network ENN ; 68:50-52, 2022.
Article in English | CAB Abstracts | ID: covidwho-2321683


This article describes experiences of improving complementary feeding practices using a systems approach with particular focus on health systems strengthening. Achievements included: the development of national guidelines for optimum complementary feeding for children 6-23 months of age, inclusion of a specific indicator for complementary feeding in the new National Food and Nutrition Strategy, updated training packages to improve health worker counselling skills and strengthened social behaviour change communication activities. A systems approach requires strong coordination between all partners across sectors to ensure communities benefit from the synergistic effects of complementary interventions, while system strengthening was noted to improve the resilience of the Ministry of Health and Population to withstand the shocks of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent Ukraine crisis.

Medicina (Brazil) ; 56(1) (no pagination), 2023.
Article in English | EMBASE | ID: covidwho-2315063
Rbone-Revista Brasileira De Obesidade Nutricao E Emagrecimento ; 17(106):124-129, 2023.
Article in English | Web of Science | ID: covidwho-2309616
Revista Del Cuerpo Medico Del Hospital Nacional Almanzor Aguinaga Asenjo ; 15(4), 2022.
Article in English | Web of Science | ID: covidwho-2308029
Revista Espanola de Nutricion Comunitaria ; 28(2), 2022.
Article in Spanish | EMBASE | ID: covidwho-2306374
Revista Cubana de Salud Publica ; 49(1) (no pagination), 2023.
Article in Spanish | EMBASE | ID: covidwho-2305331
Revista Espanola de Nutricion Comunitaria ; 28(3), 2022.
Article in Spanish | EMBASE | ID: covidwho-2303137
Clinical Nutrition Open Science ; 46:35-41, 2022.
Article in English | EMBASE | ID: covidwho-2296754
Brain Behav ; 13(5): e2990, 2023 05.
Article in English | MEDLINE | ID: covidwho-2304319


INTRODUCTION: Muslims fast every year during the month of Ramadan from dawn until dusk. This study examined mental well-being and correlating factors among Nigerian adults who observed Ramadan intermittent fasting (RIF). METHODS: A validated generalized anxiety disorder-2 and Patient Health Questionnaire-2, the four-item spiritual well-being index, and the Islamic intrinsic religiosity questionnaire were used to collect data about mental well-being (depression, anxiety), spirituality, and intrinsic religiosity through a web-based survey between the May 9, 2021 (27th of Ramadan, 1442) and the June 4, 2021 (29th of Shawwal, 1442). We studied the mental well-being of respondents over a period of 4 weeks before Ramadan (BR) and during the 4 weeks of Ramadan between the April 12, 2021 and the May 12, 2021(DR). Multinomial regression analysis was used to determine the factors associated with depression and anxiety. This research did not receive any grant or funding. RESULTS: A total of 770 adult Nigerians who observed RIF study were included in this cross-sectional study. When compared to mental well-being BR, observing RIF by Nigerian adult respondents was associated with a significant improvement in their mental well-being. A higher proportion of respondents felt less depressed DR (61.3% vs. 56.5%. < .001). Interest and pleasure in doing things improved DR than BR (p= 0.007) and respondents felt less nervous and anxious (60.7% vs. 57.1%, respectively; p <.001). Mental well-being was independently associated with sociodemographic characteristics, physical activity, and perceived relationships. CONCLUSIONS: This study found significant improvement in mental well-being DR compared to BR despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The effect of RIF on mental well-being needs further research with multicentric studies among different sets of ethnic populations.

COVID-19 , Intermittent Fasting , Adult , Humans , Cross-Sectional Studies , Pandemics , Fasting , Islam
Jurnal Infektologii ; 14(2):27-38, 2022.
Article in Russian | EMBASE | ID: covidwho-2266103
Jurnal Infektologii ; 14(2):27-38, 2022.
Article in Russian | EMBASE | ID: covidwho-2266101
Korean Journal of Community Nutrition ; 27(6):468-479, 2022.
Article in Korean | CAB Abstracts | ID: covidwho-2254965
Research in Psychotherapy: Psychopathology, Process and Outcome ; 25(Supplement 1):49-50, 2022.
Article in English | EMBASE | ID: covidwho-2254078