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Major Drugs Used in COVID-19 Treatment: Molecular Mechanisms, Vali-dation and Current Progress in Trials
Coronaviruses ; 3(2):10-22, 2022.
Article in English | EMBASE | ID: covidwho-2266130


Currently, the present world is facing a new deadly challenge from a pandemic disease called COVID-19, which is caused by a coronavirus named SARS-CoV-2. To date, no drug or vaccine can treat COVID-19 completely, but some drugs have been used primarily, and they are in different stages of clinical trials. This review article discussed and compared those drugs which are running ahead in COVID-19 treatments. Method(s) We have explored PUBMED, SCOPUS, WEB OF SCIENCE, as well as press releases of WHO, NIH and FDA for articles related to COVID-19 and reviewed them. Result(s) Drugs like favipiravir, remdesivir, lopinavir/ritonavir, hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, ivermectin, corticosteroids and interferons have been found effective to some extent, and partially approved by FDA and WHO to treat COVID-19 at different levels. However, some of these drugs have been disapproved later, although clinical trials are going on. In parallel, plasma therapy has been found fruitful to some extent too, and a number of vaccine trials are going on. Conclusion(s) This review article discussed the epidemiologic and mechanistic characteristics of SARS-CoV-2, and how drugs could act on this virus with the comparative discussion on progress and drawbacks of major drugs used till date, which might be beneficial for choosing therapies against COVID-19 in different countries.Copyright © 2022 Bentham Science Publishers.
Antiviral drugs, Clinical trials, covid-19, Molecular mechanisms, Pandemic, SARS-CoV-2, acute kidney failure/si [Side Effect], acute respiratory failure/si [Side Effect], anemia/si [Side Effect], antiviral activity, artificial ventilation, cardiomyopathy/si [Side Effect], chest tightness/si [Side Effect], claudication/si [Side Effect], clinical study, constipation/si [Side Effect], coronavirus disease 2019/dt [Drug Therapy], coronavirus disease 2019/pc [Prevention], coronavirus disease 2019/th [Therapy], COVID-19 convalescent plasma treatment, diarrhea/si [Side Effect], disability/si [Side Effect], drug efficacy, drug mechanism, extracorporeal oxygenation, femur head necrosis/si [Side Effect], fever/si [Side Effect], gastrointestinal disease/si [Side Effect], heart arrhythmia/si [Side Effect], hip pain/si [Side Effect], human, hyperbilirubinemia/si [Side Effect], hyperglycemia/si [Side Effect], hypertransaminasemia/si [Side Effect], hyperuricemia/si [Side Effect], leukopenia/si [Side Effect], liver disease/si [Side Effect], liver injury/si [Side Effect], low drug dose, lymphocytopenia/si [Side Effect], myasthenia gravis/si [Side Effect], nausea/si [Side Effect], nonhuman, QT prolongation/si [Side Effect], rash/si [Side Effect], retina maculopathy/si [Side Effect], retinopathy/si [Side Effect], secondary infection/co [Complication], secondary infection/dt [Drug Therapy], secondary infection/pc [Prevention], Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, short survey, side effect/si [Side Effect], systematic review, thrombocytopenia/si [Side Effect], vaccination, vomiting/si [Side Effect], ad5 ncov/dt [Drug Therapy], alpha2b interferon/cb [Drug Combination], alpha2b interferon/dt [Drug Therapy], amoxicillin plus clavulanic acid/dt [Drug Therapy], azithromycin/ae [Adverse Drug Reaction], azithromycin/cb [Drug Combination], azithromycin/dt [Drug Therapy], azithromycin/pd [Pharmacology], BCG vaccine/dt [Drug Therapy], beta1b interferon/cb [Drug Combination], beta1b interferon/dt [Drug Therapy], bnt 162 vaccine/dt [Drug Therapy], budesonide/dt [Drug Therapy], cefepime/dt [Drug Therapy], cefoperazone plus sulbactam/dt [Drug Therapy], ceftriaxone/dt [Drug Therapy], chloroquine/ae [Adverse Drug Reaction], chloroquine/cm [Drug Comparison], chloroquine/dt [Drug Therapy], chloroquine/pd [Pharmacology], clarithromycin/dt [Drug Therapy], coronavac/dt [Drug Therapy], corticosteroid/ae [Adverse Drug Reaction], corticosteroid/dt [Drug Therapy], corticosteroid/pd [Pharmacology], covaxin/dt [Drug Therapy], covilo/dt [Drug Therapy], dexamethasone/dt [Drug Therapy], dexamethasone/pd [Pharmacology], doxycycline/dt [Drug Therapy], elasomeran/dt [Drug Therapy], favipiravir/ae [Adverse Drug Reaction], favipiravir/cm [Drug Comparison], favipiravir/dt [Drug Therapy], favipiravir/pd [Pharmacology], gx-19 vaccine/dt [Drug Therapy], hydrocortisone/dt [Drug Therapy], hydroxychloroquine/ae [Adverse Drug Reaction], hydroxychloroquine/cb [Drug Combination], hydroxychloroquine/dt [Drug Therapy], hydroxychloroquine/pd [Pharmacology], ibacovavec/dt [Drug Therapy], interferon/dt [Drug Therapy], interferon/pd [Pharmacology], ivermectin/cb [Drug Combination], ivermectin/dt [Drug Therapy], ivermectin/pd [Pharmacology], levofloxacin/dt [Drug Therapy], lopinavir plus ritonavir/ae [Adverse Drug Reaction], lopinavir plus ritonavir/cb [Drug Combination], lopinavir plus ritonavir/cm [Drug Comparison], lopinavir plus ritonavir/dt [Drug Therapy], lopinavir plus ritonavir/pd [Pharmacology], methylprednisolone/dt [Drug Therapy], moxifloxacin/dt [Drug Therapy], nitazoxanide/cb [Drug Combination], nitazoxanide/dt [Drug Therapy], piperacillin plus tazobactam/dt [Drug Therapy], placebo, prednisone/dt [Drug Therapy], quinolone/dt [Drug Therapy], reluscovtogene ralaplasmid/dt [Drug Therapy], remdesivir/ae [Adverse Drug Reaction], remdesivir/cm [Drug Comparison], remdesivir/dt [Drug Therapy], remdesivir/pd [Pharmacology], ribavirin/cb [Drug Combination], ribavirin/dt [Drug Therapy], SARS-CoV-2 vaccine/dt [Drug Therapy], SCB 2019 vaccine/dt [Drug Therapy], sputnik v vaccine/dt [Drug Therapy], umifenovir/cb [Drug Combination], umifenovir/cm [Drug Comparison], umifenovir/dt [Drug Therapy], vaxzevria/dt [Drug Therapy], zorecimeran/dt [Drug Therapy], zycov-d/dt [Drug Therapy], adimrsc 2f, ag0301 covid19, arct 021, bbibp corv, covax 19, grad cov2, gs 5724, v 590, v 591

Full text: Available Collection: Databases of international organizations Database: EMBASE Type of study: Prognostic study Language: English Journal: Coronaviruses Year: 2022 Document Type: Article





Full text: Available Collection: Databases of international organizations Database: EMBASE Type of study: Prognostic study Language: English Journal: Coronaviruses Year: 2022 Document Type: Article