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Show me a man or a woman alone and I'll show you a saint: Changes in the frequency of criminal incidents during the COVID-19 pandemic
Journal of Criminal Justice ; 69, 2020.
Article | COVIDWHO | ID: covidwho-616311


To investigate the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the frequency of various crime types (property, violent, and mischief) in Vancouver, Canada


Crime data representing residential burglary, commercial burglary, theft of vehicle, theft from vehicle, theft, violence, and mischief are analysed at the city level using interrupted time series techniques


While COVID-19 has not had an impact on all crime types, statistically significant change has been identified in a number of cases Depending on the crime type, the magnitude and direction of the change in frequency varies It is argued that (mandated) social restrictions, shifted activity patterns and opportunity structures which are responsible for these findings


We find support for changes in the frequency of particular crime types during the COVID-19 pandemic This is important for criminal justice and social service practitioners when operating within an extraordinary event © 2020 The Author(s)





Full text: Available Index: COVIDWHO Type: Article Journal: Journal of Criminal Justice Year: 2020