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SARS-CoV-2 serological analysis of COVID-19 hospitalized patients, pauci-symptomatic individuals and blood donors.
Ludivine Grzelak; Sarah Temmam; Cyril Planchais; Caroline Demeret; Christele Huon; Florence Guivel; Isabelle Staropoli; Maxime Chazal; Jeremy Dufloo; Delphine Planas; Julian Buchrieser; Maaran Michael Rajah; Remy Robinot; Francoise Porrot; Melanie Albert; Kuang-Yu Chen; Bernadette Crescenzo; Flora Donati; Francois Anna; Philippe Souque; Marion Gransagne; Jacques Bellalou; Mireille Nowakowski; Marija Backovic; lila Bouadma; Lucie Le Fevre; Quentin Le Hingrat; Diane Descamps; Anabelle Pourbaix; Yazdan Yazdanpanah; Laura Tondeur; Camille Besombes; Marie-Noelle Ungeheuer; Guillaume Mellon; Pascal Morel; Simon Rolland; Felix Rey; Sylvie Behillil; Vincent Enouf; Audrey Lemaitre; Marie-Aude Creach; Stephane Petres; Nicolas Escriou; Pierre Charneau; Arnaud Fontanet; Bruno Hoen; Timothee Bruel; Marc Eloit; Hugo Mouquet; Olivier Schwartz; Sylvie van der Werf.
  • Ludivine Grzelak; Institut Pasteur
  • Sarah Temmam; Institut Pasteur
  • Cyril Planchais; Institut Pasteur
  • Caroline Demeret; Institut Pasteur
  • Christele Huon; Institut Pasteur
  • Florence Guivel; Institut Pasteur
  • Isabelle Staropoli; Institut Pasteur
  • Maxime Chazal; Institut Pasteur
  • Jeremy Dufloo; Institut Pasteur
  • Delphine Planas; Institut Pasteur
  • Julian Buchrieser; Institut Pasteur
  • Maaran Michael Rajah; Institut Pasteur
  • Remy Robinot; Institut Pasteur
  • Francoise Porrot; Institut Pasteur
  • Melanie Albert; Institut Pasteur
  • Kuang-Yu Chen; Institut Pasteur
  • Bernadette Crescenzo; Institut Pasteur
  • Flora Donati; Institut Pasteur
  • Francois Anna; Institut Pasteur - TheraVectys
  • Philippe Souque; Institut Pasteur
  • Marion Gransagne; Institut Pasteur
  • Jacques Bellalou; Institut Pasteur
  • Mireille Nowakowski; Institut Pasteur
  • Marija Backovic; Institut Pasteur
  • lila Bouadma; AP-HP
  • Lucie Le Fevre; AP-HP
  • Quentin Le Hingrat; AP-HP
  • Diane Descamps; AP-HP
  • Anabelle Pourbaix; AP-HP
  • Yazdan Yazdanpanah; AP-HP
  • Laura Tondeur; Institut Pasteur
  • Camille Besombes; Institut Pasteur
  • Marie-Noelle Ungeheuer; Institut Pasteur
  • Guillaume Mellon; AP-HP
  • Pascal Morel; EFS
  • Simon Rolland; AP-HP
  • Felix Rey; Institut Pasteur
  • Sylvie Behillil; Institut Pasteur
  • Vincent Enouf; Institut Pasteur
  • Audrey Lemaitre; Sante publique France
  • Marie-Aude Creach; CESPA
  • Stephane Petres; Institut Pasteur
  • Nicolas Escriou; Institut Pasteur
  • Pierre Charneau; Institut Pasteur - TheraVectys
  • Arnaud Fontanet; Institut Pasteur
  • Bruno Hoen; Institut Pasteur
  • Timothee Bruel; Institut Pasteur
  • Marc Eloit; Institut Pasteur
  • Hugo Mouquet; Institut Pasteur
  • Olivier Schwartz; Institut Pasteur
  • Sylvie van der Werf; Institut Pasteur
Preprint in English | medRxiv | ID: ppmedrxiv-20068858
It is of paramount importance to evaluate the prevalence of both asymptomatic and symptomatic cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection and their antibody response profile. Here, we performed a pilot study to assess the levels of anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in samples taken from 491 pre-epidemic individuals, 51 patients from Hopital Bichat (Paris), 209 pauci-symptomatic individuals in the French Oise region and 200 contemporary Oise blood donors. Two in-house ELISA assays, that recognize the full-length nucleoprotein (N) or trimeric Spike (S) ectodomain were implemented. We also developed two novel assays the S-Flow assay, which is based on the recognition of S at the cell surface by flow-cytometry, and the LIPS assay that recognizes diverse antigens (including S1 or N C-terminal domain) by immunoprecipitation. Overall, the results obtained with the four assays were similar, with differences in sensitivity that can be attributed to the technique and the antigen in use. High antibody titers were associated with neutralisation activity, assessed using infectious SARS-CoV-2 or lentiviral-S pseudotypes. In hospitalized patients, seroconversion and neutralisation occurred on 5-14 days post symptom onset, confirming previous studies. Seropositivity was detected in 29% of pauci-symptomatic individuals within 15 days post-symptoms and 3 % of blood of healthy donors collected in the area of a cluster of COVID cases. Altogether, our assays allow for a broad evaluation of SARS-CoV2 seroprevalence and antibody profiling in different population subsets.
Full text: Available Collection: Preprints Database: medRxiv Type of study: Experimental Studies / Observational study Language: English Year: 2020 Document Type: Preprint





Full text: Available Collection: Preprints Database: medRxiv Type of study: Experimental Studies / Observational study Language: English Year: 2020 Document Type: Preprint