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Chinese Journal of Trauma ; (12): 865-875, 2021.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-909950


Traumatic rib fractures are the most common injury in thoracic trauma. Previously,the patients with traumatic rib fractures were mostly treated non-surgically,of which 50%,especially those combined with flail chest presented chronic pain or chest wall deformities and over 30% had long-term disabilities,being unable to retain a full-time job. In the past two decades,thanks to the development of internal fixation material technology,the surgical treatment of rib fractures has achieved good outcomes. However,there are still some problems in clinical treatment,including inconsistency in surgical treatment and quality control in medical services. The current consensuses on the management of regional traumatic rib fractures published at home and abroad mainly focus on the guidance of the overall treatment decisions and plans,and relevant clinical guidelines abroad lacks progress in surgical treatment of rib fractures in recent years. Therefore,the Chinese Society of Traumatology affiliated to Chinese Medical Association and Chinese College of Trauma Surgeons affiliated to Chinese Medical Doctor Association,in conjunction with national multidisciplinary experts,formulate the Chinese Consensus for Surgical Treatment of Traumatic Rib Fractures(2021)following the principle of evidence-based medicine,scientific nature and practicality. This expert consensus puts forward some clear,applicable,and graded recommendations from aspects of preoperative imaging evaluation,surgical indications,timing of surgery,surgical methods,rib fracture sites for surgical fixation,internal fixation methods and material selections,treatment of combined injuries in rib fractures,in order to provide references for surgical treatment of traumatic rib fractures.

Chongqing Medicine ; (36): 5063-5065,5068, 2016.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-606171


Objective To clarify the effect of esophageal valve forming esophageal and gastric sleeve joint surgery for preven‐ting postoperative anastomotic complications of esophageal cancer .Methods A randomized controlled trial was designed to incorpo‐rate a total of 394 patients with esophageal cancer from January 2010 to June 2013 .This study has been registered in the Chinese clinical trial center and received a registration number :ChiCTR‐TRC‐13003817 .Among them ,9 cases (2 .3% ) were excluded be‐cause of the non line esophageal cancer radical operation .The remaining patients were randomly divided into two groups ,191 cases in group A and 194 cases in group B ,according to the principle of random grouping .Group A was experimental group ,patients ac‐cepted esophageal valve forming esophageal and gastric sleeve joint surgery ,and group B was the control group ,patients received conventional anastomosis .Results The incidence of anastomotic leakage after operation in group A and group B were 4 .1% and 3 .6% ,thse results were not statistically significant (P=0 .768) .In the observation of anastomotic stenosis ,7 patients died after sur‐gery .In the remaining cases ,there were 13 cases (6 .9% ) and 25 cases (13 .2% ) in group A and group B ,respectively ,the differ‐ence was statistically significant (P=0 .044) .Furthermore ,reflux oesophagitis and Barrett′s epithelium were found in 105 patients (55 .3% ) in group B ,and 54 (28 .7% ) patients in group A ,the difference was statistically significant (P<0 .01) .Conclusion E‐sophageal valve forming esophageal and gastric sleeve joint surgery can effectively prevent postoperative gastroesophageal reflux , but also can reduce the postoperative incidence of anastomotic stenosis .

Chongqing Medicine ; (36): 1441-1443,1447, 2016.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-603987


Objective To learn whether plasmodium genetic attenuated sporozoites (GAS) can induce immunity against lung cancer ,in order to provide new ideas for the study of lung cancer vaccine .Methods Ther study was divided into two groups respec‐tively ,experimental group received intravenous injection of genetically attenuated sporozoites to immunize C57BL/6J mice and con‐trol group injection of phosphate buffer solution (PBS);after 14 days ,we subcutaneously inoculated lewis lung cancer (LLC) cells , calipers was used to measure tumor size .Immunohistochemical staining was detected tumor proliferation ,apoptosis ,and angiogene‐sis .Results There was statistically significant in tumor size .Immunohistochemical staining revealed that attenuated sporozoites in‐fection inhibited LLC eslls proliferation ,angiogenesis ,apoptosis .Conclusion The malaria attenuated sporozoites may provide a no‐vel strategy or therapeutic vaccine vector for anti‐lung cancer immune‐based therapy .

Journal of Third Military Medical University ; (24)2003.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-560357


Objective To study the 4 977 bp deletion of mitochondrial DNA in lung cancer, paraneoplastic tissue and normal lung tissue from non-lung cancer subjects and its significance in the development of cancer. Methods Lung cancer tissues and paraneoplastic tissues from 37 non-small lung cancer patients, and normal lung tissues from 20 patients without lung cancer were analyzed by long PCR technique. Results Mitochondrial DNA 4 977 bp deletion was detected in 54.1%(20/37) of lung cancer tissues, 59.5%(22/37) of paraneoplastic tissues and 30.0%(6/30) of normal lung tissues. The correlation between 4 977 bp deletion and age, smoking was present in our data. Conclusion Mitochondrial DNA 4 977 bp deletion, which may reflect the environmental and genetic influences during tumor progression, is not specific to lung cancer and unlikely to play an important role in carcinogenesis.

Journal of Third Military Medical University ; (24)2003.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-560280


Objective To investigate the variations of mtDNA from high and low metastatic mouse hepatocarcinoma cell sublines Hca-F and Hca-P, and the relationship between mutations of mtDNA and carcinogenesis. Methods The variations of D-loop, ND3 and tRNA Met+Glu+Ile gene fragments of mtDNA from Hca-F and Hca-P cells were analyzed by PCR-RFLP and sequencing techniques. Results No amplification fragment length polymorphism and restriction fragment length polymorphism were observed in tRNA Met+Glu+Ile , ND3 and D-loop of mtDNA from the 2 cell sublines. Sequence difference between these 2 cell sublines were found in mtDNA D-loop region by sequencing. Conclusions Genetic alteration of mtDNA non-coding region in tumors, which may reflect the environmental and genetic influences operative during tumor progression, can be linked to their tumorigenic phenotype.

China Pharmacy ; (12)2001.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-525114


OBJECTIVE:To evaluate the application value of water-soluble vitamin for injection in the treatment of pe-rioperative esophagus cancer and carcinoma of gastric cardia.METHODS:80patients with esophagus cancer or carcinoma of gastric cardia were randomly divided into control group and treatment group,the control group were treated with total par-enteral nutrition(TPN)therapy only while the treatment group were treated with one bottle of water-soluble vitamin for in-jection,q.d.for7days besides the TPN therapy.RESULTS:The volume ejections of Vit B 1 ,Vit B 2 and Vit Vit C in the treatment group showed significantly higher than those of the control group from the urine loading tests after receiving drugs for4hours(P